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Massive Presets, Kontakt Instruments & Sounds for Dubstep, Hip Hop, Electro, Trap, Complextro, R&B Soul,...
Massive Presets, Kontakt Instruments & Sounds for Dubstep, Hip Hop, Electro, Trap, Complextro, R&B Soul,...

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Use this code to download:
> Modest Guitar Free

> Massive Evolutions 2- Free

> Holla Loops Demo & Massive Drums Demo

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You like the sound of Stranger Things, Blade Runner or Tron?
Massive Retro Lounge - Presets for Massive

This library contains 42 Analogue Synth Presets: 24 Basses & Leads, 11 Pads, 7 Arpeggios. It is an homage to the 70ies and 80ies with its great synths like moog, arp, elka, oberheim...

Great movies & TV-Shows like Stranger Things, Blade Runner, Tron or Drive show that this nostalgic vintage sound is just ageless.

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AmberWood Drums - New Features Explained (Video Walkthroughs)

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We have updated the AmberWood Drums for Kontakt to version 2.0 (free for current owners)

AmberWood Drums features Natural woodstick percussion; organic atmospheres; reversed, metal and glass sounds to complement any modern music from Indie Folk, Ambient, Rock, Pop, Electro, World Music to Film Music or Blurred Atmospheres.

➤ "Custom key map" function
➤ Solo function
➤ New snapshot (Moony Woods)
➤ Reverb images

➤ Reverb & delay now also assignable to all blocks at once.
➤ Prelistening can be toggled now (enabled / disabled).

➤ Smaller bug fixes.

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[NEW, FREE] Modest Guitar Free, for Kontakt 5

➤ Free
➤ acoustic guitar, flageolets & psychedelic Guitar
➤ key switches enable/disable the 3 different Guitars
➤ round robin sampled
➤ for Kontakt 5

Finger Picked Acoustic Guitar, Flageolets and a Psychedelic FX Guitar all in one instrument.

Since the Modest Guitar was actually made for the advanced round robin tutorial in first place the sampling was not the priority. But we found that it can still sound very beautiful in some situations and decided to also release it as free Kontakt instrument.

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