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Man flies with “human bird wings”: real or big avian hoax?
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Seems like a hoax. Leg movements and launching seems quite unrealistic, imho...
I don't know man, if you check out the other videos in the series, it seems real.
fa La
Great fly
I like the five or six ILM comments regarding the unnatural stability of the GoPro head-mounted cam. Your head simply does not stay that fixed when you are pumping your arms. No-one's does. Also, another commentor here on G+ pointed out that in the early GoPro inset video, the helmet is visible in the bottom of the frame - but in the later video, both inset and full screen from the head-mounted cam, the helmet is no longer visible.
I'm a CGI artist, I'm pretty positive they built the wings for the non flying shots. But the flying shots quality on the specular shading and specially the cloth simulation is less than perfect. Cloth is slow to react to changes in direction (lag) this is typical in simulation because of the low amount of sub-samples per frame you can afford, in other words the direction change is noticed late by the solver. A pretty amazing job never-less. my 2 cents
well I guess I have to yield to the experts. good effects though.
Very slick, high production hoax.
That was awesome,but i bet his arms must hurt like hell
Wait wait wait… I can’t believe that people are not seeing the most obvious indicator that this has been faked! Take a look at the concrete walkway surrounding the pond. It is at least 20 meters to his right and he is running parallel to it upon takeoff. Then when it cuts to the “aerial” footage, the walkway is directly below the helmet cam. Then wen he lands, the walkway is again about 15 to twenty meters to the right. Eh?? It does not match… (The pilots body language at the end does not help much either!)
+Michael Comia I just saw that, however what I'm talking about is about the free hanging cloth and it's dynamic response to the frame. Of course what the ILM guys said is also perfectly valid so I didn't want to repeat the same (I'm a humble freelancer) :)
i do not check out this video yet , now i guess it might be a avian hoax .................O_O i guess..............
why don't you go to try and then you might know why he did not turn his head at least once ! --___--
maybe............. it's real............ -___O maybe !
Fake. Watch closely at take off. The shadows disappear. Blurred video.
It's obviously fake without even having to watch the video and analyze for editorial mistakes. If this were real, it wouldn't be amazing because they built wings for a man that allow him to fly... it would be amazing because they built a machine that defies physics. The man obviously can't run fast enough to build up a vertical lift force, nor are the wings designed for that. This motion of the wings seem to insinuate that the "normal" force of the air against the flapping of the wings produces enough reactionary force to lift the man, as is with the case of most birds during takeoff. However, in birds, the motion of their wings returning to the upwards position is designed to reduce a the amount of force pushing back down to create a net upward force, resulting in liftoff. This apparatus does not accomplish that since the movement up and down is almost identical, creating a near zero sum of forces... let alone achieve the rate of liftoff that was implied in this video. I don't even have to do the calculations to know this is 100% fake.
It seems to be fake. checked the background story qnd it does not add up...
It seems to be fake. checked the background story qnd it does not add up...
Real like "A f*cking magical moment!" XD
I vote 50% Nintendo WiiU and 50% GoPro commercial
fake!!! he landed the same spot he was running to take off----duh
Bem feito o vídeo, mas não acho que seja verdadeiro.
who cares?? i want one! :P
weelllllll, lookie here whos trollin along. Its +Andrew St Clair like a little miss sunshine -_- sriously, stop its not cool
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