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Is summer starting to seem like an endless bummer? Maybe you need a hover board.
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asd col
hello iam melad from lebanon
Fake. Hoverboards don't work on water
Final cut king, I just know. 
EDIT, Without watching the vid, by their faces.
those are awesome, the only drawback is they don't work on water obviously. They are really fun
that is so fake if that was only in real life it would be great because they is maybe on some strings
aww i want 1 now and a time traveling delorean
WAIT!  Hoverboards don't work on...Ah, nevermind.  I'll just go take a seat over there-------->
Hover boards don't work over water. Everyone knows that.
i wonder what would've happened if the hoverboard the cat was on drifted into the middle of the pool ^^
nah i will stick to my lawn darts whoop whoop.
cool what that's really cool that's crap you farts
Hoverboards don't work on water... unless you've got POWER.
Why don't hover boards work on water...?
I'm sure a light saber would cut your mother in law in half if you tried
but wait hoover boards don't work on water.
this is pretty funny... 0.03 day money back guarantee
Add some fun into your schedule with Hoverboarding!
Really. How many idiots are going to believe this works? Looks like quite a few! Lmfao
Are those paint can lids that they glued on the bottom of those boards?
That is so funny how many people remember that Hover board's don't work over water. I completely forgot!
haha it said 2-6 years delivery
How do I remove 'what's hot' from my stream? (on ios device)
If these were real you couldn't make them fast enough to keep up with the demand!
This will come soon... The most awaited hoverboard will be come to life soonest as we thought.
With all hightech people have now this is likely possible 😊
The only problem with hoverboards over water is lack of propulsion (and that could be remedied by carrying an oar). 
i know at the end they show the green screen 
Yeah its fake, thats why it has a behind the scenes video.
Correction, only the Pitbull model works over water!
ok i agree this is stupid but it would be cool if it worked
damn i would love to have one if they were real Q_Q
that is awsome i want one if they were real
get my hopes up and then drop me off a cliff of lies
I'm calling BULLSHIT.  It's not 2015 yet, and...

Scroll down----------V

Wait for it....

Wait for it...


I want one! Does it have a weight limit? Not that I fat but my bones are big?
How do we know it isn't special effects?!
How do we know I'm not captain America 
I didn't know attaching two paint can lids to a board could make it float!  I'll brb
I can't see how some think this is actually real... Watch the whole thing
this is fake u can tell strings $19.95 for a fake hoover board these guys are dumb
Hover boards are so 1985.  Yet, I'd order one if they offer Yesterday Shipping! ;)
I know this is fake but it's SO AWESOME
Not thrilled! Is this the SYFY channel? LOL
Jig Per
lol...they deliver in 2 - 6 years. lol great commercial. 
But hover boards can only fly/float inside the Film Studios of Hollyweed in California. Then you will have to pay a California tax for not using gravity as nature designed it to work,
"McFly you bojo those boards dont work on water!"
"Unless you got power!"
If only you didn't use greenscreens, I might have believed it
This look like one of those Saturday morning commercials.
2-6 years? ok, will hold you to that.
But seriously though, if this was real who wouldnt get one?
+Peter Bailey Fake. Hoverboards are fake. And they did in Back to the Future. Back to the Future invented the concept, or at least made it famous.
i don't believe in this shit
can you actaly float? nice job
i remember movie "back to the future 2" hoverboard
Those are fakes. Everyone knows hover boards don't work on water.
Everyone old enough* knows hover boards don't work on water.
And to think that +YouTube is going to start a channel service. Thanks +YouTube for sucking the intelligence from humanity one video at a time.
i agree the world is not going to end in 2012 thats DUM!!
Why didn't you paddle over water. I've seen it before
It's winter... For us people down south anyway.
that was funny man and sick I want one and give hover fives
Dylan W
I do need a hover board! finally!
Once a liar always a liar,politics is not dirty, it is politician like Romney thay makes it dirty
you bozos! hoverboards don't work on water! Unless you've got POWWWEER!!!
Uhhh they were just on water bro...
Theyre hoverboard masters obviously
Jeff L
So cheesy and so cool at the same time
Someone should just make a zip line tethered to a hover board. glide downhill with twists and land. NO WATER.
I ordered one hope it other broke I jumped off my roof on the ground and snapped...
u should start selling them...its awesome
Dont you know hoverboards dont work over water!!!!  Cool anyway
hover board high five. lol!
It's cool but it's false!
Epic video. Nice job. The please allow 2-8 years for delivery part is the perfect touch. And to think people actually debate whether this is real or not. Roflmao
its realy fun....
Please god make this happen !! That day I believe pigs can fly :)

Look every one need one !! It's fake you idiots 
bout damn time. they only had 3 years left. now wheres my hovercar?
What if it runs out of batteries during flight.
2 years left... Where can I buy the real Hover board?
i want it..........!!!
r those real!? probanly not.
Ian Ma
That's my birthday gift :D
Rich kids with some free time, expensive visual editing software, a nice video camera.  Filmed on the property of rich parents who live in  a nice big house on the hills and a giant swimming pool.
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