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Which cover of the “Game of Thrones” theme is the most epic?

A. Floppy Drive Game of Thrones (
B. Game of Stylophone (see below).
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oh hell yes i have a stylophone--freaking awesome!!
The floppy drive cover is way more epic because it's music made from otherwise non-musical instruments. And we get to see Eddard Stark in the video, and he's awesome.
Maik i
In my opinion sounds A more epic but both are quite nice.
It's better than B :D
Floppy drives FTW.  I'd love to have a Stylophone, though.
Floppy drives... OMG is that epic - how did I miss that when it came out??!!
This is brilliant. And it does full and complete justice to the theme.
What a Techno Music. Cool.
sounds like the old Pokemon game!!!
+YouTube I hate you! U deleted my account u unscribed me from all the people I was subcribed 2
I think my ears are bleeding...
I like the Floppy Drive Game of Thrones better, although both are kinda awesome...
Yeah, a friend who knows them showed that to me a couple of months ago. They're pretty good!
Well I've just wasted 20 minutes listening to floppy disk music. Wasted in a good way.
Wanted to get one of these be fun to play and create your own sounds on
A thats a special piece of work and noise or music
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