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Yuki Togawa
Works at Global Transformation Foundation グローバル トランスフォメーション財団
Strategy Consultant
Banafloat Extravaganza :) ....... well, if I must, here we go..... Nonprofits, Team Building, Entrepreneurship, Research, Fundraising, Entertainment, Social Media, Negotiation, Community Outreach, Rescue Heal Human Trafficked Victims, Product Development, Start-ups, Venture Capital, Contract Negotiation, Policy, Government, Strategic Planning, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Strategy, Investment Promotion, Philanthrocapitalism, Public Speaking
  • Global Transformation Foundation グローバル トランスフォメーション財団
    Co-Founder 共同創立者, 2012 - present
  • Rescue Human Trafficked Victims
    Onsite Rescue Specialist, present
  • Japan LGBTQQI Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism
    Consultant, present
  • LGBTQQIAP USA History - Japanese Version
    Archivist, Editor, Translator, present
  • Honda Motor Company, Ltd
    Negotiator for Soichiro Honda
  • Suzuka Circuitland
    Formula 1, Press Host
  • Yoshiro Nakamatsu Campaign Office
    International Publicity Desk
  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force
    Negotiator, AWACS/SE Procurement
  • General Marine Development Investment
    Negotiator, Malta Knights of Japan, Malaysia & New York
  • Tibet Culture Center, Tokyo
    Negotiator, Marketing Buddhist Art Antique
  • NEC Co. Ltd. Headquater
    Lobbying Department - AFIS Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
  • SEGA TMS Co. Ltd., Mitaka Animation Studio, International Joint Venture Production Department
    Production Manager, Tokyo Movie Shinsha Mitaka Studio International Joint Venture Animation Production
  • Ikemitsu Enterprise Inc.
    International Trade
  • Tabata Inc.
    Almond/Walnut/Ground Nuts/Macadamia/Pistachio/Hazelnuts Global Market Analysis/Import Manager, Currency Trade
  • Japan Tree Nut Association
    International Trade Policy Analysis, Senior Editor
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī 光は傷口から入ってくる。ジャラール・ウッディーン・ルーミー La blessure est l'endroit où la lumière entre en vous.
はじめまして。宜しくお願い申し上げます。   本日2015年3月19日
Greetings and welcome. I look forward to getting to know you.     Date: March 19th, 2015
Bonjour et bienvenue. Je ai hâte de vous connaître. Date de: Le 19 Mars, 2015

[Se il vous plaît, corriger mon français. Je utilise Google Translate. Je ne suis pas un orateur Friench natif. Un jour, je aimerais apprendre à écrire des poèmes en français. '"\(OO)/"' ]

I have the honor to upload this from the LGBT symbolic city, San Francisco with gentle wind, almond trees in full blossom. First of all, thank you for the links. Most people call me Togawa-san with my sir name. I am born in Tokyo, raised in Yokohama, currently attempting a same gender bi-national marriage. Thank you for sparing your time to get to know me.
Je ai l'honneur de télécharger ce de la ville symbolique LGBT, San Francisco avec le vent doux, amandiers en fleur pleine. Tout d'abord, merci pour les liens. La plupart des gens me appellent Togawa-san avec mon nom de famille. Je suis né à Tokyo, soulevé à Yokohama, en essayant actuellement un mariage binational même sexe. Merci pour épargner votre temps pour apprendre à me connaître.

I am uploading to request for advise. I have a humble dream. My dreams grow to offer wedding and honeymoon services mainly for the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Pansexual community in Hawai'i, San Francisco, major locations in Europe including France (all rainbow marriage / international marriage/ Japanese-Japanese). Through travel, socialization, investment, inter-marriages, and developing meaningful international connections, with the natural flow of time, we will mature into a subtle yet, enriching, and mature society. I am grateful for those that can support me with interest, tactile advise and professional referrals.
Je envoie à la demande de conseils. Je ai un humble rêve. Mes rêves se développer pour offrir des services de mariage et lune de miel principalement pour des lesbiennes, gays, transsexuels, bisexuels, communauté Pansexual à Hawaii, San Francisco, les principaux sites en Europe, dont la France (tous mariage arc / mariage international / japonais-japonais). Grâce à Voyage, la socialisation, l'investissement, inter-mariages, et développement des liaisons internationales significatives, avec l'écoulement naturel de temps, nous pourrons mûrir vers une société subtile encore, enrichissante, et mature. Je suis reconnaissant pour ceux qui peuvent me soutenir avec intérêt, conseiller tactile et références professionnelles.  

Eventually, I hope to help add LGBT Components to Social Science, Medical, International Political Science, Law in universities around the world. I am sure some of us will invest so we will formulate a small but strong investment group. We can set a mile stone for the rest of the world to reference to, as mannerism to develop 21st century environmentally sustainable resorts and travels on the foundation of universal humanitarian values which the world class LGBTQQIAP investors have upheld. In time, the same will be extended to Japan when the time comes.
Finalement, les aider à ajouter des composants LGBT aux sciences sociales, médicale, internationale de science politique, droit dans les universités à travers le monde. Je suis sûr que certains d'entre nous investir, nous formulerons une petite mais solide groupe d'investissement. Nous pouvons mettre une pierre de mile pour le reste du monde pour faire référence à, maniérisme de développer 21e siècle stations respectueuses de l'environnement et se déplace sur le fondement des valeurs humanitaires universelles qui les investisseurs LGBTQQIAP de classe mondiale ont défendues. Dans le temps, celle-ci sera étendu au Japon, le moment venu

How is it in Japan these days? Has the general public majority come to accept same gender marriage? Well... I can't help it. I have a frown on my face.
Comment est-il au Japon ces jours? A la majorité du grand public venu à accepter le mariage de même sexe? Eh bien ... Je ne peux pas l'aider. Je ai un froncement de sourcils sur mon visage.






