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Great article by Tubefilter- Hope this puts many concerned YouTubers at ease
YouTube is currently in the process of making its analytic data more accurate and better representative of viewing habits. How? By way of removing inactive and closed accounts from its subscription nu...
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Really, Any news about Fixing the Text for the SpotLight Annotations? They can't even be SEEN or Edited in the Annotions Editor. I've lost a TON of Annotations Traffic for 5 Days! +YouTube Creators
PS: I bet no one will answer that. I've posted for 5 Days about it Here on G+, The Partner Forum, Twittered the Problem to every YT Partner Support Person. No Luck.
Honestly I still have doubts that the claims that no-one who is active is getting unsubscribed from channels. For one, do you describe an inactive subscriber as one with an inactive channel in general or just that subscriber hasn't had any activity in realtion to the channel in a while, regardless on if he/she is active in the Youtube community or not?

I check my actual list of people I'm subscribed to when this commotion first came up and found there was a fun animator I was subscribed to that I'm not anymore. However, he wasn't too active so I sadly am having trouble remembering his user name to check if his channel is even still around. So I can't resubscribe to him because of that. I guess my point here is that I don't think it is a good idea to unsubscribe people who are active on Youtube no mater their activity to their subscriptions I subscribe to people so I can keep track of their updates regardless on their uploading schedule. If Youtube isn't messing with active channel's subscriptions, then good for them, I just need to make sure this point is made.
Secondly I get the feeling your graphic designers rather handle the layout of sections of the site like the home page on their own. But I like the idea behind this suggestion for the homepage layout very well. Why he makes certain suggestions are also well explained so I really hope you take the time to look at it.
Rob Lee
+YouTube Creators Informative article. My partner channel is almost 2.5 years old. I took a subscriber loss of 95 (I think) back in mid-Feb and approx 80 subs or so Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. But I am climbing back up now.
It was a good article. Bottom line is that we are now on a level playing field and those that lived off related videos and not innovating are in trouble. Those who grew themselves and continually build their audiences are doing fine.

I can't control the changes YouTube makes, but I CAN control how I use other means to drive traffic, like Google+, something most YouTubers are ignoring and I'm laughing at them. This isn't going anywhere; it's best to figure it out and build an audience here to help supplement your views vs. complaining to YouTube.

Google has handed us a social network of people who are regular people who casually look at YouTube. It's the best sales lead site around. Our job is to take those leads and work them! And YES, that requires work, but all these people; the potential is crazy to grow what we do.
+Lamarr Wilson AND those Related video spots went to WHOM? Now Machinima is in all my Related Video spots! (YouTube's Massive New investment in Machinima must yield results!) I lost mostly related video spots on my own videos. Now Ads for "Movies to Rent" Populate MY Related Video Spots on My Own Videos. Ads to Pitch The New 100 Million Dollar investment Shows such as wigs. I'm delighted that you feel that YouTube needed to Kick partners out of the related videos to pitch their own offerings. And, If you've watched my videos here last week, related video slots going to porn link spammers and Bulk re-uploaders of Partner Content.
+Denis Labelle Your Profile claims that you work for Google and you are applauding +Lamarr Wilson 's statement. About Losing Related Video views? And Income? I needed to see this today just before my First Press Interview of the day.
+Michael Mozart : I am a normal user like you. My profile reflect my main interests on G+: Google products. Replace "work for" by "interests".
My comment was not related to the issues you're facing btw but how +Lamarr Wilson expressed his point.
+Michael Mozart I asked you a question in the thread Margaret originally posted, but you either missed it or chose to ignore it. Let me repeat it here for you.

I'm sorry Mike, but I don't understand how any related video spot can be "earned". YouTube is a dynamic site, and the content is constantly changing. Just because an algorithm ranked certain videos one way on a Tuesday, does not mean they will be ranked with the same relevance on Wednesday. You speak about a "related view spot" like it's some kind of trophy that you got and can never be taken away from you. I'd just like to know how and why you feel this is the case, and why you think it's best for a site like YouTube to be static in these cases? Why should all new content be relegated to lower scoring as opposed to older content?

