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...a better democracy
...a better democracy


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Now that the dust has settled it is time to move YOURvoice forward to the next phase, building on the initial success in our push to deliver Digital Direct Democracy (D3). The core aim remains the same: to provide the electorate with the opportunity to directly express their opinions via elected representation.

Doubtless you will be aware that there is a General Election next May. Securing seats in the House of Commons could be a great opportunity to further the cause of Direct Democracy. There is however a discussion that needs to be had and decisions that need to be made about the future of YOURvoice in order to address the challenges that Westminster introduces.

YOURvoice is your party so your contributions will help shape how these and other issues are resolved enabling YOURvoice to deliver robust and operationally sound D3.

Please ask anyone who you think should be participating in this process to register at By working together we can help YOURvoice deliver a better democracy.

#ABetterDemocracy #D3

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After navigating the technical quirks of Google Hangouts to broadcast the first YOURvoice Hangouts LIVE session last night, we're coming back for more! Join us on Wednesday 23 April at 2300. Less 'urms' and more polish guaranteed (possibly).

Join YOURvoice on 23 April at 2100 for our weekly Google Hangout in the run up to the European Electoins on 22 May. You'll have an opportunity to discuss YOURvoice and pose questions directly to the candidates.

To give yourself the best chance of having us answer you within the hour on air, head to our contact page and submit your question now.

#EP2014 #directdemocracy #hangoutsonair  

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YOURvoice Google+ logo revamped...

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YOURvoice needs your help and support in a wide variety of areas. If you like what you have seen and read about YOURvoice and want to get involved, please complete the application form at and lend us your expertise. #EP2014   #europedebate  #yourvoiceparty

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Thank you for subscribing to the YOURvoice YouTube channel. Check back regularly for new videos and don't forget to share!
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