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We know we have a lot of partners who love and want to post videos relating to games, so we wanted to share some tips to help you monetize gaming content.

As always, you should ensure that you have all the necessary rights to commercially use all content in a video before you submit it for monetization. Video game content may be monetized depending on the commercial use rights granted to you by licenses of video game publishers. Here are some tips!

● Check the video game publisher’s license agreement (Terms of Use, EULA etc). Some publishers allow you to use all video game content for commercial use and state that in the license agreement.
● Get written permission. Some publishers may allow you to monetize videos containing their game content if you reach out and ask.
● Videos showing software user interface may only be monetized if you’ve signed a contract with the publisher or paid a licensing fee.
● If you do have the appropriate license, submit your documentation to YouTube in a timely manner. If you do not have the appropriate license from a video game publisher, your videos must contain minimal use of video game or software user interface and be as informative and educational as possible - commentary must follow the live action shown step by step.
 ● Use your video metadata wisely! Use relevant, accurate titles, tags and descriptions for your videos.
● Make sure your dialogue is family friendly, so fans of all ages can enjoy your video.

A final reminder: Simply buying or playing a video game does not grant you the copyright or permission to monetize. To earn revenue from videos from the game, you need commercial rights.

For additional information about monetizing video game content, as well as what YouTube requires in the documentation you submit, please refer to the Help Center.
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Why is it that YouTube has told me that I need further information regarding some Minecraft videos that just have Minecraft in the and state in the description that Mojang allows you to monitize Minecraft with a link to their terms? 
It's unclear to me why some of my Let's Play videos can be monetized, but my other videos in the same LP series cannot.  Or why other YouTube users are making money off their Let's Plays and I cannot.  What additional steps have they taken that I have not?
But most networks take like 40% of your ad revenue
+Ken Gagne Your best bet is to join a network. Until Youtube changes its stance on "fair use" We gamers dont really have a choice.

Reason your getting that is the "bot" that reviews monetization has a tendency to flag at random times. Once that happens your supposed to supply the information. What makes it "flag" is completely random it seems.

I'd go months at a time with no issues and then have a week straight where nothing would monetize. Was very very frustrating.
Frankly its arbitrary and subjective on who or what is viewing your video when its approved. YouTube should directly indicate what the issue is so that we can correct it or address it, vague references are bullshit imho.   I had one DayZ video marked as infringement because "i think", as you tube never says exactly what the problem is, because of the title called "shootout at hanger 18" which in game I was refering to a gun battle we were having inside a hanger , but because megadeth has a song called hanger 18 it was flagged.  I've had a bunch of simcity V episode marked as infringement because of the gawd dam music, which again is complete bullshit that i can't play the game with in game music, where as other videos with game music is completely ok. (GW2)  Frankly their "rules" suck. As fair use should be enough.
+TDKPyrostasis Thanks for the insight!  I'm fairly new to this.  Are there any particular networks you recommend, and any downsides to joining them?
thx for the tips youtube hugs!!
+zorcan zorcantwo But they get you better ads. If a network get's you $2 for every 1000 views as opposed to the $1 to every 1000 views from standard ads you're still making more.
+Ken Gagne I signed up with Socialblade who puts you on the RPM network. It's easy to join, CPM is good, good support. Can't fault RPM.

Check them out
+Ken Gagne They or have permissions or YouTube's bots made a mistake because you are using a certain kind of background track or tags. 
+Ken Gagne Yeah the downside is you need a crap ton of views each month to even be considered for a network. I know Maker Studio is at least 55k views a month to even be considered. 
But the CPM that I am getting is very good. I can't imagine networks being better.
Networks offer security. They will fight a strike for you. If you own all the content you are putting out then you're all good otherwise a network is ideal. 
+Eric Booth You will be surprised. Standards have been lowered a lot in the last six months.
+Jack TechLetsPlays Youtube continues to take its cut even with a network. Your just splititng the remainder with the network. Google always gets paid regardless
I know but you get a lot less because of the network.
+zorcan zorcantwo No argument there you definitely take a cut. But as a gamer who struggled to monetize videos a network will allow you to do that. For me over 50% of my content was unmonetizeable under adsense and is now 100% monetizeable under TheGameStation.

It all depends on what works for you.
Can Vimeo give you money for a channel?
David A
Legal as it is, its still a dumb idea. I think the decision of Nintendo's partnership with Youtube should be denied as monopolistic, anti-consumer, and most of all in the manner that they worded it, out of touch.
This is really just a dumb move on Nintendo's part. A company known for screwing over their customers with design choices and decisions is just continuing their streak.

Realistically they just loss advertising based on how many partners will no longer show their videos!
David A
+Tyler Morrison +Tyler Morrison And with how TV is quickly becoming irrelevant, I don't see much advertising getting there either. And so that either leaves physical retail, or online, but with ABP, that shoots online between the eyes from 200 yards between the eyes, unless you actually visit something Nintendo related, and even then many of them think this is a bad idea as well. For the time being, I thought about a boycott until a new statement from Nintendo, but I quickly and wisely realized that considering the current state of things, one may never come.

I thought I'd never see the day when Sony of all people was seen as pro-consumer.
Can you post the gameplay or walkthrough footage if you don't monetize it?
David A
+Daniel Della Penta Thanks to the recent snafu, things are currently up in the air. I'd like to boot the MPAA and the music producers for this.
Well I think this game is the most popular games in this , that anyone would have. 
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