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So many seconds in a day! Are you spending yours wisely?
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I'm sending this to my kid..thanks
wtf is up with his face..
He kept saying 84 600.  It should be 86 400.  /pedantic

Good video.
+Dustin Boyd Exactly my thought. But then my math is a little bit rusty so I'll just believe whatever numbers they are throwing at me.
Very logical way of explaining the value of life. Every second counts.
i feel inspired, i hope i can overcome my father's debt, get in a university, earn a degree and start a career.18 isnt a bad age to b a man either
The way he explained it was awful. If one had $86,400 today and knew that he/she would get the exact same amount tomorrow, it wouldn't make a difference if they wasted it or not bc it's all coming right back the next day. 
WOW!!! AWESOME.... Very True.
Another way to look at it (time)... Nice... truly inspiring...
I agree and support the guy 100% for what he said but after knowing he killed his mother at the age of 16?! Fuck you dude . I sincerely hope you learned from that mistake and made yourself a better person. Good luck and stay strong
Wonderful! Thank you for this.
+Johnson Chen You may want to slow down a touch there. The grammar is a bit vague, but it just notes "After the murder of his mother..." This just states that his mother was murdered when he was 16, not that HE murdered his mother. Granted, its vague enough that it could have been the case that he killed his own mother and the video's producers should have been clearer on that (e.g. "after his mother was murdered when he was just 16"), but jumping to an immediate "fuck you" based on that line is a bit much...
God bless you man... $86400 in ma account daily
G Tulum
beautiful words!!
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