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Prince Rupert’s Drops are what you get when you spill molten glass into water. Here’s how they explode in epic slow-mo.
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They are fun to make. Better idea if you make one to explode it within a container of sort. 
this is so rad.seriously. I'm totally smarter than I was a few minutes ago.
God I love science!!!
Brilliant a unusual subject explained in a very cool way thank you ! 
That technique is what gives Gorilla Glass its strength.
Wow! additional knowledge for me, thanks man!
Freakin'amazing. I wanna do that myself.
I am surprised that more people haven't commented on this! I love this! +SmarterEveryDay keep this up! 
Hey, very interesting!!  Thanks for the gift of education!  (and the occasional laugh too)
Glass dust all over their faces and hands.. Cool video, but there is no envy on that aspect.

Saw these in nat geo years ago, but magazines lack video!
Thanks D. Always interesting videos. 
I want that 130,000 frames p/second camera! Love stuff like this it's so awesome
lamento que no se hablar ingles , solo hablo espaañol
This is the same basic technique used to make safety glass. For car windshields, they use fans to blow cool air on it rather than submerge it in water. If you look at a windshield through a polarizing filter, you can usually see the patches on the glass where the fans blew on the windshield.
thnx for the upload; i try to learn something new everyday; thnx to you i  did; it was informative; peece
Frank W
Thats was so cool!
Спасибо за умное видео !

Wauw-did NOT know that, does the same apply in metals?
Brilliant and I learnt something too.
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