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Happy Birthday To The Labelle Brothers

+Denis Labelle and +Serge Labelle 
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Happy Birthday Boys!!!
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Why do we crave experience?
The value of creating a Multimedia experience

It was about 113 000 people who were in awe in front of the Sagrada Familia at the moment. But why we do crave experience, especially shared experience in public?

+Moment Factory starts the new content series called "Factory Spotlight" to share their storyboard and experience for its client's breathtaking new media projects.  

Check the full story (chapter #1):

#momentfactory   #immersiveexperience  

ping: +Marie Josee Lamothe 
Factory Spotlight: Barcelona's Sagrada Familia - Chapter 1 of 5: Creating a Multimedia Experience
This week we've put together a special series for you called "Factory Spotlight".

Factory Spotlights go in-depth to explore a particular project or topic that we are passionate about; we look at topics that are transforming the industry or game-changing projects.

This week we’ll be sharing a story a day about a once in a lifetime experience, the Sagrada Familia projection mapping show called  Ode À La Vie.

Here’s chapter 1 of our 5 part story.

The special mandate:
The context:
See our blog for all photos:

Who is Gaudi?
What is the Sagrada Familia?

Don't forget to post your questions!
#wedoitinpublic   #sagradafamilia   #Gaudi  

Ping: +ArchDaily +designboom +Gizmag 
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The Curious mind: Designer = Craftsman via +Lolë 

I personally have a several items from +Lolë (e.g. Lavanyah Camisole []). As Bill Cunningham quoted in his documentary "I'm not interested in celebrities, with their free dresses. I'm interested in clothes.", I am interested in the creation of clothes, the designers and their thought process. 

ping: +Bette Ann Schlossberg 

#curiousmind   #designer  
Hygge Time to Discuss Fashion Design Inspiration
Wait… what is “hygge” and what does it have to do with fashion design?
The process of designing, weather for clothes, furniture or websites, starts with inspiration. Finding the right element to draw inspiration from can be the toughest challenge; it must match cause, personality and purpose. It has to be perfect, and open the right door for the right path.
How does it work for Andy Thê-Anh, Design Director at Lolë?
Andy collects magazines, DVDs and most importantly… he travels the world searching for trends and ideas. This is how he came across the concept hygge, which kicked off the inspiration for the 2014 Fall/Winter collection.
Hygge Philosophy
Hygge comes from Norwegian, where it means something like "well-being." It first appeared in Danish writing around the end of the 18th Century and the Danes have embraced it ever since. Its current meaning is all about creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life, surrounded with good people. It includes the warm glow of candlelight, the company of friends and family, eating and drinking, and even the idea of sitting around the table for hours on end discussing the big and small things in life. It is perhaps this hygge philosophy that has put Denmark at the top of the chart for well-being and citizen happiness among all countries in the world. In other words… Hygge sounds très Lolë!
The rest is his-story…
Once Denmark was established as the core inspiration, Andy and his team identified areas of the country that would inspire the color stories for the season’s styles. The picture above is a drawing (yes, Andy still hand-draws and we love him for that!) from the North Zealand story. Over the centuries, Danish royalty came to play in North Zealand and Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet came to contemplate life at Kronborg Castle, gatekeeper of the Baltic Sea. Dubbed the Danish Riviera, this beautiful area remains a popular vacation spot near Copenhagen renowned for its pristine beaches, deep woodlands and awe-inspiring Roskilde Fjord. The colours we find there: a broody blend of Black, Coco and Frost complemented by woodsy tones of Oak, Portabella and Mineral.
Stay tuned for more about this collection’s design process. In the meantime,
- Watch an interview with Andy Thê-Anh, as he talks about the design process for the WHITE BY LOLË collection:
- Read a quick Q&A with Andy Thê-Anh:
- Learn more about Hygge:
- The items drawn above were produced, they are the Anada Long Sleeve Crop Top (, The Shakti Tank ( and the Prasada Leggings (
#AndyTheAnh #fashion #fashiondesigner #fashiondesign #denmark #designinspiration #behindthescenes  
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Yuko Nakamura

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Everyday Life in Japan via +grape 


#japan   #videophonegraphy  
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Yuko Nakamura

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The Curious Mind: What is Oxymoronic
The rhetorical term oxymoron, made up of two Greek words meaning "sharp" and "dull," is itself oxymoronic.

[Speed and Patient]
The world is moving faster than ever before. Technologies afford us instant access and split-second connections. At the same time, consumer expectations are rising as we learn to take speed for granted. ( Despite of the speed of change, we are required to be patient more than ever before (or it is "better to be patient and persistent). Turmoil and change may be a sign of past. Dreaming 5 or 10 years ahead, we need to be "not so fast".

Speed Issue via +Think with Google  
- Not So Fast (
- The Slow Manifesto (
- Speed of Dreams (

[Discovering Oxymoronic]
I've never used "Oxymoronic" in English before. +Moment Factory 's post today ( made me discovered this word. The myth of Structure & the Creative Process with group of dedicated and talented artists who create "Unforgettable moment", there are many unique "Oxymoronic" to be discovered and shared. Those who are curious about their work and point of views in their field, please follow +Moment Factory (

Image source via +Kevin Kelly 's post:

#curiousmind   #Oxymoronic  
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Yes +Yuko Nakamura! Its amazing how  fast it go with the tegnology ! It go to fast!☺ 
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Yuko Nakamura

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The Curious Mind#GoogleDesignMinutes
From Researching & Understanding to Prototyping Ideas

[Google Developers New Series: Google Design Minutes]

