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Major League Baseball is bringing America’s favorite pastime to more fans all over the world on YouTube. Expect to see highlights of MLB games from this season about a day or two afterwards, tens of thousands of hours of archived games dating back to 1952, clips from Baseballs Best Classics and Best Moments, and more. In all countries other than the US, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, you can also watch two live games per day during the regular season for free.
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They don't need a license to show clips dude.
Good old baseball. Sadly, baseball is just a business now. 1993 highest paid was around three millions...
Im not saying they don't have the rights. I'm saying they don't need to have rights to play clips.
LMFAO wow. They will be showing Americas past time to all country's but not the USA.. How stupid is that?
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Where is the two free days a day schedule posted?
Excelente, bien para latinoamerica!
The most boring sport ever invented...oh wait doesnt it originate from a child's sport in England...
baseball b berry berry good to mi
It's boring to those who lack reaction and anticipation skills. who lack confidence, physical, and mental strength. Most importantly those who fail in baseball lost sight of the fact that the little kid died in them. The little kid always knew that priority #1 was and still is to have fun. Baseball allows you to learn and have fun, to win, to lose, and learn about team work. The baseball failure knows, it's all about me, losing is for losers, has no concept of what it is to be a team player. And look how they wind up .... Miserable. Ain't that right Jeremy
Hasta el Final Real!!!!!.... Hala Madrid!!!!
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