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The chip industry is no longer going to treat Gordon Moore's law as the target to aim for.
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Yowan Rdotexe

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Two of today's biggest names in data storage are joining together. Hard drive manufacturer Western Digital announced this morning that it has entered into an agreement to acquire SanDisk, a...
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Yowan Rdotexe

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Android, microelectronics, debugging.
IT student & tech aficionado from Mauritius. 21/Male.
I'm mainly a technology enthusiastic, more specifically in the field of smartphones & PCs. Avid Gamer & deeply involved in the huge Android ecosystem I do also appreciate IT related stuff in general. I have a broad range of interests such as astronomy (or science in general). I'm also a big fan of anime, j-pop and Japanese culture in general.

My other interests are centred around history, more specifically classical/late antiquity, the roman empire or ancient civilizations. I'm also interested in modern warfare, military technology or tanks in general (WW2-era and modern MBTs).

If you happen to have any technical questions/issues related to PCs/smartphones or Windows especially BSOD-related, or you see that a live assistance is useful, as long as I can provide a little help I'm willing to give you some of my time. :)

Opinions are solely mine and do not represent that of Pocketdroid.

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'Rdotexe' isn't my real surname if that matters.