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In case you missed it last night, here’s the full version of President +Barack Obama's victory speech. 
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Congratulations on the win Mr. President and congratulations to the electorate for resisting the urge to block reform and instead choosing to continue the work started by this administration.
+Jared Steadman - the election is over, republicans lost this round.  no need to keep on trolling.  Grow up.
No thanks +Jared Steadman, I'm actually fine thanks.
Alexander Kotukhov all you said was
Александр Котухов
Все, что вы сказали было прочитать мою анкету.
Congratiulations, Mr. President. Hopefully, you will now be able to work together with the republicans.
so happy that he won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Well.. looks like its time to move to Canada...
+Jared Steadman - Really, because judging from the posts on this thread everything was fairly calm until you started trolling.  Interesting how you changed that last post from "SUCK IT!" to a comment on the president's speech after people started calling you out on your behavior.  As I said before, grow up.

EDIT:  I see you've now deleted your post all together.  Nice revisionism.
sigh  trying to talk with democrats is like trying to break down a brick wall, with your head.  you don't make any progress and you get a headache. :)
The Republicans are very sore losers. They built their campaign on discrediting and disparaging the other party. You cannot win an election that way. Karma is a b... ;-)
The elections are finally over!....time to go to work repairing this great nation,despite all the bipartisan bickering & political posturing!
ok i'm done.  no one is going to change their minds so just freaking STOP!!!!!!!!!! :)
+Jeffrey Miller ya know what you freaking mama's boy? way don't you get out of her basement and grow a freaking pair!!! you are just a hater. you always will be. i am (trying) to end it. so freaking drop it!!!  
+Aaron Crowder and if you wanna go grammar nazi... You have a sentence fragment, it should've been "Maybe you should learn some basic grammar and spelling before you decide to insult someone's intelligence"

Obama is a fast reader.  Tele-prompter reading is a skill in itself!
No thanks sameas 2008 unfilled promises again. Didn't miss anything the speech, free speech even if lie AS. Really HM? TL got it right. GW freedom of speech not surppression as you see fit. CM democrats did same only more yes KARMA it can bit too. To bad trying to work togeather is a major problem for my way or highway mentality by many selfish people in gov.
Lets hope together that the two predominate parties can work together now.....wouldn't that be nice......However, the republican game plan will most likely consider their priority not the immediate concern over effective government but merely discredit this administration....
+alireza hajnaseri Check the count again - Obama is ahead in the popular vote.  When you checked, some big Obama areas (in CA, etc.) hadn't reported their votes.  There's sometimes a mismatch between PV and EV, but not this time.
AH got that right, dummys think they'r vote elected Obama. Same teabaggers they hate got Ob in.
I hate ignorant people. Obama has been re-elected so please stfu and stop being racist because I bet plenty you wouldn't dare speak such ignorance towards a group of black people face to face let alone one. Stop getting hype over the internet. Have a nice day.
Congrats... But lets look ahead. Get us back on track. Stop spending. Sensible tax code. Put people back to work. 
I am personally happy to have President Obama for another term. There are major differences between a business and a Government..(especially that of the USA's) I don't think Romney would agree with that statement....However, I think Obama would...ah....hope!
Congrats to both.....but Yeah Obama!!!!!!
I am not from USA, but i think Barack Obama was (and will be) a good president.
Besides it makes more sense for the wealthy (people who have it) to pay more instead of the less fortunate (people who don't). Saying it the other way around is a ridiculous statement with that being said congratulations President Obama on four more years. Have a nice day.
Congratulations. Can you now work on world peace and prosperity.
Your victory like Jai shree Ram /jail Hanuman
Are you willing to be that selfish for your country? When you speak of the United States do you speak with we or they? The less fortunate have been suffering more than enough its time the wealthy contribute besides making their life better at the expense of others.
i'm not American but don't know why I'm happy for this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America is America with Ob or Without, I respect nation having stipulated Constitution work & respected no matter who is there and I hope the same for my country 
+Jared Steadman What a shame it is for you that internet comments will never in the foreseeable future be removed, because you will look back when you have grown up and gotten a more diverse scope of how things work in this world and regret making yourself look so simple.
you ppl are so dunce to the real issues.. the problem is the Government as a whole leading us down the wrong path on purpose with their hidden agendas..
The problem is you listen so much to what you hear versus understanding truth in this matter. Nice try.
+Nathan Johnson youre right everyone has their own right to express thier opinion and i think youve made yours clear. were just doing the same by saying we support obama. no rasicm included
The measure of a society is how willing it is when it comes to the less fortunate......we need taxes.......more of them actually....
hes gonno paint the white house black
Okay these comments are just getting overly ignorant and I refuse to lower my intellect just to read those statements. Good day to you all.
Dear Jory Irwin moving to Canada is not a good idea for you, they have universal health care, "weak" foreign policy, fair taxes, lots of human rights. Lol. Everything republicans don't like. 
Dear Nathan Johnson, republicans, like their voting base, only have a GED, General Education Deficiency. And the debt was caused by republicans.
+Jose Gomez  It may be worth noting that a political party only has scope to action policies that may or may not have a hidden agenda over a 4 year period. Entities such as corporations on the other hand are constant with long term strategy in mind and more likely to be attributed to conspiracy of the common man. Be aware that political parties are reactive, not proactive.
+Jared Steadman There is a saying when 2 people always agree, you don't need 2 people.  Disagreement is healthy for democracy and you try to resolve it through discussion.  And if you can't come to an agreement, you put it to a vote and accept the results.  That's what I did when Bush was appointed to presidency 8 and 12 years ago.