1. Google Design Minutes — Glass: Make it simple                          

2. Google Design Minutes — Maps: Putting the user front and center

3. Google Design Minutes — Search: The beauty of speed

[Prototyping Ideas]

1. Prototyping for Success, Power and Unlimited Riches (
2. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Make a Video (
3. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Stage a Performance (
4. Four  Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Mock it up with Keynote (
5. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Build a Prototype (

[Research matters: Qualitative Research]

1. Leveraging Google+ as a Qualitative Research Platform (
2. Google+ Qualitative Research Playbook (
3. Tool: +NOD3x (

via +Brynn Evans  +Think with Google +Google Developers 

#googledesignminutes   #curiousmind  
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Cheers +Yuko Nakamura! 
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Yuko Nakamura

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Why Culture is important for Business to grow via +Moment Factory 

ping: +Think with Google 
[CULTURE] #wedoitinpublic  : the vision behind our signature
This video introduces our vision, what inspires us to bring people together, from the moment of creation to the full live experience.

Getting together is a bit like sitting around a campfire with family or friends to tell stories, sing, laugh, and chat.

Over the years and with the evolution of technology, public gatherings have primarily take place at concerts, festivals and other cultural events; all the while with the same goal of being in the moment and living a shared experience.

We create new campfires: digital campfires.

* * *
See why teamwork, technologies and creativity are key factors in bringing people together:

Ping: +Google Creative Sandbox 
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Sorry Yuko Nakamura, I wish you via this one year old page Happy Holidays and the best wishes for 2016!
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Yuko Nakamura

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How Google Works in pictures via +Gustav Radell 
How Google works... in pictures! 
Today we all live and work in the Internet Century, where technology is roiling the business landscape, and the pace of change is only accelerating. In their new book How Google Works, Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share the lessons they learned over the course of a decade running Google. Covering topics including corporate culture, strategy, talent, decision-making, communication,...
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#postoftheday  via +David Amerland 
Have a great day, everyone!
Data Density and Semantic Search

We frequently fail online because we know to much to do the right thing. Let me explain, Superman’s X-Ray vision ( which sounds wonderful to have must require a very specifically wired brain to actually adequately deal with the flow of information it provides him with.

In the offline world, because there is no real choice, we subconsciously do everything in a carefully considered way. The way we set up the physicality of a business, the buildings, décor, lighting, logo, colours, fonts and even merchandise positioning has a logic that resonates with the target audience. 

Data density arises there as a matter of course because we do not have to focus on the structure of the building, its building materials or the way the plumbers and electricians connected everything behind the scenes so that power flows along the wires and water runs from the taps. 

Online, unfortunately, we acquire X-Ray vision. We know the platform our websites are built on, we make choices about plugins and consider the benefits of interlinking social media sharing buttons. We add content while we think of keywords, we create pages while we think of click flow. By focusing on the structural data we forget to focus on the data that matters. 

When time and resources are finite there is a distinct benefit to be gained by focusing on the things that matter first and then the technicalities that govern them, unless of course, you happen to have Superman’s super-wired brain.  

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+Yuko Nakamura yes, context is really important. Critical really. 
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Yuko Nakamura

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Just released: Google's Official Google+ Partner Playbook

If you're a brand or business looking to establish yourself or go even deeper on Google+ then you're going to want to bookmark this -- introducing the Google+ Partner Playbook --

The step-by-step guides offer a concise overview of the features and functions of Google+ -- from connecting your YouTube channel and posting regular content to helpful tips and best practices for Hangouts, Communities, and more. 

From Google by Google about Google.

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My pleasure, +Ana Hoffman ! Thanks for the info!
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#postoftheday  via +Yoram Cisinski 
Have a great day, everyone!

h/t +Susan Wojcicki 
Susan Wojcicki built Google into a $55 billion advertising giant. Now shes running YouTube. Her job: Do it again. via Fast Company
Susan Wojcicki built Google into a $55 billion advertising giant. Now shes running YouTube. Her job: Do it again.
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Great article, thanks.
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Yuko Nakamura

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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.6: Japan Handmade
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment.

Project Showreel:

[What's Japan Handmade]

JAPAN HANDMADE is a new joint collaboration of craftspeople from Kyoto that applies traditional crafts to create novel designs for the international market. JAPAN HANDMADE offers a playful approach and is driven by a bold ambition to explore new design typologies and introduce the world to the tactile pleasure, poetry and soul of Japanese design.

JAPAN HANDMADE has teamed up with Danish Design Studio OeO to bring new revitalised life to their unique heritage products that draw on the time-honoured traditions of Kyoto craftsmanship within ceramics, metal-knitting, teaware and wood and bomboo crafting. JAPAN HANDMADE offers a compelling universe of storytelling deeply rooted in 1,000 years of artisanal tradition that reaches out to a new and quality conscious global audience with inspired designs of contemporary living.

[Crafts Companies]

- Kaikado (開花堂 since 1875):
- Nakagawa Mokkougei (中川木工芸):
- Hosoo (since 1688):
- Kohchosai Kosuga (公長齋小菅 since 1898):
- Kanaami Tsuji (金網つじ):
- Asahiyaki (朝日焼):

To know more about Japan Handmade project, visit here:

#craftsmanship   #japanhandmade   #cooljapan  
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Great, +Dr Lew Jensen ! Thanks for what you've been doing. I agree with you that the craftsmanship is here to stay regardless of the market velocity. 
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Google+ Business: Enhance Digital performance by Embracing Social
I do Google+ Business Coaching, Strategizing and Marketing innovation that will enable brands / corporates to switch efficiently / effectively back and forth between "Universal" and "Personal" level marketing in multi-screen. 

Bragging rights
A Japanese who lives in Montréal
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