昭和40年 東京都大田区雪谷大塚生まれ
メアリーマウント インターナショナル スクール(ロンドン、岩城優子、イグレシアス・ナタリー、パレスチナのアルフセイニ家のお嬢さんほぼ全員、パナマ大統領の長女)
上智大学比較文化学部 (カベラ ジェイ・サッカーコメンテーター、前田麻喜・前田藩の孫、渡辺純子・日本大使の長女)
サイマル インターナショナル (東京校、逐次通訳、同時通訳、商談交渉)

1986年から2000年プロ活動 (この頃から戸川昌子の青い部屋に毎日のように足を運びお手伝い。遠藤演出家、エリさん宝塚出身、岡本ブーちゃん岡本コンドームの跡継ぎ、言葉にならない多種多様な皆様に出会う。)

カピオラニ コミュニティー カレッジ ハワイアン スタディーズ(自然と一致)
ハワイ パシフィヒック大学環境学部 (環境経済の深みにはまる)
カリフォルニア州立大学環境学部 (維持型経済開発、それに纏わる法律改定を調査)






Yuki Togawa

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Brava! She should make a few million dollars in a few years if she has the right agent. I hope she does not sign a contract with some stupid agent that will confine her to a small field of music. This is opera, contemporary, movie theme... she can make money in any field of music and field of entertainment. Good luck, Vika Ogannesyan ( Viktoria Hovhanissyan )

Yuki Togawa

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This is Yumi Kurosawa
Yumi Kurosawa

Yuki Togawa

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We all know from our history and with our wasted own blood that the wisest hardest-fought nonviolent battles often that are time consuming have the biggest impact.  I am truly happy to be living in an era with you when each and every one of us will recommit ourselves to building a future in which every person, “every single person” can live in dignity, free from discrimination, free from violence, free from manipulation, free to be themselves, free to live up to their birth given maximum potential wherever they live and whoever they may be.

Yuki Togawa

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good work

Yuki Togawa

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FLUID PRESENCE™ is the plateau of therapy work. 
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In 2002, Shantam was asked by her foremost spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, to teach in the Non-Dual tradition. She has since combined her rich background in the healing arts with spiritual teaching and mentoring. Shantam has subsequently created Fluid Presence™, a holistic approach to Self Realization integrating meditative inquiry, somatic exploration and embodiment practices which can be explored in the warm-water therapy environment or on land.

Yuki Togawa

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Kotoist Yumi Kurosawa

Yuki Togawa

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Humanity’s endeavor to attain genuine equality seems to be never, ever finished and frankly speaking, it is rarely easy and manageable, despite how self-evident it should be. Especially for women and feminists. It seems the discovery and emergence of the "genuinely feminine" is conceptualized as an independent isolated force, silenced and unable to reach expression under the plastic concept "patriarchy" which today is only a representation of greed, violence and hatred. 

Yuki Togawa

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I get along with people that intentionally build their awareness and know with their own personal experience that life is a book and if you have lived in one country your entire life, you are reading only one page of the book. It is truly rewarding to work and spend meaningful time with those that know that there are many ways to look at reality and it is up to us individuals to beat the bias we have inside.

Yuki Togawa

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Yuki Togawa

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Shantam exudes a kind, compassionate presence and a profuse love of supporting others in awakening and living a fulfilled life.
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talishi1, excellent work in uploading this. whom ever it was that directed this footage understands FLUID PRESENCE™ and Shantam and deep human nature. This is one of the finest work submitted in YouTube on warm water therapy. I would like to do work with you. 

Yuki Togawa

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"...on a quest to empower people to embody that realization and bring it into fruition in their lives, ..."

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History of this organization (2 organizations some how put together) is fascinating but I must say, the current structure and content does not come any where close to "Asian Pacific Islander Wellness" Center. I am an Asian Pacific Islander who lives in the Big Island and practice wellness with veterans and yes, people that are not well. 1. Asian - this is a very big word to use in a title of an organization. The Asian wellness expands to hundreds of values and activities, including how we share time, resource and food. They need to study what that really entails. I do not see any Asian wellness practiced there. At one point, Honeybee Acupuncturist and some other people have extended half a day weekly. I have seen some Asian food, some of their staff speak Asian language but just a few of many Asian languages. The Board of Directors should seriously study what Asian wellness really means before they think they can carry this name. In TransThrive, I am lucky if I see one Asian in an entire week. Most of them stop going because there is nothing Asian wellness there. 2. Pacific Islander - same as above. I do not see Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan, Micronesian, Fijian... They certainly do not practice any of what is so called Pacific Islander wellness. At one point there was a Kumu Hula at the front desk of APIWC. That was about all. 3. Wellness - Is a combination of neighborhood, family, housing, nutrition, exercise, activities, trust, bond, balance, letting go, forgiveness, clothing, hygiene, spirituality, heritage, openness, future projection, education, community support, harmony with land, sea and living... The words wellness is not often seen in there because the main components to wellness is not practiced. There is a lot of who is the diva, ego vs. ego and not seeking results. HIV+ patients' deepest and critical components to recovery can only happen when the trust is built, then bonded. It is not a place to create that. If I was a philanthropists... think twice what you are doing. If you are Asian If you are Pacific Islander What do we do to maintain wellness. Think well, why I should give to APIWC?
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I worked with Motorola, Texas Instruments, GE and many other international companies helped them received their training in the process of acquiring an insertion machine. This is like a dream come true location for anyone to receive training from Panasonic.
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