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Not too long ago, the video tape was the media of choice for living rooms around the world. In celebration of the 57th birthday of the first commercial video cassette recorder, check out a fun VHS mode for the YouTube player to relive the magic feel of vintage video tapes. On select videos, you'll find a VHS button in the bottom right of the player--just click to turn back the clock and enjoy the static and fuzzy motion of the VHS era.
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You should keep this as an option, not just temporarily.
Nostalgia at the press of a VHS button.  You have got to be kidding me?  LOL 
error starting tape mode. whats wrong with my pc ?
TOTALLY worth killing Reader for.

+Angyl Bender You think they killed Reader for the sole purpose of coding VHS mode? Somehow I don't think that's quite how it happened.
True, one guy's free time in the bathroom was probably re-devoted to ads rather than something passingly cute.
Can you point me to an example? Is there a way to adjust a video's URL to invoke VHS mode?
Gee, that's AWESOME!  Could you also set up something that causes static and flickering bands on my television when the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer are in use?

Seriously.  People spent creative energy on this?
I'm not seeing it on certain videos, is this an option that people need to enable? I'm going through my favorited videos and channels and so far only the TWiT ones seem to have it turned on.
Jose L.
you know, there's a whole generation of people that don't know what scanlines are.
rohan s
exactly  ha ha ha 
+YouTube is unfortunately in error in (currently) saying that the first commercial videocassette recorder is 57 years old.  In fact, that dates the first commercial reel-to-reel video recording system, the 2-inch tape quadruplex system from Ampex in 1956  The first commercial videocassette system dates to 1971, and was of course the Sony 3/4 inch U-matic system, which set the pattern for its smaller Betamax cousin some years later, and the competing (and as far as many of us are concerned) inferior VHS system shortly thereafter, both using 1/2 inch tape.  All of these formats are still in use.  I have two active U-matic systems, plus Beta and VHS, within a 10 foot radius of where I'm sitting right now, mostly for archival transfer purposes. I once visited the Sony lab in Tokyo where U-matic and Beta were developed many years earlier. Fascinating.
is it used only for clips 2013?
i tried with some older clips, but not any "tape video" icon
Thank you so much for picking that specific clip. The more see it, the better!
This is amazing, Please don't remove this feature like you do all the others (in fact bring all the others back too)
On every video i click on Tape Button "Erro starting Tape Mode" message popup. Anyone have the solution?
+Kashif Nawaz Take the Tape out, blow it, insert it again, clap on top of your VRC, now it should work!
Moving pictures and music will always be the most engaging thing ever invented. 
Please, let this be an option for all videos please?? I feel like my former eight year old self again. spiritual:-) O:-) 
I still have VCR. Panasonic NV-SD225, ready to work at any moment. And collection of VHS cassetes with movies.
I can still picture in my head that sign at a videotape rental shop: "BE KIND, REWIND!"
This totally should be permanent :D

It would be even more epic if after watching the video you had to move the "ball" to 0:00 (like you were actually rewinding)
Let's just ensure we get to do, what we wanna do.  No matter how much new technology is required.  Let's make it so that we can all do what makes us happy and keep the economy ticking along as well. Do you think you could arrange that, YOU TUBE? :)
how do i get to appear as it is not there on the videos i was told that it works on. 
+Malak Macabre You are so right! That is very true! Kids these days take things like this for granted! People rely way too much on technology!  
How do I know which specific video was selected? I would like to watch more videos than Daft Punk Pharrell SNL Ad
Try adding "&vhs=1" (without the quotes) at the end of the URL. Not joking.
Haha, nice one. I recommend pausing your video using this mode for more vhs madness.
didnt care for the betamax/vhs war, i was toohappy with my Video2000 with double sided 16 hr tapes :)
error starting tape mode
1st came the film (celluloid) scratches & pops.
2nd came the VHS static and distortion.
3rd came the digital pixelation.

If we can get all three going at the same time... that would really be something.  We won't see what it is!... but it'll really be something!
I do actually have a working VHS-player from Sony, with Turbo-Rewind that makes your floor shake! :-P

Maybe I should watch some tapes someday. ;-)
Is this down now? I tried it this morning and when I went to show some office mates just now it's nowhere to be seen.
+Kasper Nymand Ah yes... I remember "turbo-rewind".  You could easily jump back to the beginning of a movie in just 60 seconds.  Well, I guess it wasn't so much of a jump... more long a really long leap.  But it sure seemed fast at the time.
+Christopher Adams I wouldn't want to go back, but there was something magical.  It made it possible for the average Joe to own a copy of a film and watch it at whenever.  It was magic!
i keep getting the "error starting tape mode" message. is there a solution besides the "&vhs=1" solution?
Remember, we're celebrating broadcast quality video tape here!

That being said, does anyone know how to adjust the tracking on Youtube VHS mode? And why does Youtube keep flashing "12:00"?

Oh, forget it! Youtube just ate the VHS tape :-(
How about this little holes on the back to "release" any tension built up between the tape reels?

And how about those little tabs that pop out of the cassette to make it "read only"?  Remember changing your mind and putting tape over the hole so you could record again?

Good times.
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Even after 57 years, there are still people who don't know how to switch that damn thing ON!
Beautiful marvelous attractive fabulous children like this picture.
I tried that URL trick but it did not work
That example image is more like "My VCR is full of dust, and tape damaged", since a real vcr wont have lines more than 1-2 pixels out.
error loading tape mode
Hugh S
Lame lame lame.....
i loved this feature, we can have it permanently, maybe in future? :)
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