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Tip of the week: What's new with the player?

Notice something a little different about YouTube videos? We've just launched a new version of the player with improved caption controls and a cleaner look.

If you're looking for the annotations switch, just click the gear button - you'll find size and quality controls there too.
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That's 1 confusing gif right there :-) 
Max Risk
guys i loved the old one i have to make 1 click more for anything i need now, pleeeease go back to how it was before?
Using a video that has the old options menu? And it looks like you are showing off a new fast forward feature in the new menu
I'm glad to see that you guys are supporting the site. Can Im make a few suggestions:

How come the video size button with the big box makes the video small, and the video with the small box makes the video fill the page, that just doesn't make sense to me.

There should be an option to "auto load" a certain video quality. So the second I click the video, it's automatically loading 720p or whatever you set it to. That would be great, because I find it very annoying clicking 1080p every time I watch a new video.

Thanks, and I hope you take this into consideration
Like Mini tuff said, the new size toggle button is HIGHLY counter-intuitive and i doubt many people NOT mistake it for two seperate icon buttons. Please atleast replace this with one icon button per size and have the player switch to the selected size.

Other than that, everything now takes more clicks to display and select with a very minimal benefit of being slightly more favorable for casual and touch device users, but... Not everything has to be so over-optimized for super casual users on touch devices, that it becomes annoying to use on a non-touch device!

I really dislike how google falls for this trap so much. Anyone remembers the terribly touch-optimized menus in google chrome?
Is that variable speed playback in there? Sweet! Great for getting through longer videos faster! (Seeing this GIF on a mobile device is at best difficult)
Why have one click, when you can have two...
+Matthew Pierce variable speed has been on the html5 player, which is probably what they are using. I don't think it it's on the flash player.
+Mini tuff there actually is this option in the youtube settings but it never actually worked for me even if i checked the 'load high def videos', however a more working option is to use an extension for chrome called magic youtube or something like that that works fine, try it and let me know ;)
+Max Risk Yeah, I have a chrome extension that makes the video automatically play in HD, but it would be nice to have that feature built in to YouTube :)
+Mini tuff ok, what's the name? Works fine?

Btw, this new addition is awful for me, really, the former one was perfect, why change!!??
+Max Risk +Mini tuff  It would be nice to have a button to force it, but YouTube has chosen a more automated approach...probably in an attempt to save bandwidth. I don't see that changing.
The playback option in your settings, is for play "high quality" (ie 480p+) when available based on the player size and network connection. Meaning that if you use the small player and have a low bandwidth connection (dial up or low DSL) it will play 144, 240 or 360. If you select the larger player and good connection it will do 480p. In theory if you have a high enough vertical resolution on your monitor, say 1600x1200, your larger size player will actually be much larger, large enough for 720p...combine that with a fast network connection and it may actually play the video in 720p.
The vertical resolution has to be able to fit the 1280x720 sized player, the search at the top, and the description on on the screen. 
The "always play HD" option only applies to full screen playback. And even then will only default to 720p if you have the bandwidth.
+YouTube Creators the GIF is actually not a good demo of this feature as it is demonstrating the Gear menu on a video that demonstrates clicking the old gear menu on the HTML5 player.
Quit hiding useful one click features in menus and calling more steps simpler.  Simpler to look at, but more annoying to actually use.
I kinda like it and hate it. My suggestion : Set preffered resolution. Its tiring to change it on each video
Terrible. We should be able to enlarge the video with one click.
Since when making things harder to use is called an improvement?
I appreciate the effort to consolidate options under one icon. However, you created more effort in users making any change. Turn of annotations? 2 clicks, was 1 before. Change resolution? 3 Clicks, was 2 before.

If you feel that this is the better solution, keep the new style as default and allow users the option to revert back to the old method.
Why it's not possible to choose (as a default) screen size and resolution is bewildering. It just seems to be the old 'one step forward two steps back' in a 'like it or lump it' way. Grrrrrr.
Great, now I have to click five times on every Youtube page (settings > big window > settings > resolution > 1080p). But hey, I wouldn't even mind if I could use those as default settings.
Another well executed example of sacrificing usability for aesthetics. I'm pretty sure that keeping the number of necessary clicks to a minimum is one of the basic principles of UI design.

