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"Star Wars" fans, how would you use “the force” if you had it? Be honest!
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These are not the flakes you're looking for!
Use the Frosties. They're Great!
Free midi-chlorians inside special packs!
To destroy the Star Wars movie, brand, and franchise.
wtf with the obsession with "star wars"? there are cooler movies out there.
It would be hard to not be on the dark side.
in the bedrooms of the conservative leaders of the world, i would let some some piece of cloth fly, like a ghost and tell them "do not use my name to make your politics, mortal"

(first draft, needs work)
what would have been even more lazy if everything he did all took place in his bed room. never getting up
The news in the background is awesome :)
wow...that's like taking laziness to a whole new level!
LOL to stop people bullying each other!
there are movies with cooler weapons like transformers, whole ships that transform into warriors, also the avengers, had a lot more super powers than the guys from star wars.
I would use the Jedi Mind trick to convince people to vote for Ron Paul.
...and i would use my Jedi power to kick the ass of this lazy Jedi! lol...
Why does the post have Windows-style quotations then Apple-style quotations?
some one this lazy would not deserve to us "the force"
I would use the force to destroy itself so I don't see crap like this anymore ;-]
I would use it to brush my teeth
+YouTube , why do you keep posting older videos? I saw nearly all of these on viralviral like a looong time ago. At least a long time in Internet time. 
He's a disgrace to the force!!!
Wishing for the progress and success
Khaled from Kuwait
Now that's a dam shame, lol...
he is so  lazy, but the video is soo cool
Ok, he is a disgrace to the force but I feel JELAOUS. (Not of his weght of course)
If you really 'had the Force' , you would not talk in terms of 'using it'. It would be more a case of 'it' using you !
Four Day Week ? !!!!!  No Way Anyone is going to make Me Work That Hard ...
I would use the power to do ALMOST  EVERYthing for me
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