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Boston Dynamics reveals a new robot that can fling heavy objects, using human motion as a model.
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"I, for one, gladly accept the rule of our new robotic overlords"
The machine should store information on previous objects to guess what the mass & weight is to be able to stabilize quicker or as it picks up the object. A laser scanner could also help with this as it could sniff the spectrum of the wave light bouncing off and then have data archived for that overall item's mass and then scan size to get weight. That would allow it to pick it up and stay stable at the same time.
Metal gear is hulking out... Run for the hills.
Full circle...we are back to catapults!  Just kiddin' this is way cool!  I've been watching Boston Dynamics for some time and the work they do is fascinating.
it would make a fantastic guard dog 
+jayh c Because nature is a far better engineer than we are at this point in time
Just think if people have already done this imagine a freking super robot that malfunctions and kills us all!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Beaucoup de bruit pour peu de chose !...
why don't you put a human in a tin block and say its a robot 
but still what type of database do you use 

and can i have the program in its mc
this thinga ma jinga robot is that tough? put it in the ring with floyd mayweather, jr ha!
Yeah and 5 years from now they will post a video showing this beast running down one of us and proceeding to rip our body in half....Skynet and Terminators may be the stuff of movies for the moment, but 10, 15, 20 years from now?  Wait till they make Drones fully autonomous and one "mistakenly" targets a civilian population.  It will happen....
d is denk ik dat van de orlog is op karowiet ge keeken
less simple in robot form
because robots too much motion
Did YouTube just reply to a comment on YouTube about a company that it's master Google bought?
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