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And now the first remix - Cristian Vogel Remix
Cristian Vogel is a well-known music writer, producer and DJ. Among other activities he is the mastermind behind the Neverengine Labs, which aim to foster creative ideas for music composition and sound design using Kyma.

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Third Remix - About Time by Knallkids

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Second Remix -taken from the album “SUPER READY / FRAGMENTE” 
Bigeneric is the name of the main musical project of Marco Repetto, a Swiss music producer who has pioneered electronic music since the early 90's. 
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Hello music lovers,

The Young Gods are in composition mode. That is why there has not been much news of late and why there is no live action at the moment.
Nevertheless here is a bit of action, we have prepared for you what we call « the remix project »: every week from Oct.1st until the end of the year, you will find on this page a link to a free download remix. Each remix is unreleased and is graciously given to us by prestigious people and newcomers. You will find dancefloor, ambient and experimental interpretations of our songs.

See you on Thursday

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The Young Gods - The remix project !

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Great guitars for guitars lovers . . . . . .

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Ludan Dross now on Google+ (First keyboard player of the Young Gods)

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exxxxxcellent !!
#toujoursenbalade de Festival en Festival au Chant du Gros

Image 7

Alors que l'on se pavanait depuis deux jours sous un soleil festif. Bim badaboum, un Orage classe 5 étoile sous l'échelle de la flotte.....

résultat des centaines de milliers de mètre cubes d'eau ! Ah oui, le festival du Chant du Gros ( aurait pu se nommer : le Lac du Gros), est situé dans le Jura à 1000m !

alors pour sûr qu'un orage pareil , cela laisse des traces :) !

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