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Crafting gets extreme! DIY enthusiast make killer robots out of old VCRs, obsolete computers and other electronic junk. What extreme crafting challenge would you like to see next?
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Why on earth is this video not available on mobile devices?!!?! sort it out +YouTube :-P
The Soviet robot is an interesting concept but this video was honestly a let-down for me, overall.
Don't get me wrong, but I was expecting more
expecting more? the robots are build from junk. building something like this adhoc may sound easy but it's not.
+Dominik Baselj, don't get me wrong, I know some basics about electronics (not my area), but I programed a lot of simple robots and I know how difficult it is. But when I read the title I thought they would do something more..
i like this idea, very clever & creative
Saud -M
domo arigato mr roboto
sangat bagus boleh serin-sering
Nice where did you got this idea from?
the soviet robot cant even move
Tony Va
i would like a robot parrot that could sing itunes and be like a standup comedian on the weekend, with red,blue,green,yellow feathers .
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