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+YouTube Creators Sorry that I beat you all to the posting of this, I'm just clearly more awesome. It happens, guys. It happens.
If there was a minus button this post would get a minus for every subscriber lost.
A little bit if upkeep isn't a bad thing. Besides, subscriber counts mean nothing compared to view counts. Creators that have problems with this need to focus less on numbers and more on the quality of content.
Can you fix the subboxes while you are at it? That is a bigger problem then inactive subscribers....
Just wondering, what qualifies as a 'dead' or inactive account? With reports from YouTubers like Tobuscus and others saying viewers have been noticing they've been un-subscribed from their channels, I'm curious how you are sorting these out.
I can´t wait to see how many active subscriber I really have ;). Dead accounts are good for nothing and nobody.
Great to hear!!! Who wants subs that arent even active. Ive got no problem with that. I want people who are actually going to watch the content.

How about a response to bringing back the ability to clear out the main page sub box with videos we already watched? I miss videos because they get pushed down so fast then off the page. I feel we are losing views because of this as well.
Well I'm glad we this is finally the last time we have to worry about this. Honestly I wish it could of all been done at once instead of around 3-4 different sub purges, but what's done is done. Now Youtube can focus on the other problems with the site and we finally have an accurate subscriber count, right?
Pointless, STOP this, it doesn't matter. You keep unsubbing very active people. I have a fan base that Twitters me every time you've unsubbed them. many other gaming channels are having this as well.
+Matthew Harris Dead is closed, terminated... definitely NOT an acitve subscriber. We are looking into any reports of active being unsubbed
Does this mean we can reclaim YouTube usernames that were unavailable and dormant for years? An employee created one then lost the login information (and left the company, ironically) leaving us without the ideal username for our promotions.
Will YT set the default view to Everything? Tons of people don't know about this.. and that's a way of losing audience and views..
I'm getting a ton of messages from ACTIVE subscribers, saying that they were unsubscribed!
If only dead accounts are being unsubbed why was Ryan Higa missing from my sub list today? I posted a video last week and watch almost every day.
I concur what others have said: I have also been erroneously un-subscribed from channels I regularly follow and many of my followers ( have also told me they had been un-subscribed from my channel. There seems to be a problem beyond only inactive accounts.
I lost over 1,000 subscribers this past week. I wrote partner support, and they said it was due to the inactive accounts, but then started getting messages like this one... "Youtube has been being stupid and it unsubscribed me from you somehow. I noticed you weren't uploading any videos and I searched you and I wasn't subscribed. I resubscribed thankfully." Is there anything I can do?
Unrelated with this but I need some help with my partner account, I sent to support center, if you could look at it ASAP, I would appreciated!
I have absolutely no problem losing subscribers who were inactive accounts, but a few people on twitter have told me that they were unsubbed from me even though they still actively watch my videos! I'm sure you guys are hearing this from tons of other people but I just wanted to push the fact that it IS INDEED HAPPENING! There's probably no way to fix this but it's a huge mistake on youtube's part
The google analytics reports don't match up the subscribers I've lost in my channel.
Does this have anything to do with my inability to access my Youtube account?
Is this really concluded, or is it going to happen again with another batch of accounts in a few months?
is YouTube gonna delete accounts from our subscribers list as they delete there account or get terminated from now on? That way the number is always real.
Youtube Creators A lot of youtube commentators have notices they're losing subs. It's ok for people who are inactive but most of them are???
+YouTube Creators
This is absolutely ridiculous that we have to go thru this,YouTube is based around the proper statistics,without that YouTube becomes useless,For instance if I go out of my way to make a video on something that has just been released and appeals to a broad range of people,I upload the video it gets 1,000,000 views and I gain 500 subscribers.
What good are those subscribers if they really don't get subscribed to my channel or automatically get unsubscribed and when I post a new video they are not informed?
YouTube is about growing your channel every second of the day,with inaccurate information we are all just chasing our tail.
I haven't been unsubbed from any of these famous youtubers.........
It is great to know how many people are actually watching us.
+YouTube Creators
Dear YouTube, just 2 weeks ago, I had 1,000+ subscribers. I currently have 902, no, 899 subscribers. :( I haven't done anything horrible to lose these subscribers, and at first I thought it was just "dead accounts". But then after a bit of research, I found out that many of my friends had been going through the same situations. I checked in my analytics and it said I had only lost 4 subscribers because they were "dead accounts". My email said I had been gaining subscribers, but my channel subscriber count kept lowering. Many of my subscribers say that they have tried to resubscribe but were unable to or won't show up. :( I had already lost 75 "dead" subscribers in the past elimination of "dead accounts" in January but quickly regained them back. I honestly don't think even MORE people subscribed to me and then closed their accounts in just 5 short months. In the beginning of the week I had about 1,011 subscribers, Tuesday, I had about 980, Wednesday, I had about 970, Thursday, I had about 940, Friday, I had exactly 913 subscribers. Your blog said that you were only eliminating "dead accounts" on the 25th (Friday). I literally WATCH the numbers deduct before my eyes. :'( I find it very discouraging. :'( Especially since I worked hard for 2 and a half years to gain 1,000 subscribers, lose them, and gain them again just to lose them a short month after. :'( Please resolve this issue. It has been extremely stressful.
+YouTube Creators
Time for everyone on this post to switch to Vimeo!
Hey YouTube Creators pretty soon everyone is going to boycott YouTube and make your social network as lame as MySpace!
I have lost to many subscribers to keep track of and YouTube is no longer my job or source of full time income!
+1 this post so everyone can see it!!!!!!!!
speaking of subscribers, it would be nice if Youtube got rid of people spamming replies to every popular video. I'm referring to "Replygirls", they are still getting away with massive spam and people who make original content are paying the price.
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