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Rockin’ violinist +Lindsey Stirling has become a household name thanks to her awesome YouTube videos. Here’s how she forged her path to stardom.
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Jane H
Very cool!
Jane H
Keepin it real!
Great to see you doing so well Lindsey. Keep it up!
she is pretty cute, i dont know if she its good in the fiddel, because, noone can dance and play the fiddle... (really...)

but she its a kind of cute, and maybe she is good, but she i really cute, :_3

lovely petit girl :_3
She's my Seminary teachers daughter! AWESOME family! Great people!
I didn't know her. Thank you for sharing this. I love what I'm hearing.
Increíble destreza, bravo...
Not a fan of her stuff, but I'm glad she could make it so far.
Another talented Mormon.  Amazing.
I love finding talented people who can play an instrument!!! It gives the younger generation inspiration. Two of my own kids play...cello & viola!!! Great job Lindsey!!

Hope you want forget about your youtubers 
She is so amazing! I Abo her for a long time on YT
Long time fan. I'm so glad she's getting the recognition she deserves for all her talent.
+B Gallagher funny, I didn't see Jean-Luc jumping, dancing, and doing the splits while playing, all without ever missing a note. On the contrary, Jean Luch at several points just stands there doing nothing while his huge, multi-instrument band plays, while Lindsey does everything herself. No comparison.
I totall agree to everything she said in this vid.. So true! inspiring..
So happy for your success.  Who says record companies are the only way to make it?  Well done!!!
Would like to hear more of her music and see more of her dance
+JP Rothery she has a Youtube channel. Check out Lindseystomp. She also has an album and several singles on iTunes (wish she'd use Google play or XBox Music).
Do not forget Devin the guy who shoots all of her videos. That guy is a rockstar. 
I love violin exposed to here from the Skyrim collaboration she did...she's great!
Lindsey and Devin.. possibly my favorite youtube group their videos and camera work are amazing
I love this MUSIC .Its wonderful , amaizing .
I didn't know she was coming out with an album! I'm definitely buying it!!
i play violin in real life seriously
My favorite comments:"It really proves to me that when you are not afraid of showing who you are, people gravitate to that, people love to see genuine, just people being themselves!" "You follow you passions and when you are true to who you want to be. That's when I think we have the ability to be most successful because we are sharing our gifts and what we absolutely love." Lindsey: You are one brave soul! Thank you for being who you are and having the courage to show it! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me and many.
Very inspiring. She never let herself down. I like her, and I can try her spirit to succeed for my career as well.
I love that talented artists can get breaks now w/o relying on labels
+B Gallagher  I've seen her in concert. It's completely real. It's not the instrument she plays that draws people to her. It's her unique energy. It's the fact that she doesn't just stand there like Jean-Luc, surrounded by a full band. As violin players go, I see nothing particularly unique or extraordinary there. Lindsey does all of her music by herself and she dances while doing it. And she still produced better music than any violinist I've ever heard. 
Knew her for a longer time now.. and her album is awesome ;)
Lindsey u rock awesome! 2much good luck 4 the future
i love the music videos! arthey made with green screen?
can u play lights by ellie goulding?
well...she's good:-) and
she's otw to bcome like vanessa..
To +John Mellencamp, this lady is a real artist that has worked hard and built a music career in today's music business landscape. You know, the one you seem to fail in so badly. 
I wish I could do that ur amazing I know how to play the violin
I don't believe I'm just seeing this now! This is incredible and you are so talented! 
I have been watching her videos before this video was even posted up on here. She is an amazing violinist and it doesn't matter what others say. i am glad she is finally getting the stardom she needs. She deserves it. Every last bit.
So glad I found her on youtube, best violinist ever!
This Video was Great. That"s what makes Social media  Great.
I wish I could buy her songs individually by other means than iTunes. I don't have an iTunes account. +Lindsey Stirling take my money!
can't resist.. try game of thrones.. i am in love...
Epic story of refusing to give up after so many people have turned you down. When you believe in yourself you can't go wrong. 
Linsdey Stirling, Is probably my biggest inspiration for music and she is also the reason I started to learn violin. It's defiantly on my bucket list for me to meet her. <3  
She is so talented, down to earth and inspiring! My prayers with her and all those aspiring singers and musicians.
what a true tell aunt i was the judge yeap with no queston s ...iphon u can say you did it your way bhy u for u.. bufu whens they t shirts out u mite know off finish a nice the world s ur oyster n you join vanessa may ..vurtu oso..
Very wonderful I love the fact you can dance and play the violin at the same time and the music is really uplifting.
She is amazing! I absolutely love her! <3
She is very talented. And I love her dubstep violin. its just amazing 
That girls pure talent, hopefully she can keep it up.
Would love to see her in a punk rock band, yellow card would have some competition.
I love her music. I just wished she'd release her albums on Google Music too
i bought her cd downloaded it to my hard drive then uploaded to Google Play. Now I can enjoy Lindsey Sterling on the go!
love Lindsey Sterling. Her music is amazing, and inspiring.
I love seeing artists like +Ryan Van Sickle, +Daria Musk, +HEATHER FAY, +Trey Ratcliff and others, who embrace this technology and have found their audience without compromising who they are. 
YouTube and Hangouts surely end the poor-artist mentality and break down barriers. 
Lindsey is the one who gives me strength to live in this crazy world. Her music, her dance are awesome, they are full of energy and inspiration to overcome the obstacles!
Thank you +Yifat Cohen for the mention.  Have a great weekend!  G+ and hangouts has been a great great tool!
Michigan Summers  I just saw your video posted by +YouTube and wanted to congratulate you on your dedication and success, truly an inspirational story that yet again shows that the music industry does not give people what they want.

I watched a couple of your video and I immediately understood your success. You're an incredibly talented musician, passionate and dedicated, graceful, elegant and beautiful. I really enjoy your spirit and the enjoyment you convey through your art. I also enjoy your versatility in the variety of styles you adapt yourself to.

Thank you, and I wish you the very best for your future and your many successes.  Keeping going for it
So Beautiful!!! I am so Happy to see that she got her dream!! It is nothing to take lightly. It is a lot of work and perseverance.
Oh, that is so beatiful!!!!!! zahvaljujući toj curi dobila sam inspiraciju!
Thank you so much for the shout out, +Yifat Cohen!! These amazing tools have changed my life for sure!! XO
First video I watched got me hooked. Love Lindsay Stirling.
If you play, you realize how amazing she is. Hell, I can't vibrato standing dead still.
Very cool, keep up the "stay true to you!"
Looking forward to showing this to my daughter who is just starting to play! Well done Lindsey for never giving up :)
keep rocking lindsey u r awesome!
You are amazing and you inspire me you awesome girl I would definitely let you pass Americas got talent
Even GOD cant stop you , Lindsey believe on me.
me gusta como tocas y tu estilo musical dentro de la musica moderna...
A friend of mine shared her videos with me about six months ago and I've been watching her ever since.
мне нравится скрипка, в твоем исполнение это красиво и класно СПОСИБ тебе
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