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The most notable new feature in this release is official support for Android. Using the support in the core and the libraries in the repository, it is now possible to write simple Android apps using only Go code.

We propose to introduce Go support for the Android platform. The focus will be on supporting games written in Go. The APIs will be those defined in the Android NDK.

Go 1.4 is released. 10 December 2014. Today we announce Go 1.4, the fifth major stable release of Go, arriving six months after our previous major release Go 1.3. It contains a small language change, support for more operating systems and processor architectures, and improvements to the tool ...
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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I'm using 'Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar' with default ActionBar (not switch to Toolbar yet), the weird thing is, after I used SystemUiHelper's show()/hide(), I want to clear all flags, so I call 

The thing is that the ActionBar shifting down like so, if I use default Holo theme it doesn't have this issue.
What's the problem? Thanks!
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Thanks. It seems that we have to use stand alone Toolbar....
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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I've noticed how easy is to add the menu-arrow animation in your NavigationDrawer with the last Support Library release, replace:

    mDrawerToggle = new ActionBarDrawerToggle(
                getActivity(), mDrawerLayout,R.drawable.ic_drawer,            
                R.string.navigation_drawer_open, R.string.navigation_drawer_close  


    mDrawerToggle = new ActionBarDrawerToggle(
                getActivity(), R.string.navigation_drawer_open,

and add the following lines to at your theme style:

    <style name="AppTheme" parent="android:Theme.Material">

        <item name="drawerArrowStyle">@style/DrawerArrowStyle</item>

    <style name="DrawerArrowStyle" parent="Widget.AppCompat.DrawerArrowToggle">
        <item name="spinBars">true</item>
        <item name="color">@android:color/white</item>

and voilá !

the gif was created switching the attribute spinBars to false

Code here: -  commit: 68a6a52
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Introducing polls on Google+

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Best pizza in New York City? The definitive James Bond? These are just some of the questions that can only be answered by asking those around us. Starting today, you can use polls on Google+ to settle the burning issues of our generation...or at least find out what your friends are thinking.

Polls make it easy to get opinions from your friends and followers on the things you’re curious about. You can create polls with up to five choices and use photos to make them beautiful and engaging. Check out the album on this post for examples from +The Hunger Games, +Mashable, +Neila Rey and +L’Oréal Paris India.

Of course, no poll is as interesting as the one you want answered, so give it a try for yourself -- just look for the new poll icon when creating a post. Polls will become available over the next few days on Android and the web, and are coming soon to iOS.

We’re excited to see how polls will spark conversations, so please share feedback with us as we work to make polls great for people, pages and communities on Google+.

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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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Hi all,

I want to practice renegotiate using apprtc, with Android side & browser side. Renegotiate the front/back camera with two different VideoTracks.

If Android side create offer and so on, renegotiate is OK, but if Android side create answer, the browser side will show an error message like this: 
Failed to set session description:Failed to set remote answer sdp: Called in wrong state: STATE_INPROGRESS.

The Android side regegotiate flow is like this, stop videosource & remove track from stream & create the other side capture & add into stream, then setRemoteDescription with GAE offer sdp, then re-create answer & set local description & send local sdp to browser.

Why does browser shows that error message? Did I make anything step wrong?

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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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I [finally] collected a random assortment of links to Android development learning resources. These are mostly things that I've been involved in (thus I can speak to what they cover), and is by no means exhaustive. But if you want to learn about performance, graphics, and animation on Android, these might be worth checking out.

There is overlap on these topics. So the studious developer will, of course, watch and read everything. Twice.
This is meant to be a living archive of Android presentations, articles, videos, whatever that I've presented, co-presented, written, been a witness to, or simply enjoyed and learned from. People ask for this stuff occasional...
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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Please share: EventBus 2.3 and 2.4 released
Almost two and a half years after its 1.0 release, EventBus has grown to one of the most popular libraries for Android [1]. We were thrilled to learn that well known apps with 100+ million downloads use EventBus. That was more than enough motivation to start working on the next release.

OK, so what’s new? From the feedback we got, we learned that people want to adjust some details on how EventBus behaves in special situations. Should EventBus log if no subscriber is available for an event? What to do when a subscriber throws an exception? EventBus 2.3+ addresses those questions by being more flexible. But there's more: check the change log [2] for full coverage.

But why do we release 2.3 and 2.4 at the same time? Both are identical, except that 2.4 removes some deprecated APIs. If you still depend on those, 2.3 is your last chance. In all other cases, 2.4 is the better choice.

[1] AppBrain statistics:, > 2,500 stars on GitHub
[2] Changelog:
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters. 

 Inbox is a new product from the Gmail team. Come try it with us.
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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Today we extend a warm welcome to Firebase, who is joining the Google Cloud Platform team. Firebase makes it very easy for developers to build mobile and web apps that store and sync data in realtime.

Mobile is one of the fastest-growing categories of app development, but it’s also still too hard for most developers. With Firebase, developers are able to easily sync data across web and mobile apps without having to manage connections or write complex sync logic. Firebase makes it easy to build applications that work offline and has full-featured libraries for all major web and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

By combining Firebase with Google Cloud Platform, we’ll be able to build the best end-to-end platform for mobile application development. If you’re already a Firebase developer, you’ll start seeing improvements right away and if you’re a Google Cloud Platform customer, you’ll find it even easier to create great mobile and web apps. The entire Firebase team is joining Google and, under the leadership of Firebase co-founders James Tamplin and Andrew Lee, will be working hard to bring you great new features. Not only will the products you already love continue to get better, but you’ll also gain access to the full power of Google Cloud Platform.

At Google Cloud Platform Live on November 4, we’ll be demonstrating new Firebase features and integrations with Cloud Platform. You can join us there in person or you can register to stream online for free:

We can’t wait to see what applications you build! Visit to learn more.
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Yu-Hsuan Lin

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google voice calling, sms and voicemail—now available in hangouts

earlier today we announced free voice calls from hangouts, making it easy and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones ( but that’s not all :) our update also includes some improvements for our passionate (and patient) google voice users:

1. calling. when you call someone from hangouts, it’ll now come from your google voice number. and when someone calls you, you can answer from hangouts too.

2. sms. you can now send and receive your google voice sms messages from the hangouts app.

3. voicemail. google voice voicemails can now appear in hangouts as part of your ongoing conversations. either read the transcriptions, or play them inline!

these features will be activated a few days after we complete today’s rollout. so grab the new version of hangouts when it’s available (v2.3,, and install the accompanying dialer to turn on voice calls ( ios only supports google voice calling for now, but sms and voicemail support are coming soon.

hangouts remains the future of google voice (, so we’re going to keep bringing the most-loved google voice features into the core hangouts experience. (don’t worry: your google voice number won't change.) in the meantime make a free call on us, and enjoy today’s updates!

#googleplusupdate   #hangouts  
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