Continuing to whine and bitch like you are doing is why you are a troll.
+Nathan Johnson Still, Romney will not be any better plus america has already voted. All we can do now is wait and see what happens.
Damn yes we beat that bitch Romney 
Another four miserable years with this racist freak...Good Job America!
+Nathan Johnson Because of his quote.  "Corporations are people... Money that goes to corporations ultimately goes to people".  He's talking about trickle down economy.  We gave that a chance for many many years.
+Cendrine Marrouat Sore losers against who?Your brief bliss will come back on you very soon.You lazy fools have to have work ethic/not cheat to be worthy of us being "sore losers."This is only a battle
+Piero Lecca I would agree with this, citing reference to the British conservative government who I did not vote for but now have - Labor who resided as the dominant political party in Parliament did a lot to bring the United Kingdom to their knees in terms of debut and quick fixes of the like which lead to every other country owning most of our public services, gas, electricity and water.

the UK is undergoing very similar reforms of spending which ironically start out with higher expense in the beginning, the results will not be observed within 4 years - not a chance.

+Nathan Johnson You need to look into Mitt Romney's financial history as a governor in more detail.
lame you should be lame orma
You Can't Expect Barack Obama To Fix The Economy In Four Years It's Just Not Possible It's Going To Take Us More Then That To Fix What Bush Messed Up 
I just PRAY (yes PRAY to GOD) that Obama will do what he said, unlike these past 4 yrs. of Vacation , wasting money on himself and family just to go to a public theater or McDonalds using Secret Service, snippers, plains just to protect himself as well as his family!!! I hope United States is prepared to pay for Hospital/Health Insurance rather you can afford it or NOT. I hope United States elders is just allowed to die as Obama has said, people just think of your Grandparents/Parents or whomever is Elder God Bless them ! I Pray to GOD this does not happen with our Elders! Oh, and another thing Obama said was Our Military should obtain Health/Hospital Insurance because after all they are Volunteers.If this was the case then why can our Military not just say "Oh, by the way i QUIT" That is NOT the case , GI does stand for Government Issue. I Pray he does better this go round, For the United States of America.
+Nathan Johnson Have you forgotten the rule of democracy? Majority rules! And the majority of america trusts and belives in obama so there is a higher chance of obama keeping his promises and creating a better country for all of us. If america somehow happens to be unsatisfied with obama as our president (which i doubt will happen) then they will speak out and stand up for their freedom. like i said lets wait and see what happenes. america already voted and we cant change the past.
congrat mr president barack obama u ar de best.........
People Are Forgetting That Barack Obama Is Not The One Who Caused The Economic Down Fall But There To Blind To Put The Blame Where It Belongs! Stop Blaming Him He Was Handed The Economy The Way It Is! 
congrats to him. a soft personality
He Proved It His First Time It Has Changed It May Not Be As Fast As You Would Like It Too But He's For The People Unlike Romney Who Was For Himself 
+Nathan Johnson Obama inherited the mess when Bush JUST created the mess.  Which means the effect was gonna last at least couple years into Obama's terms.  You mean you didn't even know that?  At the time, experts were talking about great depression which didn't happen.
+Christia Charna there is plenty of blame, but I know where you are going with this (along with most everyone else).  When does Obama get to take full responsibility?
The mess has been at least 60 years in the making, with bi-partisan contributions along the way.
Well, this failed economy has been good for me. I own two homes because of Obama's failure to manage a country. In four more years, I should own at least two more. So keep up the good work Hussein Obama. Mr. BS President, you have made an ass out of all these f***ing losers who voted for you, how will you f**k them next? Forward 2012....lolol.... And the sheeple swallow your load again...lolol
Boo Obama!!! Go Romney! NoBama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It cannot be any worse than what Bush & idiots like Romney did to your country during 2 terms...but the kicker is the american people reelected Bush for a 2nd term!!   Least you can do is give the guy an honest chance to turn this mess around.  (one the GOP created) 
We joked that we'd have a drinking game, one drink for every non-white person we could see in Romney's audience.  Nobody bothered to get up to get a bottle of anything.
Its the same campaign speech from 2010, just beginning again with bigger debt and no solutions
+Nathan Johnson Would you care to explain your views in any gratifying level of detail? To make sweeping statements such as America is doomed and (over) Half of America are quite ignorant may have merit to it if you were to conflate the said statements with reasoning. Or perhaps you are just butthurt, as 4chan would put it.
You haven't noticed, the whole world is in a mess. You gonna blame that on President Obama too?

