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So the funny man himself, Jimmy Fallon, is singing his own songs live. Think you can make it through his performance without laughing?
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I'm absolutely certain I can make it through anything Jimmy Fallon has done without laughing. Sorry Mr. Fallon.
I thought this asked if Jimmy Fallon could make it through his performance without laughing. Based on his time with SNL, no he cannot.
Why do "comedians' like Jimmy Fallon and Conan O"Brian look so glum and bitter when they do "funny" TV commercials for their own shows or Capital One?
Why is it so damn hard to set up a new youtube channel?
Who knows what #jimmyfallon will be busting out with when he and #50 Cent show up on QVC this Tuesday at 10pm ET. We are on the edge of our seats.
Very funny, Jimmy Fallon is so talented.
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