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We’re happy to announce that an experimental version of the YouTube Data API v3 is now available for use by all developers. We have removed the whitelist that was previously in place and that only allowed approved developers to use the API.

The YouTube Data API v3 offers a number of new features for developers, including native support for OAuth 2 in the client libraries, a new Topics API for finding YouTube videos and channels related to a given Freebase topic, and universal search across videos, playlists, and channels. More and more functionality will be added to the API on a regular basis throughout the experimental release period.

The v3 API is one of the first public YouTube APIs built on top of Google’s new API infrastructure (the YouTube Analytics API is as well), and any of the Google APIs client libraries listed at can be used to access it. For folks who haven’t used these client libraries before, this video provides a good overview: Google I/O 101: Google APIs: Getting Started Quickly

The Getting Started guide has all the information you need to write your first application:

We’re very eager to hear any feature requests or bug reports about the new API. Please see this blog post for instructions on how to file them:

It’s important to note that while the YouTube Data API v3 can now be used by anyone, it is still considered an “experimental” API, which means that it is still in active development and not all planned features that are implemented yet. Please see the note at the top of the documentation,, for an explanation of what that means to you as a developer.
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Hmm seems very limited, all access to user feeds (favorites, watch later, liked videos, etc.) seems gone, or am I missing something?
Well I'll definitely have to check it out and see if it will be worth it to switch. I expect that it will be, but the question is when.
Access to various feeds is now consolidated under the playlistItems.list() method. There's a sample that shows how to get the user uploads feed:

and getting the likes/watch later/favorites feed is done in an analogous way. The one catch is that the ids for those lists aren't returned directly via the API at this point, but they should be within the next few days much in the same way that the uploads list id is returned in

uploads_list_id = channel["contentDetails"]["uploads"]
I haven't had the time to check, but has the feed of live videos been updated? Using the last version I couldn't figure out how to get the video id of a video. 
Is YouTube for Developers actually the development team on Youtube?
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