It's going to take years! A decade or so, IF the military abstain.

Another 4yrs for do-nothin-president..well done electing an empty chair. 
Obama is playing a game that few can play, the game of being the President. His first 2 years, his party had all the power yet did none of what was promised. The last 2 years, the Democrats blamed the newly Republican controlled House with the lack of "change". These next 4 years will truly test Obama. Can he bring the 2 sides together? Baby steps Mr. President.
The other side thinks you are ignorant too. Who is right then? You will say you are. The other side says they are. Who is right then? The cycle repeats forever. The only absolute, factual and undeniable truth is that more than 50% of the voters believe that the ignorant one is you.
"Technology is great, you get to spew hate without a face....". If you feel strongly enough, maybe you should post a public YouTube video of yourself reading your comments for everyone to see. #HAVESOMEBALLS
Thank goodness this stuff is over. Now can we have peace and tranquility!
The "mess" that Bush created was actually Clinton's doing, Bush just got stuck with the failing economy, and the War on Terror. Clinton had multiple chances to stop 9-11 from happening. Bush had to become the security president. Now Obama, is getting a second turn to destroy America, he is a socialist, and a threat to freedom. The omly bigger threat is the Lies that have been fed to the American People for years! We are a Christain nation, and in the late 40's and Early 50's socialist got schools to except books that would tell a history from an atheist stan point. Sence then people do not know the actual battle cry, "No king but King Jesus!" And that I think it was 8 of the signers of the Decleration on Independence were Prodestant Pastors! We need to look back and find where America Stopped being herself.
congratulations AMERICA, for being brave, he's the man who said, there will be accountability, and transparencey. thank you Mr president Barack Obama. Shine your light on all that is dark and hidden from the world.   awe ra best fay bonnie Scotland
Victory speech was good. Way to go Pres. Obama
+Nathan Johnson "I bet Obama will still be blaming Bush in 2016."
And I bet you will still be whining in 2016.
hahhahahahaahahahaaahahaha!!  Tim, that was funny. :)
Jc Hale
I will not listen to lies
+Jory Irwin really move to Canada??. You obviously dont know anything about Canada... They look like commies compared to Democrats.... A socialist country that CARES that their citizens have EQUAL health care and education.....  Ignorance is bliss !!!
We might as push the blame all the way back to George Washington.
Raj k
Dear conservatives.  I think its good you have this forum to vent your frustrations.  I hope that you move beyond to becoming contributing members of society again as opposed to the obstructionist nonsense we've been getting for the last 4 years.  America is in a better place than it was 4 years ago and think of all we can achieve working together in the next 4 years and beyond.  It's our country not yours or mine.  Let's work together to improve it
TJ Lee
Can we find out now who was watching the murders in Benghazi happen and who did nothing to send help? I'd really like to know who did that now that really important stuff like campaigning for election is over. 
I'm glad all Obama won. I can get my free Medicaid and food stamps I'll have to look for a job anymore I want to watch Big Bird all day. And my girlfriend need some birth control. Thank you Obama you gotta take care of us. 
you dont know what you fucking talking about
Listen to these poor baby Republican's, obstructionism didn't work out too well for you did it?! Keep it up and well have eight more years. Grow up Republicans Grow up!
Are you a millionaire or billionaire +Graden Guynn? Do you have any concept of how an economy works? Are you also aware that the United States is not the center of the universe and coexists on this planet with hundreds of other sovereign nations? There's nothing wrong with you being upset that your rich uncle Mitt did not win, but at least make comments that have a level of intelligence.
+Graden Guynn Yea, let's see.  So let's wait until then.  Then you can say "I said so".  But just be quiet until then.

