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Introducing a new homepage, new Channels, and a new look for YouTube

Today, we've launched a new homepage, new Channel design and added a fresh coat of digital paint to help you get more into YouTube and the Channels you care about.

Go forth to the updated and discover all the mind-blowing, comedic, useful, inspirational and truly awesome Channels that talented creators have built for you to discover! #YouTubeNewLook
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I already have this design from a developer code, but I do love it!

I'm very happy to see the Google+ integration. I always believed this would be a huge leap for G+
When is the new look coming to Australia?! It looks fantastic btw! :)
WOOT! That sounds EPIC!
Cool. How can we get rid of the Facebook-channel that is on the list to the left? I don't have a Facebook-account
Can't delete uninteresting videos of subscriptions from Main Page. I see them all time! And only one video in one row, not greed. Old look with Cosmic Panda was much better in that case.
you still need cosmic panda for a better video page experience...
Someone needs to remove that sound effect when the central content "flips" in this video.
May I recommend an option to change the background, like in the Search page? That one is awful.
Is it not rolled out for everyone yet?
+Mark Liederbach You can't delete the Facebook tab from the page you link to. You don't seem to understand that the tab is there regardless of whether you connect to Facebook or not
The new channels are counter intuitive and detract from the easy browsing experience provided by the current design, and as someone who doesn't have a Facebook account, having the FB connect icon forced on me whenever I check the home page is really annoying.

The general direction in which YouTube is going seems good, but this update has barely any positive features. On the whole, it's just an aesthetic mess, and I'll miss the clean, minimalistic white stylings on the "old" YouTube site.

I'm all for change, but this update is a mess, and the homepage feels way too cluttered and claustrophobic to make YouTube feel as laid back as it once did. Sort it out.
I have the new layout but it's just plain looking, it looks like the video, no "old paper" looking theme. Is this video supposed to be showing off the new theme? Seems a bit misleading, especially since that oversized mouse pointer is looks like it's been drawn into the video.
why do I never get the first roll out? I give you so much loving and you treat me like crap Google. :'( I guess I'm just some cheap fluzzy to you...
Voilà pourquoi nous aimons youtube!
the new design sucks tbh... :(
Extremely good point, +Dan Bishop! It is very odd that the video is using an unobtainable theme to brag about YouTube's new design
Let us get rid of the Facebook tab. I don't use FB.
From the google blog, "We’ve used your feedback to improve our overall design, and today, we’re presenting a cleaner and simpler YouTube, with a consistent gray background, bigger video thumbnails and a more streamlined watch page." So they thought they would show off the new cleaner looking design by making a video showing a very distracting theme with flashy window animations that don't ever happen!!??

If anyone's interested, you've been able to activate the new design for a while now,
At home i got old one, in the office the new one since 1 week... dunno how!
The update is continuing to roll out to all users. Please stay tuned!
It'll take some time to get used to, but in my opinion there should be a bit more space in between columns and FB needs to go away.
How to remove/hide videos i already watched?
I enabled the new design last week with the trick on cnet but it's changed by itself on my other machine (UK)
I wish I could see youtube in a "classic view" which would allow me to browse youtube the way I was able to several years ago.
Awesome. I got rid of cable TV a year ago and never looked back. I stopped going to movie theaters before that. Welcome to the future. Position yourself in front of your monitor in the "30 to 40 degree hFOV seat" and rock and roll, baby! I saw this one coming... along with lots of other people. The only thing that held me back was cheap broadband Internet, which I just got back (minus the "TV" channels). Glad to be here. Hang on... things are changing fast, now! :)
WHAT?! Thought we we're gonna have themes as well >.<. We got tololol'd
Where is new google bar? Youtube should have it too.
I'm guessing this is a limited roll out since I don't have the new home page or option to change to it yet.
Will we be able to connect it to G+ under connect accounts as there is no option for this right now?
Finally, one less glaring white screen to stare at. Yes, Google, we like themes. Now do G+
Clearing the cookies and refreshing worked.
Not seeing it yet.. even after clearing cookies.
Surprised they put the facebook connect on there. Should have just put G+ and that's it. I would think it would drive more people to G+. I mean from a purely business standpoint.
What's with the theme in the video? The new layout doesn't seem to have any theme options, nor the animated windows.
ya do G+ it will make this funner(how cares if its not a word i can spell it SO ITS A WORD)if google does do themes for G+ i hope you can upload your own themes like what firefox does
I fired up IE for the first time in... I dunno... years? And had the new design. Still isn't showing in Chrome or Firefox. I was using CosmicPanda but I disabled that... cleared cache and deleted cookies. Still nothing.
Everyone Boycot Youtube's HORRIBLE "New Look"... It's Useless! No longer see multiple videos from same user (and tagged if you already watched them..) now you have to Click all over to find out what your subscriptions are doing!
Where is the google strip along the top similar to all the other google services? :)
Want to disable this Horrible Abomination? If you have Chome open the console (Control-Shift-J) and pase the following in the bottom: (It disables the "new look" for now)
Wow, reading the comments on that video, there sure is a lot of hate. I remember a few years back when Youtube changed the look to the now old one, there was hate from peeps all over the place. Funny enough, today their fighting to get that look back. Gotta love humans hehe ^^