Your assertions that those Related Videos spots belong to you is wrong. Yes the scoring might have gone your way in the past, but the algorithms are constantly being updated and they will shift. The shifts we are all seeing now are bigger swings then ever before but as YouTube has stated, they are going to provide content that the algorithms score as more engaging via sources like related videos. Whether we like it or not, the new name of the game is engagement; if people stay on the site longer, even if it's fewer clicks, that is what is going to be considered above all else.
+Michael Mozart You complain too damn much. You rode the gravy train of posting videos and have them sit there collecting money for years and now that it's changed you're pissed. You didn't EARN that spot indefinitely; things change. I lost views/money too, but what can I do about it other than improve?

Bottom line is this, despite all your complaining, despite all of your protesting that is going nowhere with YouTube, YouTube is moving forward and has changed. Either innovate with them or be left behind. That's for ANYONE, not just you.
+Lamarr Wilson I can't help but agree with you. I have lost views (as little as they are) but I have noticed that thanks to my high level of engagement people are stumbling over my various videos everyday and I get new subs every single day. I've had to be smarter about marketing and making videos people want to get behind. Evolve or die I guess.
+Lamarr Wilson My primary income isn't YouTube. Look at VidStatsX, I haven't lost any views! But I do have 50 SMALLER Partners begging me for help because THEY have lost views! AND INCOME Lots of Income! I'm the Only one Speaking for them.

PS: I'm Glad you thing that YouTube/Google Rentable Videos and Pitches for YouTube Sponsored Channels and Fail Shows deserve those Recommend Video Spots Rather than the People Busting their asses on YouTube in 2005 and 2006 actually creating content so the site wasn't one big ass total Mass of Copyright Infringement. Not to Mention all the Porn link Spammer Re-Uploaders of Partner videos that YouTube's New Algorithm Favored. Yes, Over the Originals. Look at my Posts here last week!

You think YouTube is Forever? Keep Dreaming! YouTube LOST the Latest Round of Viacom vs YouTube in Count. That will be a Billion Dollar Payday for Viacom and the Precedent will be the end of YouTube as All the Vultures come to Roost on that Judgement. That's my real income, Copyright and Patent Infringement research. This about it!

Viacom NEVER deposed the Orignal Popular YouTube Creators like me for Statements. THANK GOD!
+Matt Lawniczak Please look at the Videos that I posted last week referring to the New Algorithm Favoring exact Copied Re-Uploads from fans and Porn Link Spammers often over the Originals. Please explain THAT!

That is the Problem. I've posted over 200 tiimes in three weeks and you think that I "Choose to Ignore" it? Well, Did you "Choose to Ignore All my videos Proving my Point"?

Go Look at how the Related Video Slots did not go to SUPERIOR Material, It went oftentimes to IDENTICAL Material Freshly Re-uploaded often with No Views.

Go back at my posts and expand them for links to the actual samples.

Soooooo . . You stand with the Fake Re-uploaders Pedaling Links to Porn Viruses and Fake Drugs to upload Indentical Videos.
+Michael Mozart You live in a fairy tale land if you think related video spots are EARNED because of work done 6-7 years ago. As +Matt Lawniczak mentioned, they aren't trophies to be kept for life.

I deal with bottom lines; I'm a business person. The BOTTOM LINE is that the algorithm has HAPPENED. It's DONE. And they'll continue to tweak it. I have 2 choices.

1. Whine/complain about it while not working to find different ways around it with better marketing and better content.

2. Do the opposite of number 1.

Or the bonus one: Quit. Which many do everytime YouTube changes because they aren't able to evolve.

I don't plan on going back and forth all day; the bottom line is the bottom line, and complaining and "press conferences" won't do a DAMN thing to change what YouTube is going forward.
+Michael Mozart It's very amusing how you used your twisted logic to lump me in to a made up category that's based off the rhetoric you're continuing to tout as a means of scaring people in to believing you.

