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Don’t you hate it when your batteries are too small for your remote? There’s a hack for that!
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Thanks for this. What great info. 
hay cosas que si tienes el sentido común muy claro lo puedes hacer  pero con la tecnologia es mucho mas facil jajajajaja
EEEEEEEHHH buy a Bigger battery....WTF?
Haits kanaval des fleur 7/2012
Good production.
Essential oils are flammable and electrical light-bulbs can be described as "incandescent material" when switched on.
Do the math!
If one wants to reseal the screw-top jar that was hard to open, a hole in the top might suck. So instead, just dent the lid (I hit the top of the lid on the corner of the kitchen worktop (carefully)). This reduces the friction between the lid and the jar by reducing the anti pressure of the vacuum in the jar (I'm not a physicist and don't know how best to explain).
+Fred Gandt is right.  I've always dented the lids with the back of a butter knife.  It always works!
"pop" goes your light bulb!
Open a jar by turning it up-side-down bang it on the counter, turn it right side up and it opens with ease, the bang breaks the seal, without putting a hole in the lid...
Or just get someone who can open it,it's like exercise,if I get the feeling to "exercise" I'll go lay down till it goes away!!!
Ken J
That burning a pen tip is as old as the bible
heres a problem, how to know if a battery is alive or dead
Mosquitoes r so big here up north,they fuk the ducks,and shit energizer batteries.
من يريد زواج مسيار بشرط حلوة
Wow and I cant read it!!!
اريد زواج مسيار
I use a piece of rug tape to grip lids and open jars. Works every time and you can still use the lid if needed  since it won't have a whole.
Good idea re the freezer.  I hadn't thought of that.
They r moving so fast that v cannot note things sooner..
Flammable or not, I can't believe anyone would seriously suggest pouring liquid over an electric lightbulb - especially one such as that shown in this video, where it's upside-down and the liquid will immediately run into the socket.
I tried the huge bole and sink thing and it worked and i tried the pen and lighter thing and it worked amazing
very practical !
This well forever change my life. :D
Another idea for keeping your rooms fresh without having those perfume gagging plug ins, etc. - to each room hang 4 scented tea bags. Good Earth is a good brand. They have spice, superfruit (two flavors), and more. I've done this with every room in my home and it helps to keep it smelling fresh for a month. It really helps in the dog and cat areas too.
An alternative to piercing the top of a jar to open it is to stick a butter knife under the edge of the lid and turn the knife until you here the pop, that way the jar can be resealed.
thanks wendy=and those plug ins are not good for your lungs or your hydro bill.
if you ever get chewing gum stuck on a carpet run a block of ice over it then lift of the peice of chewing gum
Oil on lamp can be dangerous!!  
Coś nad czym reszta świata myśli godzinami Polak wykona instynktownie ;)
in certain part of it looks pity and embarrassing.. n you call that intelligent.. LOLs.... XD
if you have a bowl with pepper and water and you want a big space in the middle for some reason put liquid soap on your finger and dip it into the bowl
That was allsome post more,we need people like you making other people work easy.
Zhi Li
Wifi signal stronger

Youtube remove this shitty comment system -_-
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