Edit: Oh totally forgot to say that I love the new look :D
Give me my new Google bar, already... pretty please... :)
OK I got a new channel look, but the homepage and the rest of YouTube, look no different than it did before. Are the updates going out in waves?
The new look and features are great, well done :)
Please, don't make this thing official, or at least let users CHOOSE what design they would like to use. YouTube is growing to become Microsoft, they choose what design changes they do without actually asking the community, except in Windows 8 you'll at least keep the functionality of the old interface.
I like it. Keep the innovations coming.
Is there REALLY no way to edit my +YouTube channel/user name? Really?
nice i like it . good work ,thanks :)
Please update the youtube android app!! Make it like the ICS one please
Great now I can't hide videos on my listing that I've watched already. This just makes things sooo much better...
I can't stand the new page...doesn't mean I don't like youtube tho.
I like the `look' of it, but now i've used it a little, i find it very un-intuative. And some features i liked seem to be missing. Mainly, removing videos from your subscriptions list that i've already watched. How did that one slip by???
still looking for a way to associate an existing youtube account (and subsequently an existing Picasa site) for an organization to a Google+ Page. Pretty Please?
What happened to all the previous Channel comments? I can't find them anywhere. Sure, I have the "Post Comment" box, and "Show Comments" are enabled in my feed... but are all the old Channel Comments nuked?
First thought is its a little complicated but damn does it look and move sexy!
How do i remove vids that i don't want to see or i already saw from my subscriptions?
Honestly, i don't like this new design. There are too much margins on the webpage. The category item (better on the top) on the left takes much space, and the items on the body center, is too small, so you can't easily find your love video.
Oddly I can chose to see the "new channel" but I can't see the "new homepage". Regarding the "new channel", I've just sent this feedback to Youtube:

O.K let me start by saying I HATE the fact that the user has less control over the appearance of his/her channel now!!!! It kinda looks good, but you need to let the user decide how the channel will look within this new interface. For instance:

1. I want to decide which video to feature in this view. Right now it shows the latest favorited video. The user should be able to decide which video to feature and if he wants it to autoplay like the "old" channel lets you.

2. In the "created by" or "about" area it only shows "latest activity" and "date joined" and only shows more info if you click "more". The user should be able to decide if he wants to show a few or the whole "about" section. The user should also be able to decide what information can be seen (for example I wouldn't like to show my latest activity).

Regarding info from the "old" channel:

1. Where the h... are my old channel comments?! Where will the comments appear???

2. Why can't visitors see my subscribers, friends and subscriptions?!

The only thing I like about this right now is that there's a new "feed" tab that lets the visitors see your activity.

Overall I see that you made this change thinking of the channels (users) that upload videos (I can see it's a good way to promote them) but you COMPLETELY FORGOT about users like me who don't and use Youtube only to view, fave & comment on videos!!!!! I don't have plans to upload videos & I would like to use my channel to promote videos I find interesting.

Bottom line: the user needs to have MORE control over how his channel should look and you totally need to rethink this from a non uploader user point of view, In the meantime I'll go back to the "old" channel & won't go back to the "new look" if these changes are not made.
O.K., the "new homepage" just appeared. My reaction:


Most of my video views come from my friends' activity, their likes, favorites, comments!!!!!! I like to follow them, why did you take that way???!!!!!! This is so sad :( :( :(
It's a known fact that most people fear change, so when something changes in their enviroment they feel out of place, so I would say first give it a try, if then you don't like it send some feedback.
I like it a lot I had been using youtube's cosmic panda before and it was better than the old one, now I feel everything looks neater.
Oh and I forgot to mention: NO MORE POSTING BULLETINS????!!!!!!!! :( :( :(
there is a major design flaw in this new design! Somebody put in a "share to Facebook" button in it and I don't have the option to remove it.. It bugs me!
I appreciate the music link in the left menu.
This format is HORRIBLE! It's messy and how come if ONE user posts 3 videos, all his videos are spread out instead of bunched together. It's messy. YouTube and Google are turning into facebook. NOTHING can compare to Facebook. Youtube is for the enjoyment of videos and our suscribers. The same thing that happened to MySpace is going to happen to YouTube.
Why must there be a Facebook link? i don't have facebook, i should be able to get rid of that link, it takes up space, and makes it look unfinished having a 'connect' button always there.
Generally I like the design, but I dislike the black background color on the left. The strong contrast makes my eyes uncomfortable
Todd G
If only it would show my G+ name and picture... But still, kudos!
+YouTube Please, bring back the little 'x' so I can dismiss videos I no longer wanna see in my "subscription feed"!
please allow people to customize the homepage
I wish the default was white not grey. I don't understand why a dull grey is desired. White is more vibrant allowing things to pop out better.
same here i wish it went back to the old youtube
I there anyway to freaking "X" out a video i don't want to see on the homepage??? i deleted a subscription and it hasn't gone away. plus i don't want to see the most recent videos if i've already watched it. soooooo frustrating. at least in facebook u can hide a post u don't want to see!
I love the new look .... the integration with different social networks is seamless ... good job google :)
Very Nice Utube

