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If anyone has proven the've got talent, it's the YouTube community. So why not submit your video for the chance to appear on America's Got Talent? Oh, and did we mention the prize is one million bucks?
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If it's involved with Howie, no thanks. He's a wingnut.
lol i already know someone who's going to be on there
haha, the post was posted 7:ll.... Thats awesome....
who cares, I was on the show, one week he says something negative, and next week says the exact same thing but puts a positive twist to it, hypocrite
Nie krzycz uszkodzisz pszepone. Nekiabaj ez nem egisyges hajra.
So sorry i'm not live in america and my talent is about tech
what they're yelling at SNAPPLE
old crazy man sangat funny betul
Primerica my name is Ellie and I love your shows I've been someone that from start to finish and I really love this one I'm watching it live okay you've got that in my home so I love everything one of your videos is so great I love them please and then it would have been Civ I love you videos you're the best one you're the best America's Got Talent ever
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