I don't agree with everything Obama does.  I didn't expect him to get reelected either.  This was Republican's election to lose and boy did they lose big time by putting out a loser through primary.  Romney's quote "Corporations are people.... money that goes to corporations ultimately goes to people".  Trickle down economy?  You gotta be kidding me.
And just in case anyone else missed it, here's Romney's concession speech. It was actually quite good. If you want to complete your presidential election experience now's your chance since I doubt it will make the Hot list.
Just hope I still have a job for four more years
i don't meen to be mean but i don't really like him he seems nice but i don't beleive in wat he beleives in.
I won't see it. It's not a victory. 
To all Obama detractors.. I really feel sorry that you can't get past your own dislike for the man and truly hear the hope and promise and truth in his words. I hope you will all seek to convince your Republican  representatives to work with his Administration. If they do.. I'm positive that you will see amazing results, an end to your fiscal problems, and a return to the America OF the People, FOR the People, and BY the People.
He believes in America... do you not believe in America? Shame on you.
its sad that the gop is still not willing to work with Obama. just look at the few Rep. that have made statements an video. new app and more. just look at what Herman Cane is say. look at the market. As if Romany would have had better open day at the market and that it was  going to be a new era. people plz lets work as one.  this year election is like and marriage. always talking listening and finding a common ground to get the house in order like real married folks do. hope the house and senate can work as one and work with the Obama
"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the 'new, wonderful, good society' which shall now be Rome's, interpreted to mean: more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton and the certain knowledge that an economic downturn was heading our way.  It was part of the business cycle, exacerbated by greed and the risky behavior that accompanies it, and Bush chose to address it by cutting taxes for the wealthy, while declaring war on two fronts.  Please tell me how that is either Bill Clinton's or Barack Obama's fault?  For the last four years, Republicans have chosen to block everything they could, including their own initiatives, that might have helped this country recover, because their priority was to defeat Obama in this election.  If they would have behaved like previous "losers" in the presidential election, they would have worked to get some of their issues passed, while working with the guy voters chose to run the country to get some of his issues passed.

And please.  Keep your religious views to yourself.  Both the Constitution and the Bible prohibit mixing politics and religion.  This country was founded on freedom of religion, including freedom from religion.  I don't remember how many of the founding fathers were also atheist and I don't care.  I'm tired of fighting this stupid fight about religion.  If you want to teach your kids science out of the Bible, you go right ahead.  To me, it's like looking for phone numbers in the dictionary.  America stopped being America when it turned it's back on immigrants, when it exchanged compassion for those in need for "get mine while I can" greed, when people decided it didn't matter if what they said was true, as long as they gained some advantage from it and surely to God, when they say out of one side of their mouths that they support the troops, but deny them the help and support they need after returning from the battlefield.  When we stopped supporting the Statue of Liberty's "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free" and started tuning in to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, we lost what it means to be American.   
Whoop Em Romney Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are where we where...actually the pop vote was almost 50-50..he didnt get a real mandate..hes going to have to be comprimizing...better than having Romney thou
go obama! i didnt even watch the video :P
Whoop!!!! he's about to get him some pussy 2 nite!!! LOL
Hope: dashed.  Promises: broken.  What's left, other than cynicism and awe a just how stupid the american public truly is?
Gas shoots up the day after and your 401k just took a hit... You've been duped. By the way... Clinton was controlled by the Republican Congress. Obama had two years with Democratic Congress... And Barney Frank was in charge of Fannie Mae... The worst offender in the financial crisis. 
GOP:  This might be a good time to reconsider the media outlets you trust.  Hint:  THEY LET YOU DOWN ... BIG TIME   ... You just got run over and conservative media failed to keep you informed.
Romney lost the state he was born in and state he governed.  And VP candidate Ryan's home state.  During the debate, he made it sound like people of Massachusetts worshiped him.  What happened?  And they were gonna help this country?  GOP needs serious help themselves.
President Obama: I believe we can build on the progress we've made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunity and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn't matter whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try.