Overall rating
+YouTube Love most of the redesign and the "Channel" centered approach. Where is Google+ integration ?? I don't see a Universal Google Bar ! I don't see a +1 button unless I click share ! I can't see +1's , but I can only see stuff "Shared" on Google+. (Please let me see +1's. You removed friending on YouTube, where is the replacement with Google+ ? I can't see likes and subscriptions of my Google+ contacts ! I have to subscribe to my folks AGAIN in YouTube to see their likes. So I can see their "Shared" stuff on Google+, but to see "likes" and "subscriptions" I have to SUBSCRIBE. WOW ... Thats a lot for deep Google+ integration.
laura z
Can't delete off videos that I've watched from my subscriptions. One big mess.
I'm afraid I prefer the old layout, more organic in comparison, more
options for individual channel creations.
Misleading video. There isn't a way to change themes like in the video. Also, the flip effect is not possible. There's just too many flaws in this new design for me to like it. I guess i'll be looking for different alternatives until youtube changes it.
It is awesome!!! i really like it
muyu li
youtube looks fresh now a days with its new designs and looks.
we also are new in this online industry ..visit here to know more -- +India Emporium
yeah i used it so organised it felt now we can categorize it...
Please, resize preview photos in subscription feed. It real size is about 6 time bigger then preview frame and it's scaled very ugly.
+YouTube The add banner at the top covers the search suggestions whenever i do a search. It works fine when i close the add
I personally hate everything about the new youtube! it looks like windows95 old everything is in a box. i hope they change it back or atleast give us the option of keeping the old style. but i guess its not your tube its there tube.
like the single sign in with google ... hate the grey background ... please switch back to white background
I really like it. everything is comfortable to use
Not impressed with the new look. It's messy and you can't X videos you don't want to watch. Recommendations is broken or the algorithm used is really horrible (how is it possible that I watch a video of a boat ramp launching gone wrong and get a recommnedation to watch a video of some obese Yank grab a woman's breasts?????) Putting more effort where it's needed would have been better but I guess these days it's all about the "look" and no longer about the substance. I'm finding I'm using Youtube less and less as a result of the changes. I'm sure that's not what was intended. I guess the age-old problem organizations have of desperately wanting to inject new blood keeps meaning that the same mistakes are made over and over again. Sorry Youtube but you FAILED!
Nice new look - but YouTube social network features are still unusable for me because you won't let me use my own name on YouTube (as you force us to do on Google+), or change my screen name on YouTube (aka unlink YouTube and Google accounts). Feedback also submitted via the send-feedback tool.
The new "GUI" is great, I like it a lot.
But ... I do have a request ;-) Lot's of videos can't be watched in germany due to legal issues. I clearly understand the reasons for making videos unavailable where the content owner requests accordingly.
But: As you know these videos, couldn't you just prevent them from beeing displayed in search results and "recommended videos". It is far more annoying to click through a number of attractive vids just to get the message that unfortunately they can't be watched then not beeing provided with them as possible options to spend the time with at all.

