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What’s the most astounding fact you can think of?
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That people actually watch "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".
Reignites my space passion. Beautiful.
It's more likely to win the lottery a million times in a row than for a big bang to create life
More old news. 
Absolutely amazing. But can anyone tell about the background music as I couldn't see the credits on my phone.
Thank you for posting this video. 
+Alexander ViTokyo well the universe (Existence basically) has had the time and a BAJILLION chances... and DID get it right in one of those. If things were "planned"... would've happened much sooner on schedule :P And we wouldn't have a shitload of pointless stars and galaxies and what-not. We ARE a product of 'chance'... no wonder we're still so flawed :D (wow I just trolled myself!)
oh I'm surprised. When I thought about an astounding fact, without knowing this video is about the universe, the first thing I thought about is, that all of us are made from stardust.
I know that this has nothing to do with the video but I just wanted to ask why youtube changed the design? Because the new design is confusing and ugly :(
Just love this stuff ....something greater than us ..yet is us ! 0,0
+Tyler Fenby I've got my opinion and so do you, we have that right. "_) Didn't mean to offend anyone.
earth is the only planet in our solar system that can have a total eclipse
lian xu
human existence
Zaki t
hey, Youtube, I want my videos to buffer a little bit.
summarized.. The.Tree.Of.Life & Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking --- nothing new
its just like yeh yeh yeh i feel like im at school watchin that
we are blessed to be here and alive and we must go on for our next generations to be able to appreciate us, right?
i don't know, do u? or i am a nerd? what do u mean?
i am an old hippie just like vivienne westwood, well ... i wish i were but ideals are the same we are much alike..
old enough to be your great grand mother...ah,ah,ah
surely i am talking to a very young boy...
listen to Carmina Burana on my post, then we can talk, grow up...
no, boy go to you tube and listen to Carmina Burana... grow up and learn with grown ups, aprecciate
56 .... belong to a lost generation full of ideals and trying to change the world, sorry we could not and we did not...
i forgive u i guess u r a child and i am really old... many reincarnations... u know...
Wow ... the beauty and mystery of the universe!
Carl Sagan once said:"We are star dust".! Somos o universo e o universo somos nós todos. É bom olhar o universo à noite e sentirmo-nos conectados com o mistério da eternidade. Adorei..loved it!
Well, do't just be on it , Find yer place in it and go there, please!
Seahorses mate for life and lock their tails so their partner doesn't float away. So I hold my girlfriends hand when we go in the ocean and when she asks why I say you're my seahorse. I don't want you to float away.
That i have a conscious and am able to know that i am alive....
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