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Did you know you can change a link so a video will start at a certain point? Just click Share > Options on a video page or add #t= and the number of minutes and seconds at the end of the URL. For example, if I wanted to start at 4 minutes and 7 seconds, I'd add #t=4m7s and I'm done! So, say you wanted to skip straight to the part where the starved, foreign explorer freaks out over cheese puffs... bam:

Basic needs - extreme happiness

And guess what? If you're not scared of a little html, it works for urls within players you embed on blogs and websites too. Pretty sweet.

#YouTubeProTip courtesy of YouTube's Trends Manager +Kevin Allocca
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never knew how users did this and never really bothered to look it up. Awesome!
Mark Eyre
It's faster just to right click on the video as it's playing or paused to create a URL to that moment in the video.
+YouTube Any chance that an option will be added so we may choose the endpoint as well?
or you can just right click on the video itself and click copy URL for current time.
This is one of the best feature that Youtube provides for its users.
Sean S
It woud be nice if we could remove the time link within the comments of the video.
Let's say I put 5:30 in the comments but I wasn't referring to a certain time in the video, it creates a link anyways.
Sean S
When I watch vlogs, I tend to skip the boring parts.
You should give uploaders the ability to add marks within the timeline of a video and add a skip button on the player. Viewers can skip to the next part of the video.
Also, the left and right arrows on the keyboard should skip the video in smaller increments. I want to use the arrow keys to skip the boring parts but it tends to skip a large chunk of the video.
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What a cool way to listen to your fav beats/rhyme, etc
its kool and all but honestly ..who cares....
please someone tell me how this is helpful in anyway
+Damon Miller are you seriously saying you've never shared a video and said, 'skip to one minute' or something?
You can also play the video to a certain point, right-click on it, and click "Copy video URL at current time."
look at me i a 'YOUNG' person!!! hahahahahahahah!!! you youngsters are so easy to pull a fast one on!!!
No, I did not know that. And that is a fact :-P
That video called, "Basic Needs- Extreme Happiness", is so funny! XDDD
Great tip. Now why didn't I know that before?
This will come in handy if I ever do another interactive YouTube adventure!
yes, thanks for tips! great to know indeed!!!
+YouTube It would be awesome if you could add a URL tag to stop the video from downloading past a certain point.
Pretty much awesome! I didn't have any idea about this option
It's only Marmalade on the lense!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Also, you can right-click youtube player and select "Copy video URL at current time" and then just paste it where you want.
this coulod be useful one day!! :D
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
HTML scares the shit out of me, just these tags gives me nightmares when I sleep. I haven't had proper sleep in years. Thanks YouTube for solving my problem.
Frank G
surprise people don't know this stuff
nice youtube ha sinvaded Google+ WTF
one hundreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
Nice Tip. Thanks. XD
excellent now in two weeks when I need to find this where the hell will it be?
Oh, and if you want to skip the first 30% of the video, simply put &wadsworth=1 at the end of the URL. Wadsworth constant FTW!
Thanks for this post - interesting way of making use of Youtube to make a point.
wow, that is cool but the html part we could not figure out.
LOL. +YouTube secretly wanted to show us the
"Basic needs - extreme happiness"
video when he pulls out the bag of CheeseDoodles!
Brilliant Youtube!
This is awesome. It's easy enough to hit stop when you've seen enough but this option allows one to skip right to the targeted point of a video. Thanks for the tip!
how do you embed in hd?
(so that when you post the html on your blog it will play in hd)
yup, it's one of the main reasons i like YouTube :) #releasebrucewayne
This is an excellent tip. I plan to use this concept from time to time.
+Justin Shapkin
This has been a feature for quite some time...
Why would they remove such a simple, yet useful feature?
How can you share a video in a G+ post without the Title and Description showing up when you don't want to ruin the surprise??
I also would like to see an "Ends at" box, such that you would be able to share a particular clip of a video.
This is very helpful. Thank you!
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It would be much easier if you could pause at the desired point of linkage and have the customized URL created in the UI.
yeah, or it could be easier still if you could just think which bit you want it to start at, and google knows. And posts it for you.
YouTube is THE site for videos
You should add and option that will prevent the video from auto play that can be added to the http address.
ya i knew it since i started using youtube way back! but anyways thank for educating us... cuz some dumb people really need it.
I just noticed this on YouTube about 20 mins. ago.
Love it!
With great power... comes great responsibility. I could wreak havoc with this! >:-)
+Sidney Chirombo I can see you thinking up mischief already.
Amazing! Thanks Youtube
Brilliant. Could come in handy
....have been using it for a long time already
To bad that neither #t= nor ?start= work for youtube videos embedded in google+!
no i didnt but know when i know i can use it for my presentations and make it exactly as I want to. very good youtube thx :)
I'll share this with my friends, for better use of videos from you tube, thanks
Do you know how to slow a video down? I posted a video and someone said the text graphics scrolled too fast.
Why don't you guys address the real failings of your ui, before you do thinks like change the colors and add features?
is f*ng news guys... i use it apx. three months... :/
Its always nice to learn new things and features in something you've used for ages :)
hey people ive just started so im gunna be putting some vids on later so i will see u all later!!
That's awesome! I also like that you can see the comment that someone has responded to without having to search for it now.
What's up with the Browse page though? It changed a couple of months ago and it's horrible. Do I just have some weird view enabled where I can only see a couple of videos in browse when I select a category. And what happened to "News and Politics"?
Also, is there a way to change my default subscription view on the home page from "highlights" to "everything"?
Sean S
What happened to the cancel button when making a comment on a video?
YES ... but if You post this link ,, Your Video does not appear within the TL... +YouTube do You have a cure for this? MEAN SHORTNER LINKS
this is not html it's php this is called http , it may be a bug, i have already made a website i know what i am talking about
Thanks!  I wasn't sure how to combine this with HD but realized you don't need the "feature=player_detailpage" section in the url.
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