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"Choosing an engagement ring should be the most emotional purchase you will ever make whether your shopping for it together or planning that surprise proposal"

Designing your ring
David Law designing jewellery with a new client Just like commissioning an original piece of art I can create with you a unique engagement ring that will be handcrafted to the look you are after and to your budget, and with the design process that I offer you will be part of the design from start to finish allowing you to look, see and touch before the ring is finished

Choosing your diamond
Diamond Expert I will make choosing your diamond a very exciting experience explaining about the 4c’s without the need of you becoming a diamond expert and allowing you to choose with what your eyes see safe in the knowledge that each stone that I present to you will fit comfortably within budget

Precious Metal that’s right for you
Taking into consideration lifestyle and skin tones I will explain all that you need to know about precious metals so that you can choose the one that is right for you

Your budget
Much is written about how much one should spend on an engagement ring. I passionately believe you ignore all the advice and spend what you are comfortable with, with my commitment to you that I will respect your budget and not take you above it in creating a stunning bespoke engagement ring

The Proposal
How to propose is almost as important as the ring itself and if you are struggling for ideas I am happy to give you some inspiration.

Having been designing bespoke engagement rings for over 35 years I have amassed great knowledge on the perfect proposal, which I am more than happy to share with you.

All part of being Your Personal Jeweller

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Behold the ancient geometric beauty

Admiring the beauty we have for the world around us, David Law shares his sophisticated insight into luxury and ancient art. What is apparent today is that the demand for the unusual and unique has increased. Thanks mostly to the internet; all of us are looking across the globe and through centuries with ease. This trend is having a massive impact on jewellery design and is already making this year exciting.

This drive in designer fashion jewellery is also described as being incredibly sensual centreing on glamour, wisdom both past and present.

Bronze is most definitely a metal of choice; it creates a stunning backdrop to powerful colours like red and soft pink. When showcased with unusual marbles, gemstones and even precious woods – Bronze can really pop.

For the vintage fan or timeless seeking lover of jewellery, I design pieces that are modern and sophisticated in their approach using an ageless palette that provides a variety of options including the ever popular sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Now it’s time to combine this beauty with geometric cuts. So, back with a vengeance this year, we are fusing a modern look with hints of design influences from diverse cultures around the world.

For centuries mankind has been drawn towards geometric shapes. With their dramatic lines and bold patterns there is still something contemporary about these ancient inspired concepts. Many publications and TV shows present ways you can use geometric objects in your home, and now I’d like to show you how to introduce them into your jewellery.

Make 2016 the year to be stylish, dynamic and adventurous by taking moments from your life past, present and even future to spark innovative design inspirations.

For me, making a bespoke piece that is unique to you and your loved one is what I love to do. So whether it’ s taking a special place you visited or something that holds sentimental value – let me show how they can come to life in 3D.

If you have never experienced how a piece could look and feel using geometric design or ancient art say hello and let’s talk designs.

Visit my website for a world of options

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