We received a good question from facebook about mouseovers!

Question: "Just off the top of my head - do people still use the "mouse-over" functionality on webpages anymore and if so, for what use?"

First, for those that do not know what a mouseover is, check out this article at Webopedia.com (http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/M/mouseover.html)

Mouseovers are still in use all over the web offering a sense of interaction and ease of use for most users (since 2001 with Netscape 2.0). From an on/off state for navigation, highlighting states on a map, pop-up information when your mouse hovers over a word to switching an image with your mouse. You can achieve this using html, css, jquery and/or javascript (see HTMLgoodies.com for code examples and W3Schools.com)

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