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Want to improve your YouTube channel?

Come to one of our upcoming weekly G+ Hangout on Air workshops covering pre-production, production, and post-production topics.

Check out the full schedule:

Also, sign-up for updates on upcoming workshops or to be part of the on-screen audience today:
We're excited to tell you about upcoming workshops that will be on Google Plus Hangouts on Air every week until the beginning of October. These are designed for all YouTube creators. Please join us ev...
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most important its a free educational workshop...thank you 
Hey +YouTube Creators ... assuming I (and many others) don't make it into the participant 'filmstrip'... where would you say the Best Place to Comment is if we actually want you guys to 1) See the Comment/Questions we ask and 2) Will have a better chance that you will interact with the comments live?

Is it your YouTube Channel?
Is it this page (i.e. +YouTube Creators +page)?
Is it on YouTube Live?

Thanks in advance for your answer...
You do realize that the coolest part of these HOA events is the fact that we the viewers can interact with you on the LIVE show, right?
+YouTube Creators, so this PROMOTION is only available to US Partners? Disappointed after reading the terms :(
so is it only for youtube creators? how to become youtube creator? can somebody help? I really want to get into this workshop :(
a youtube creator is anyone that makes videos on YT
Tx, william..guess i'm one of them then :)
Is it done already? Because in my local time, it should be now right? from Jakarta, Indonesia
+Yonna Kairupan this week's version should start approx 4.5 hours from now. 12 Noon Pacific Time (USA) Wed. 25-July-2012
I didn't get any invitation..and I filled the form :( am so new to this google+ maybe i didn't do it right with the form
YouTube Missed the show again on 10/3/12... is the series cancelled?
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