"Fake Re-uploaders Pedaling Links to Porn Viruses and Fake Drugs"


Since it's now obvious that you did ignore my post in Margaret's original thread about Onision, I'll repeat what I said there.

Mike does also bring up another issue that has been around for a long time, reuploaders. This is an issue that YouTube has not been able to stay on top of, but I do feel that YouTube has the tools in place where they could make great strides in reducing this kind of abuse. Why aren't all uploaded, properly monetized partner videos automatically registered with the ContentID system? This should be made part of the upload process, and each partner should have the same options available to them in enforcing their copyrights on their content that the major studios and record labels do. This one seems like a no brainer.

YouTube's original plan for re-uploaders was to handle the issues with the flagging system. It's obvious at this point that there's simply too much content being uploaded for humans to keep up with it all. That's why I made the suggestion about protecting an uploaders rights by automatically registering the uploaded videos with the ContentID system.

As for your trying to scare us with the "YouTube is not forever, Viacom is winning!!!!!" rhetoric, the Appeals Court reversed one part of a four part decision, and they're doing fact finding on the part the court is concerned with.,2817,2402654,00.asp You seem to want us to think that YouTube will be shutdown if "Viacom wins". Even if at the end of it all Google has to pay them that one billion dollars they want, GOOG still has 48 BILLION dollars in the bank. You seem to forget that in the five years since Viacom introduced their lawsuit, rights holders from all over the world, including Viacom, have worked out licensing deals with YouTube and now use the ContentID system to allow, remove, or better yet monetize their content.

It's obvious you have a huge chip on your shoulder towards YouTube, for some reason or another. I'm not sure what it is you want, but if it's that you think YouTube needs to go back and be like it was in 2008 that's a pipe dream. Forward, not backward, is where we're all headed.
And THAT...should end the conversation. :)
+Lamarr Wilson Why are your Statistics Blocked under the videos? Mine are open. Most Videos Are Open. I just wanna see where all the Justin Bieber Views traffic is coming from. Just Curious. You'll be a Sport and open those . . . right? Don't you consider the Thumbs to be Quite Deceptive? Why don't you put your image in them like your other videos? Those have over 5 Million Views between them. Over 30% of your total views. C'mon, I just want a peek at the traffic stats.
+Michael Mozart You're being a troll and I'm not falling into your troll mentality. Those 2010 videos WERE a big deal on my channel, and those views died in Jan 2011; the gravy train of CSI and South Park related videos ended.

But unlike you, I didn't whine about it. I've grown since then, and I focus on my NEW videos; old videos bring me little to no traffic, and I'm ok with it. I do things much more noble now and I largely ignore my old videos. Why I need to explain this to you is nuts.

You're being desperate in trying to find fault because I'm right about my current philosophy. We all lost money, but there are 2 ways to handle it. You're way older than me, yet you're handling it like a child. Grow up and stop messaging me.
+Lamarr Wilson I've posted over 100 new Toy Review videos this year on YouTube just since January. I haven't lost any views. I'm just being a voice for over 50 little Partners that lost a LOT.
I never said that MY videos were tanking!

+Michael Mozart Then you should have left it at that and kept ME out of your mouth. I didn't come at you in the post; you came at me. My philosophy is just as valid as yours.

I'm not looking to make enemies; those are easily found in YouTube comments. We'll agree to disagree, you do your thing and I'll do mine.

Best wishes.
It was that " You Live in a Fairy Tale Land" Part , directed towards me that comes to mind.Lolol
lol oh goodness youtube is youtube, and its free for all. I say love it or get off the site. I for one love the site so i'll be around for a while.
Changing the reply algorithm was the worst thing to do to new content creators. Now it's more about luck than being good. Fie on the people who claim "the cream rises." I don't believe it anymore.
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