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Have an iPhone or iPad and a Google TV? You can now play and control videos from your YouTube app for iOS on your TV, like a remote control for YouTube. Anyone on the same WiFi can join in to control the video or add videos to a playlist (Harlem Shake marathon anyone?). This automatic pairing feature is also available on the YouTube app for Android, and it’s coming to more TVs this year from LG, Sony, Panasonic and others. Check out to see how it works.
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Already happily using it. Amazing/awesome/astonishing feature, so obvious if you think of it. A kind of webservices for the TVs.
Would it work with Logitech Revue with Google TV 3.2? Thanks.
You can do that NOW? Android has done that for a LONG time.
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Been able to do this for quite a while on Android. :) 
wow, bout time apple. Been able to do this on android for over a year now. Slow company is slow.
I have an Android TV media player. Is there an Android app that will act as a receiver?
I use a PC as a TV, it would be awesome to be able to link to the PC like you would a TV so you can add videos to the playlist without interrupting the full screen video that is currently playing.
+David Hart , do you mean a GOOGLETV? because it should have a receiver that came with it. My google tv is completely broken.
Works with my ps3 and my GS3 on any Tv.......and I rhyme.
could already do that with my ipod and PS3
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pfft, my tv is connected to pc gpu card via HDMI, I watch any type of video with wif mouse and mpc remote app, and look on things like Google tv or apple tv like on something bizarre and retarded
I use this functionality everyday on my PS3 YouTube app :) Love it!
i would try but i dont have a google TV
Sorry for the tech question, but ... does this mean we can expect Google to release an anymote library plugin for iPhone?  
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In our family we use only IWindows Phone Lumia, also my friend. So do also for Windows Phone.
Works really well on PS3! Only thing is I just started using Panasonic Viera link remote to control PS3, but the Viera remote doesn't work in new YouTube app, including quitting, so I have to jump up and use PS3 remote to quit app. If Viera control is added it'll be perfect..
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