I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We're not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions, and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America.
+Tim Enslow A few fixes for your future rants: Declaration of Independence, Protestant, 'only', and 'stand'.
Well done Mr. President! I am looking forward to the next 4 years of your second term. I am very happy about the outcome of this Election. I know you will put all your strength and passion into action in order to further the well-being of our Nation.
You forgot 'One Nation Under GOD'
An Open Letter To Obama Voters
     So you voted for Barrack Obama, again, to be our President and you're celebrating your victory today. You're emailing and calling all your Conservative friends and rubbing it in, as if it were a sporting event in which you each supported different teams. But it's not a sporting event, it's the fate of our country that hung in the balance of this election. You made your choice against traditional American values as outlined by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but in doing so you have also earned the responsibility to explain your decision to your children and grandchildren.
     Someday you must explain to your children and grandchildren why over 70% of their earnings are being confiscated by the federal government to pay for health care and other social programs. Additionally, you will have to explain to them why their grandparents and great-grandparents are being rationed to death by a health care system that now allows bureaucrats to choose who lives and who dies. You must explain why as Americans, even if we had the money, we can no longer travel anywhere abroad for fear of being kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists. You must tell your children and grandchildren that the decision you made in the 2012 Presidential election has lead to the terrorist attacks they now have to endure as they live their daily lives. Your children and grandchildren will know that it was your decision to re-elect Barack Obama that has caused a high percentage of their peers to be without work most of their adult lives, requiring them to live off a tiny pittance provided by the government. You will have to explain to your children and grand-children that in the free days of their country, people had access to as much energy as they wanted, anytime they wanted it and didn't have their energy rationed to them by the federal government. You, and you alone, will have to explain to your children and grandchildren why, when the liberty that heroes of the past spilled their blood to defend, you couldn't summon enough courage to vote in defense of that liberty. You will have to explain to your progeny why you chose the empty promises of a nanny-state over the liberty and prosperity of an opportunity society.
     Someday, if your ignorance hasn't completely blunted your senses, you will realize that this one decision will have had dire consequences that will span generations. You will have to explain to your children and grand-children that the liberty and prosperity enjoyed by over 200 years of Americans, was voted away by you for purely short-term and selfish reasons. God help you when your children and grand-children look at you with despair in their eyes and ask why you condemned them to a dark and desperate future where their only subsistence depends, not on their own ambition and drive, but on crumbs from an ever-expanding government. This is the country and the world you have left, not only for your own descendants, but for the descendants of all Americans. So celebrate your grand accomplishment. How does it feel?
Congratulations sir now that u have entered in ur last term please try to make best out of it that is what people around the world r expecting from u.
Mr. Obama's reelection, or for that mattter if Mr. Romany would have won, just shows that most people do not understand what is at stake is a way of life.  A way of life in which the goverment gets it power from the people, not where the goverment gives rights to the people.  Both of these men believe in a big central groverment, true reform will not come until "We the People" decide to rein in the goverment and stop expecting that we are ENTITLETED to a house, health insurance, a college education and so on.
Obama, was probley wishing he could get voted out. So he could go on his merry oh way now and be taken care of the rest of his life for doing nothing.
+Tyler L. 

Can you cite sources where you have got the following information from:

"over 70% of their earnings are being confiscated by the federal government to pay for health care and other social programs. "

-This I find hard to believe, the UK National Health Service is free for UK taxpayers who pay some of the highest levels of tax which is no where near 70% of our income. If what you say is true I really, really want to know more.

"we can no longer travel anywhere abroad for fear of being kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists."

-This was in part the case since Bill Clinton was in office. Americans can travel anywhere, and most of 'anywhere' does not result in murder by Islamic Extremists, even in countries extremists are associated with.

"the 2012 Presidential election has lead to the terrorist attacks they now have to endure as they live their daily lives."

-What?! What evidence do you have your hands on that predicts further terrorist attacks based on this election. Please hit me up with this reading material.

Also. "liberty and prosperity enjoyed by over 200 years of Americans, was voted away by you for purely short-term and selfish reasons."

This is just an opinion held by yourself. Liberty as most people know it has not been part of America's history for 200 years.

Cant cite your sources you pull this information from?

Go home and be a family guy.
OMG When did this happen!? I fell asleep last night in the USA and wake up in the United Socialist States of America?