I would highly appreciate if this could be implemented - maybe as an option in ones profile, so noone starts to whine about "censorship".
wheres the X? sometimes i dont want to watch a video a channel posted.
+Alexander Kuzmin I have the same question. In my youtube homepage, I really want to delete some uninteresting recommended videos. Now I can't make it in the new look.
This page requires more scrolling. It will take some time before I get used to it.
Why on earth Youtube calls me by my email address and has no profile picture, even if I'm using my Google+ and Gmail email account?????
SOUNDS Surround that is truly REALLY ASTOUNDING.
Any chance of getting rid of the grey background?
Finally. Its great. I can find easy all. Great job.
I love the sleekness and way it matches up with the overall +Google redesign, and while I understand the need to monetize a free product, does the ad banner at the top have to be the size of the Death Star?
Ресурс получил новое цветовое оформление и изменённый дизайн главной страницы. Её функциональность, как отмечает Google, не изменилась, но теперь пользователям станет удобнее следить за обновлениями контента. Пиктограммы предварительного просмотра видеоматериалов стали крупнее, а окно плеера получило более обтекаемую форму.
Разработчики упростили поиск по каналам и систему подписки. Теперь пользователи могут создать собственную настраиваемую ленту каналов; возможна интеграция YouTube-аккаунта с социальными сетями Google+ и Facebook.
Кроме того, обновлён интерфейс самих каналов. Поиск видео стал проще и понятнее; доступны новые шаблоны для каналов, удобные как для их владельцев, так и для посетителей.
The very first problem I got was unclickable buttons... I always block advertisements everywhere, and somehow blocking "**" makes all button scripts exit early with no result... I guess it's because every time you click a button, the script checks if the Ad is present or not... Right now I had to just hide that banner through UserCSS, display:none...
Video player in Cosmic Panda was better – The new one lacks some good options: "1:1 scale 720p" mode and "fake-fullscreen" mode...

"360p", "480p" and "Native Flash Fullscreen" are not enough...
New +YouTube homepage for my channel #nabaleha with #NBTMV videos... showed up today when I logged into #Youtube I like it because it's customized for me. Try it and see what your homepage looks like.
Te redesign is great. youtube should have a button on the google page, however. Right now you need to click "more" to get to it....

Top-left menu should look like: G+, calendar, documents, photos, sites, web, "youtube"
It's horrible: Where are my friends? Who are my subscribers?
I am thinking about closing the account.
Love this new design, i appreciate mostly the integration with social networks.
I watch selected videos from subscriptions and i want a close button attached to every video.
I like the YouTube search box on my G+ stream page and, the +1 and SHARE buttons. I do have to type in the whole title and band's name in the box, unlike on the page itself, it gives me a list while I am typing just the title.

EDIT - I don't see ads when I'm playing songs from my G+ page.
The new look is awful. Everything is cramed together in a small area of the screen. If I maximise the browser window 40% of the screen width is unused. My monitor si set to a resolution of 1680x1050 and the width of the page is fixed to 970 pixels. Why waste so much space?
#YouTubeNewLook sucks big time.
Where is my X button to close the videos I don't want to see or I just saw from my stream?
It is ridiculous don't have a way to close like we already have.
Why there is still no integrity with G+?
Why the video i upload on G+ uploads on Picasa (O_O) instead of YT?
Why should i create additional account on YT to be able to upload video?
When i upload my video on G+ there is no way i can add it to Blogger through "Add video".
Yeah I agree with Andrés! I don't really care about the new look, but the last look worked at least better. Give us back, the X button! :)
It's horrible: Where are my friends? Who are my subscribers?
I am thinking about closing the account.
pay for post propaganda? that's the only way if you cannot contact people for free.
And much of the people in the circles are fake, they are Google's house employees to make propaganda and to promote more circles with dozens of themselves, they are an invader cancer ! !
In case you haven't noticed uses your old, favorite interface. With "watched" and the ability to remove videos you've already seen.
I'm somewhat working on an extension to make that page more beautiful and always redirect / to /home, but we'll see what happens to that.
The layout is just fine, gratz on that.

However, there are some major problems.

Why can't I remove unwatched, watched and unwanted videos?
Why is there a FB-button? First time, fine. But give me the option of removing it. The G+-button I want to keep, again, make it optionable.

Before, if there was 4 videos, it showed in a row from the same subscriber (or the other way around :) ), that's good. Now, if there are 2 or more, they are grouped, showing only one. If you see that, you can't remove it.

/home has been removed. index_ajax is a life-saver right now. When they remove that option to see the old layout, I think I'm done with Youtube.
Vraiment hallucinant C'EST!
Is there any way to design(different colors/fonts) my homepage to my personal liking?
They removed /index_ajax and I'm quite sad. First I was frustrated (missing the X-button dearly), and now I'm just sad. I took my three "load more" clicks to find a new, interesting video. Next time it will be four clicks and so forth.

To delete one video from (for example) your favorites, it took me 7 clicks, and I had to manually save the playlist when I was done.

The design, I'm sure, works just fine on pads. Those users surf Youtube and Facebook and are okay with everything. PC users are another breed. They like options, customizable things.

I'm not saying I'm done with Youtube, that could easily be a lie, but my usage will drop. Maybe I will log in once a day, take a look at the first page, maybe one or two "load more" and I'm done for the day. I will miss many videos, producers will miss many viewers, ad revenue for YT will fall.

Just bring back the X-button and will talk about further improvements.
you've taken all our creativity away and left us with nothing but a boring look. How did you imagine this would be fun for us?
Cindy w
I can't unsubscribe unwanted subscriptions on my homepage on my android
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