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Need something extra cool to distract you from Monday? MysteryGuitarMan and crew put their phones to good use with an elaborate synchronization of videos to the tune of "We Are Young" by Fun.
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Why do i want to play dominoes all of a sudden?
Amazing, wonderful thing! TY YT!
OMG how do they do that they r so awesome!
I had a great time while watching. thx
That took alot of time a planing! Great job guys it was AWESOME!
Easy postproduction stuff dudes!!!
hole shot man dat was epicccccc!!
That was so cool I liked when they cracked the screen at the end
that is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i grew weary pretty quickly of this indie pop anthem (hipster nihilism anyone?) BUT... this is an amazing mashup. i'm glad the song was created so that this video could be inspired. :)
Video editing, nothing more. I think. Nice idea though.
HAHA! this is cool. I love the end. Major reason for met getting an iPhone
That must have took forever to make!
Jo Dunn
Very nicely done!
nice work thats so cool except they broke one hehe
It probably took a lot of practice.
@hadar zeevi MYSTERYGUITAR MAN HAS A LOT OF PRACTICE (and lots of other videos) :D
asome how did u guys do it oh and mallory pipen how do not get it
Ah the beauty of layers combined with masks in Premiere :)
Why is my phone not cool like that one? I feel so dorky :P
That was absolutely amazing! Go FUN!!!
This is great, so cool, like mind together creat.
Omg how do they do that???!!!
Wow. You never know what he comes up with
oh wow! this is like, awesomesauce! :P
had to drop my Verizon Fios connection and switch to a neighbor's Cablevision connection to get "less throttled", but well worth it, great video!
that is so kool how did they do that?? i wish i could do that it look like fun!!lol!!
that was flipping amazing great song, better video.
I wonder how long that took?
they are creative people?? its quite interesting.
If they used the Galaxy Nexus or the samsung notes it would had been nicer... Here it's. very small.
That was realy awesome how did they memorize all of those moves!?!?!?!?!?!?
i hate this song, but this video kwl
(✿◠‿◠) nice
how did you remember which way to turn them
you are a hater dont drink haterade kids
the stuff we do for entertainment...but i LOVE it!!!!
Ali B
I have to give it to You Tube this time. Off the charts.
Waste of his iPhone 4(4S?) How clumsy. LOL
You guys are just amazing ..
Make more videos please...
Tiara C
Omg that was awesome!! How do they do that?

nice nice cool thinking ...........
Steph M
I love this song, just discovered it two days ago and ive listened to it about 40 times haha. Add me :P xo
*crash*~ ouch, 1 iphone sacrificed... Q皿Q
How do u post vids from YouTube 
Wei Guo
so cooooooool~~~~
Meh. Maybe take #239 would have been cleaner.
Instead of clicking play on all of the iPod or iPhone, why dont you use the iPod app called multivid, it made for iPod, iPhone or iPad and it sync all of them together so you can do stuff like that, but if you prefer saving storage and clicking them all, then use YouTube and play it on your device and then you can upload the full version on YouTube! My device hardly have space, so I prefer using YouTube! 
One more brilliant from this brazilian guy.
nobody asked the song name in 244 comment!!, i think im the only one that don't know this song.
very very cool!
Either these guys have a lot of time on their hands, or are decent at adobe after effects which would make this fairly simple to do.
OMG i no wat i want to do with my life :)
clever, and actualy looks geat, some ppl try to do this but fail sooooooooooooooo bad xxx
Are you still young?
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