Terrible, but so was the previous design revamp when everything got left-aligned leaving a half screen empty on 1920-wide displays. Way to go...
+YouTube Creators  I'm having a problem with this new player, when I see a video with a True-View ad, and i skip it, the video start playing but the ad sound still playing :/
The previous design was ideal. I often used large player button and turn annotations on/off button with just one click. The new one is horrible. Please, return the old design back.
This is a disaster, it takes 3 time the time it used to to change quality settings, 2 clicks became 4...... (and it's the same mess to disable annotations).
Also another question for the YouTube staff . If the idea is to have less buttons on the interface, why keep the "Watch it later" button that is used by most user once every 2 months and remove the one we use 25 times a day ?
Not sure what was wrong with the old controls, can we have those back, this is stupid.
I started thinking that they were overflooded with quality changes and since the new 'transition' method is still kind of new they had to slow down with this 'trick' many people prefer not to change it now that it is unconfortable to do it
Please stop changing YouTube! It's an incredible annoyance to just get to my channel inbox these days and now my playback options are less intuitive too. I use YouTube everyday and it seems with every update I dislike it just a little bit more each time. It's almost to the point where if another video service had an equal amount of content to YouTube, I would probably switch over to that instead...I think most things Google does is really great, but I have to stay - Please please please stop changing YouTube. It's not broken, don't fix it.
Marc M.
+YouTube Creators  I don't know what you are planning, but i have a warning for you: if you bind youtube to google+ completely, you will lose half of your userbase - including most of the creators.
I would ask all of those creators with 1M+ subscribers for every change you make to youtube. It might is your platform, but they have the contact to the userbase. they know what is good and what is bad for them, for their content, their views and their viewer. Youtube could be a much better plattform if you would taking your top content creators serious. Ask the vlogbrothers or pewdiepie what is wrong with youtube and fix that - then you have nothing to fear in the future.
Please, please do nothing stupid with youtube. Don't make that g+-integration complete. that would kill youtube. that would be heartbreaking for me and thousands of users. And you would destroy the jobs of all of those creators with 100k+ subscribers who do it fulltime.
Please... please..
+Sven Michalski Or better yet, have touch interfaces for touch-based devices so desktop users don't have more to click through.  No reason to share UIs for something so complicated.  

Are these really the most used buttons?  Do people fullscreen 360p videos and not increase the resolution?  

Also, the lighter button being the one selected seems opposite to previous color schemes used in UIs, where the darker button is pressed in light it would look in real life.  Here we have to memorize which color means selected.  
+YouTube Creators The new settings are clunky and ugly. I'm all for change if it's positive, but this change seems to hide commonly used functions in sub menus for no reason other than having fewer icons in the bottom right corner. These icons were not intrusive at all.

I echo the sentiments of other commentors that the old design was far superior.

Edit: And to show how annoying I find this change, I actually went out of my way on to Google+ and searched for "YouTube settings" just to find this post!
Terrible decision. That extra click is so annoying.

 Who is in charge of the Youtube design ? You sir are an idiot!!!

You guys justify the video player to the left in all the huge monitors many use this days. WHY???

Also, why there is not more size options for the player? Is it that hard to give OPTIONS??????

I'm glad I found Magic Actions for YouTube, or else I would be pissed to be using this service.
+Andras Sule  I wish I could tell face to face to the youtube designer how a great idiot he is...
Why force this crap on us?  Why not just give us a choice whether we want "cleaner" vs "easy to use"?  Forcing this bad choice down our throats just pisses people off.
It's just wrong. 4 clicks now, and 2 clicks before.
How is it clean? 
"Cleaner" controls means messier videos. I'm pretty confident this is some marketing gimmick to make it hard to turn off annotations. Annotations generally speaking are irritating and distracting.
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