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The following are my changes/additions to bullet journaling that make it more efficient for me. I’ve been keeping a Bullet Journal since 2014 and just started my third notebook.

Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book) $5. I got into Bullet Journaling and writing back at the start of 2014. As a Dyslexic my handwriting was awful. I’m a person who loves to write and I knew I needed to at least make the effort to fix my handwriting if I was going to be able to read my own Bullet Journal. Using the Spencerian Penmanship Theory book and optional Copybooks my handwriting went from looking like abstract art to ledgeable in three months of practice during my spare time throughout the day.

I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee, but if you’re anything like me a standard Starbucks drip will have your hands shaking harder than a teenage boy in the bathroom with a laptop. Those caffeine jitters will not help your handwriting. The solution I’ve found is that brew my own weak coffee. This allows me to drink more coffee throughout the day and not get the shakes that would normally impede my handwriting.

Having the right pen can make all the difference in the world. I almost don’t want to talk about this because pens and ink are such a personal choice and I feel like talking about my favorites are just me taking up space with text that might not apply to 99% of You. But, I’m going to write about it anyway.

I currently carry a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with extra fine nib filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Black Ink. I own far nicer fountain pens, but they live at the desk in my home office. The Lamy Safari pen is a nice enough writing tool, but cheap enough that if I lose it or it gets swiped from me I wont lose sleep over it.

If I have to use a ballpoint pen I currently prefer the Pilot G1 0.7MM.

I’m currently sticking with the Moleskine graphic paper books. I’m tempted to mess around with some lineless notebooks, but I currently think they may be more trouble than they are worth. As someone who values his time, I just need a pen and a journal to record into with very little effort. My current setup does that.

I don’t carry my Bullet Journal with throughout the day. It rarely leaves my desk. I walk around with my wallet, keys, and smartphone and don’t want to carry anything else if i can avoid it. So throughout my day, I come up with ideas, tasks and thoughts and need to record them somewhere until I can transfer them to my bullet journal. This is where my Smartphone comes in. I have a note on my smartphone labeled “@Actions” where I keep a list of any thoughts or actions I have when I am away from my Bullet Journal. I have a repeating task in my Bullet Journal to copy those items from my smartphone to my Bullet Journal.

Whether you use a smartphone or a notepad it is so important to record your thoughts and tasks as you think of them. It reduces stress and keeps your mind clear.

Remember. The brain is for having ideas. Not for keeping track of them.

Unless I note it, I follow Ryder Carroll Bullet Journal setup pretty closely.

R - Flags a task as repeating. I rewrite R flagged task everyday. For example I have a daily repeating task called “Check Phone For Action Items”.

In my photos you’ll see other flags such as “B” or “T” and so on. These are just personal flags I’ve created to help me and I encourage you to do the same. For me, “B” represents something to do with my Blog. “T” Represents something todo with my Podcast.

Be sure to create a ‘Bullet Journal Key’ in the back of your book like Ryder Carroll does and use it to keep track of any flags you create.

Future Tasks. Got a Task that takes place three months down the road? I address this with my smart phone. In that Actions note I created earlier, I’ll create a header called @October and under it I’ll list any tasks I need to address in October. Please see my attached image.
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By show of comments and or plus-ing this post. Is anyone at all interested in know how I use my Bullet Journal? I know a lot of you in the community share how you do it. Do you want to see another one?

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I want to show off my second bullet journal. 
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Regarding Juneau's internet outage last month.

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Nostalgia always wins.

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If you have a second check out my review of Classics Transformers issue 53: recipe for Disaster!

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Come listen to me bash Transformers 4 for all that it is worth!

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A funny review of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. If you're a fan of BayFormers you don't want to listen to this.

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Donate $10 or more to download "Exit Stage Right". Five months after retiring from his 14 year stint as the drummer of Chicago’s rock duo Local H, Brian St. Clair was told one of his new gigs would be fighting prostate cancer. This film was originally funded by a small group of dedicated fans to document Brian's last show. The hefty task of editing and producing was completed by Felix at Bailout Pictures. All proceeds go directly to Brian St. Clair to assist with any out of pocket medical expenses.
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