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Never complain about the parking situation at work again.
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you can park it.. but can you come out? LOL!
can't believe it!!!!!!
i must learn it so i can do it in the real life when the situation requires it :)
Question... Did we need a special tyre to do that?!! Or, we can do it using a regular tyre?
That's some serious parallel parking skills!
The question is:
"How can he drive out from this space?"
well there ya go skill pure skill hey!
and such a brill ending ha

haha now he can not leave from office untill parking lot get empty
Can we also see the Jackie Chan style out takes? ;)
Wow... makes me and my 30 point ziggle look even more ridiculous! LOL!
Now, get out of 15cm parking without hitting either car...
I am just, a Mini fan!
wuaw mi "culo " por un mini cooper!!...jaja
esta bueno el chino...viene con el auto???
that`s more than enough to shut up
I remember sitting in shock and awe in my college roommate's car when he pulled a maneuver like that in the early 1970s.
Showing my ignorance, does that '15' mean the space was 15cm bigger than the car?

Oh, and to those claiming there's no way out - Handbrake on, into reverse, full right lock on the steering, light up the tyres and the front of the car will slowly swing out completely sideways.  Easy!
Like Power Park in Burnout Paradise City. Cool!
West is about anything made world record
That's just crazy! I want to learn how to do this. 
Not nearly as impressive as me squeezing into a pair of blue jeans.
kusura bakmayın ama mılletın koynunadan karısını alıp gotursen farkına varmaz :)
parking is all well and good....and yes I acknowledge the skill to fit into that spot........but how do you get out?
Wait...that's a record?????????????
Tony Va
be fun trying anyways
That's how I usually park with my R53... (in my dreams!) LOL
Tony Va
Buddy Love did it better in Nutty Professor 1 LOL
Thanks for ruining the video for us Sam!
I Wish I could use this trick when I go into the city. :)
great job
skilllllllz n confident
هذي أي نوع سيارات حقيقة ولا إلعاب هذا سؤال قبل التعليق
Xoce O.
really pro this fuc.... guys
kovi KM
good job......:-):-):-):-):-):-)
i just luv mini <3333
Συγχαρητήρια γιατί θέλει πολύ τέχνη κάτι τέτοιο για όποιον το κάνει.
This guy is extremely gifted with this ability.
vou pedir pra ele estacionar meu Fiat na rua da academia, ali nunca tem vaga boa....uhuuuuu
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