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New publishing features available now: you can upload public videos that don’t notify subscribers, and we let you upload your custom thumbnail right after the upload begins. 

What other improvements would you like to see to our publishing tools? We've already heard some feedback about the tagging interface, how can we improve it?
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Any way we can see our actual subscriber count instead of by the 1K on our dashboard?
What's with the simplified "1K", "2K" view count and rating summaries under "my videos"? The actual counts were much more useful.
If you want to improve, get the old view/everything count back to how it was before.
Enable livestream for basic partners
Hi.. is there a way we can track user flow on our Youtube channel, just like we can do it for our website through google analytics?
Could you publish a format for uploading a file which won't be re compressed by you?
For example, If I use x264 with a certain profile, certain dimensions, etc you'll publish it as it is.
That's great about pre-uploading a customer thumbnail. The change in Video Editor to round views to the nearest 1K is frustrating. It was much better having the actual view count there!
I love that you can upload thumbnails sooner - thanks.
Is it possible to make it so that when you join two videos  together they keep their annotations.  When I combined the two it cleared that annotations - I would like a standard ending with subscribe annotations etc that I can just add when I upload a new video.
How about rolling out custom thumbnails to everyone before claiming "all creators around the world will have three new publishing features." I'm sick of feeling like a second class creator because I don't have ads on my videos.
In the comments under my videos I would like to be able to reply to peoples questions with a link to another video that answers their question.  I already have the links in the description below the video but find myself constantly having to reply saying 'click on show more under the video then click on the link...' it would be more effective just to link directly.
Also to be able to reply to comments from my email - like you can with facebook messages - would be such a timesaver.  Just hit reply and type the answer instead of having to go to the website of all the different videos to reply.  And is there a reason why I can't reply to comments when I go to video manager and click on comments - the only option is delete.  Thanks
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