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Take an in-depth look at the sordid lives of hedonistic felines in “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?” a short film debuting this weekend at Sundance along with 11 other selections you can watch in The Screening Room:
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Stuff is easy to grow, can become invasive if the conditions are right.
My furbaby is a stoner! lol
I just knew it!  Sure wish I was a cat!
LOL, mine are too +Marie Brew Thank goodness we live in Colorado free from prosecution, hahaha
dam an all this time i been smokin weed, lol.
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Yes it's true my Cat's loooove it, and +jack ball  It wont work on humans the same way, my brother and his friends tried, lol
hahahaha  -- yep, mine get pretty "nipped out" when we can get the "good stuff" from Canada.  How they react depends on the product -- they are finicky, They are also sociaI nippers; they don't nip alone, nor do they get paranoid. They sure zoom around the house, though, and they have their little wargames. I've noticed when we indulge in our particular brand of nip, they DEMAND theirs.  Then they join the party -- Family Night!
+Manny Brum I don't need them to like me any more than they do, and I'll stick to my own herbs, lol
My cat loves dried or fresh, I always grew catnip. Kitty Loves it and gets completely stoned..........................
Most AWSOME - I have two junkies myself and have to keep their stash up out of reach and out of sight between doses
Lol. Really funny!!
Our cats love it and the dog wants to know what they are eating and getting so happy about. Poor dog can't get high with the cats. :-)
cats -there just a small lion or leopard ---and do everything the big 1 do there just a bit more tame
This video was made by someone smoking catnip.
Lol did anyone else see the guy with the. Mustache ???
makes me think...i buy a catnip toy for my new cat almost every other week....yeah i can say im pretty concerned
that was cool ........ awesome
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