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“One good thing about music: When it hits you feel no pain.” -Bob Marley
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Clearly receptive apahsia and some possible ataxia of speech. Incredible. I have seen this happen with Showtunes in my own grandmother's retirement care residence in recent years...
Saw this a couple of days ago, it really is fantastic... Just shows that these oldies are still with us, they just need a bit of good old music in their lives... And I don't mean skrillex...
And this, my friends, is why music should have never been done solely for profit...

Absolutely beautiful!
KILL me - for real and without mistake - before I get to this point. This is not "beautiful" - this is not "quality" of life - this is desperate, this is sad, and this is a cry for completion.
I think this is amazing and it brought tears to my eyes

The "beautiful" part is the effect of music...the power it holds.

I am, however, with you in regards to not wanting to experience this pragmatic paralysis. Although this, too, has a level of beauty in it, it is not something that I want to must be absolutely disappointing to go from dancing in the rain to stiffly sitting restrained...
Very nice, we all need it, especially when I listen to worship music it takes me to the throne room of God.
It does Joel but its even much better when you sing to the lord with passion and understanding with all your heart.
That is so cool! :) Never would have guessed that music could do that to a person!!!
Good video but shameless Apple plug
That is a great story SN: why did they take you tab off of my Google+ home page????? I need that back!!! Please!!!
Power of music and simple/finer things. Awesome!
This is a story I will share with everyone I know
Ipod,Ipod fuck Ipod it's the music not the Ipod
Nice to see this guy back with us, albeit temporary
Awsome story :) music is healing !! :)
Please answer me and be honest are you a boy or a girl
Wow people say music is the door way to your heart well this proves its true
This reminds me of 'The Notebook'. Except he's revived within a few minutes through music instead of a long romantic story of his youth.
Oh my gosh! This is sooo wonderful! Music makes me feel love too. I love drum n bass and I could be in the worst mood or on my death bed, if you play me some good dnb, I will come alive!!! Love this story. Amen!
If music is what makes you feel love well I pity you because then without music in your eardrum you don't feel love in other words you're not one to love because if you don't express love,you can't feel loved!what a bondage
Makes me wonder why the nursing home hadn't bothered switching on the radio once in a while or playing tapes or cds. Yeah, it was cool giving that chap an ipod to listen to music but perhaps they should reflect upon their neglect up to that point rather than patting themselves on the back for such an "eureka" moment after so long!
Awesome! I work with the elderly. Really appreciate this!
beautiful hope more people get this chance with music because music inspires
+Devid Pavliček The ipod lets the person have the music that means the most to them - that is why they respond so favorably - it's music that really means a lot to them. I'm not a tech person at all. Probably there are other makers of similar products. But the ipod does the job.
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