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With a little help from filmmaker +Nirvan Mullick (, a little boy’s dream of running his own arcade has finally come true.
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And this is one example that proves social media is defining our lives and those around us. Kudos to +Nirvan Mullick, Caine and Caine's father.
I just saw that he's in LA! I just moved here. I'm going to GO!!!
Just donated $20 to his college fund. Go Caine! He's raised $93,229 when I gave.
Inspiring! I couldn't stop smiling. I'd definitely play at Caine's Arcade.
the video disappeared at the end :(
Inspirational... little kids have the best ideas!
Yeah, I wanna get back on the horse with my dreams b/c of this kid!
I love his imagination and creativity!!
Someone needs to get this kid into robotics/computer sci/engineering. lol He has the vision, and the passion. Just give him the skills. :D
Kudos to the kid and the dad that encourages him
I would like to go to his arcade!!!
If only reddit brought the whole town to my childhood kool aide stand.. haha
thats just so cool!!!!!! wish I lived there!!!!!!
Noah G
totally wanna do that!!!! so neat!!!! how much did he make?!?!? :) :) :)
Ruth H
Wow that is amazing
Awsome story. Caine and his arcade is what being a kid is all about.
can only imagine what Caine will be doing 20 years from now.... the next steve GO CAINE,,,YOU ROCK....
Oh my, you'd expect a grownup to be doing this...
world need more people like Caine, Nirvan Mullick, an Caine's Dad... Awsome people
This kid is awesome. As are the Dad and the filmmaker Nirvan
Jesus asked me how much I love Him so I spread my arms and said “This much”. I asked God how much He loves me. He spread his arms and said “This is how I died for you.”
This was really great to see. I am so happy for Caine. Way to go social media. P.S. Caine if your dad ever mentions the word rent close up shop and run!
im glad that the kid got some one to come he got alot more then some one
I dig this little guy. And I want a fun pass!
oh my goodness. this is the best thing i've ever seen!
Hopefully the state tax commission doesn't find this video
Thanks for sharing Nirvan.... Good Job Caine! I am excited to see your next great idea .... amusement park! =)
Wow !!! Thnx 4 putting up dis video . dis guy rocks .
I hope all the kids in his class see this and he will feel proud to wear his shirt to school!
That kids got more determination and passion than some adults I know.
Has he paid taxes for this? Is this regulated? Proper permit?
<Just trying to keep a kid down...> :P
future entrepreneur in the making
This makes me still have hope in humanity
This video sure made me proud of this kid's imagination and motivation. Great share!
Determination and brains will get you somewhere. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Thank you Caine.
That was the nicest thing sum1 could of done =D
Damn who is cutting all these onions!
this brightened up my day 1000%, fantastic:)
Josh M
imagination rules :) the next celebrity apprentice?
I love the film in its entirety...and special mention to the music and the exclusive song on caine. fantastic and touching move by the director. hats off dude....
future people to think diff and to make diff
Thanks +Nirvan Mullick for seeing the potential of this awesome kid. May you, Caine and his family be richly blessed! Warm greetings from South Africa.
This put a smile on my face. What a clever and creative child.
Saw this yesterday, that kid is awesome, you know he will grow up to be an engineer...
Keep it up dear kid. My best wishes is always with you.
He does need a MBA degree !!!
um vidio sobre um caroto muito enteligente costo dessas mentes. evoluidas.ok
I agree! It shows that anyone can dream and make it come true! Power of passion and motivation.
This kid will be one of the greats im forsure on that
caine is good example that kids have great ideas and i love it, may we can learn a lot from him, that the world is not only a cash game more to live your dreams and to have fun with it.
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