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Ty Moss
Yes! I think I deserve this 100%. I want to win this so bad. I have such a great passion for doing daily vlogs and I want to be able to reach the audience that I know I'm capable of getting. This would help out so much.
Damn. Eligibility requires " least 5,000 subscribers.."
maybe next time :(
eva Mar
i think its not open to europe :*(
Thank you Jenson.
Lots of late nights and plenty of coffee. ;)
I'd love to apply, but I both live in Quebec and have only 500K channel views on one of my channels. Would I be able to audit the courses?
I have a channel called Onehundredjobs where I previously completed 100 Jobs and now I'm vlogging daily. It only has about 100K views. Can we combine views from multiple channels?
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