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On Monday at 7 pm PT: Stay tuned to YouTube and watch mega K-Pop stars Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior and more perform LIVE!
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I was going do ask whether GEMA would allow us (Germans) to see this, but then I realized 7 pm PT is 2 am UTC (4 am CEST). Never mind. :-)
Yay! I wish I could be there though! :)
LOL, Epic Fail! 7pm PT is not 4pm ET (it's 10pm)... Google it if you don't believe me.
You should get the Piano Guys to do a YouTube Presents show!
that is so cool, and its in LA, why not NY
Using +Google Chrome I am getting a warning about insecure content when trying to play this vid. Is it just me?
It could be simply because the embedded player has an "http" instead of an "https" URL feeding it. Not good for consumer confidence +YouTube! Probably a good idea to ALWAYS use https.
None of my favorites :( might watch we will see
2ne1? bigbang? YG? will they perform?
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