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Lens Bubbles Is Moving
This will likely be the last post I write for my blog on Blogger.  After about 8 years, and 1327 posts, I have to say goodbye to Blogger and move on to my new home at It has been my goal to have my own domain and web site that I have mo...

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Home Brew Focus Helicoids
For a die-hard DIY lens fanatic, focus helicoids are indispensable.  I have written a few posts on this subject, and a DIY post on converting the Vivitar 2X Macro Teleconverter to a focus helcioid here . Since then, I have made a few more and I would like t...

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Toronto Camera Show - Winter 2017
We are blessed that there are quite a few camera shows in Toronto every year. I try hard not to miss any, although sometimes I intentionally do not go, depending on the gear lust level. The show mostly about old camera gear, which is what I like best. In re...

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Ross London Xpres 105mm f3.8 Nikon D810
One of the nice things about larger format lenses like the Ross London Xpres 105mm f3.8, is that their flange distance is often longer than most SLR camera mounts, and this makes them adaptable on DSLRs, even on Nikon cameras which is usually the least adap...

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When Lens Conversion Goes Wrong, or Why Lenses with Auto Aperture Control Suck
I was somewhat encouraged by the semi-successful conversion of the Vivitar 40mm f1.7 from the Vivitar 35ES, so I ventured on to start another rangefinder that did not have aperture control: the Minolta Electro Shot.  This camera has a 40mm f1.8 lens but muc...

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2016 - A Mini Review
2016 has seen the fewest blog entries since I started blogging a few years ago, but at the same time, I took a record number of pictures in the same year, mostly with my Sony A7. Looking back, I did not spend any money on digital camera bodies this year. Fo...

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Vivitar 40mm f1.7 from 35ES
I got this Vivitar 35ES rangefinder, rumored to be the same camera as the Minolta Hi-Matic S7 II, to see how hard it is to convert the lens which has Automatic aperture control to be used on the Sony A7.  The aperture is not manually adjustable, obviously, ...

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Beauty Biokor-S 4.5cm f1.9 In Use
This lens turns out to be quite nice.  I mounted it on my A7 for about a week and shot a few hundred frames. I enjoyed it as a walk-around lens.  The Pentax helicoid provided a very versatile focus option from extreme closeup to infinity, all without having...

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Merry Christmas!
I want to wish my readers a very Merry Christmas!  Hope you have been good all year and Santa has brought you shiny new toys, hopefully with multi-coating :) Have fun with family and friends and be safe! ]

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Ross London Xpres 105mm f3.8 from Ensign Selfix 820
I have heard/read about Ensign cameras, and how much the owners praise them, and how much would-be owners curse them for their relatively high price compared to others.  For me, I don't particularly care about the Ensign cameras, since I don't really shoot ...
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