I can't believe this! so your telling me my kids will still have healthcare plus i get to claim them for a tax credit?  I get to keep the brand new, better paying job I just got? And it cant be true that the value of my house has actually increased since i bought it 4 years ago with the help of his first time buyers tax credit?

And dont even get me started on the gays and potheads!

Obama's Socialist agenda has to be stopped! He is making my life easier but I want to be challenged!
I vote for a economy that will economize and preserve its goods rather than produce cheap crap to turn a profit, nobody can fix America, this guy is just lucky he gets to be a celebrity for four more years and no I didn't vote for either candidates
Very well done President Obama. I have been with you the whole way. 
+Christia Charna will you still blame Bush in 2016? Your democrats were.the catalysts for much of this mess. Bush sure didn't help, but TARP, housing bubble mortgage crisis, etc were pushed by dems... Look it up... Get your facts... Silly statements regurgitated mindlessly will get us no where...
Well done, that man! 
SJ face it its you that wants race as issue ignorant . Have nice day fool my nephew is just as black as you. More free bee want a bees, wait you'll see. Don't care for his lack of leadership. Be careful for what you wish for. 
SO with him as president we are soooo SCREWED!!!
Glad this is over and the right candidate won ! This marks end of political ads, don't have to reach for the mute button anymore until '16
For all of you sore losers you came,you saw,you got your ass waxed,get over it.You've been On a sourgrape diet for four years,the grapes are about to turn into prunes. Do yourself a favor eat a few take a good dump,and start the next four years with some new shit,the old load stinks to high heaven,get over it,you lost,grow a pair and move on,LMMFAO!!!
Obama is going to ruin America!
well done Obama thanks for blowing off the republicans . thank you you fool!!! :(
Reps didn't lose, the people lost. Be prepared for four more years of wars, losses of civil liberties and all we can do is HOPE that by 2016 people will be angry enough with the gov't to actually vote in REAL change, not two peas from the same pod (ie. Dems or Reps, controlled by the same corporate interests).
+Maurice James The great thing about G+ is that it is so easy to block those people. It's one of the many reasons the discourse here is so much more civil than say on Youtube or Facebook.
+Christia Charna, in the words of a former Democrat POTUS, Harry Truman, "The buck stops here."  I do not hear this type of mentality from Obama, his administration or his supporters (Fast & Furious, Benghazi attacks?). You want to give Obama all the praise but none of the responsibility.  Leadership is about dealing with everything that is put in front of you, good and bad because you cannot possibly control everything that occurs in the world.  I ask you again, when does Obama take responsibility for this economy?
I agree, Alex. Yes, he's going to ruin America for the opportunists that have no problems raping their own people for a profit. 
I am sadden to see how the left can be such sour winners if only they had half the class that Romney had in his loss (this is not directed at all on the left just the ones that are calling others names and acting like children) 
Yhea buddy!!!!we made it happen.feel me.!!!
Is it jus me o is evry white person shit faced lmao
Cry babies...!!

Boo hoo I did no win....!!  I want my mommy....
Get over it people......
its not about Dem and Rep. its the Government as a whole.. they want you to bicker about dumb things like this.. you seriously think its all in the hands of one person? how dunce can you be? do you people even care that the government is taking away your Constitutional rights little by little?
MS its already started. BC you sure? Don't worry about Romney he did nothing to you. Worry about Obama and what his going to do. The first american black man to be elected president, oh poor guy i feel sorry for him lets keep him in cause i feel sorry for him. Sad reality. This next year will tell the truth behind his agendes. Hope he doesn't get us all killed like boarder agents and ambassador. We'll see.
Congrats to Obama, he even broke his own lying record. Congrats to the liberals, who were so brainwashed that they had to have 4 more years. Congrats to America, now we can be just like Saudi Arabia, just like you wanted. Congrats to the Muslims, now they can come in and destroy all of our buildings, and STILL have Obama's blessing. Congrats to  Frito-Lays, now their sales will skyrocket in Colorado.
Congrats to Big bird, who now has more importance in our Country than the Bald Eagle. Congrats to Outer Space, now it will have no more humans in it. AND CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU THAT FORGOT THAT BENGAZI HAD NO PEOPLE TRYING TO FIX IT, AND HURRICANE SANDY A LEVEL 1 HURRICANE HAD THE ENTIRE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT TRYING TO FIX IT.
My God! Look at the NeoCONs spew spittle! Naturally, their only references are "Faux Nooz"!
I am very pleased to have voted for Barack Obama!
Roly V
awesome speech!
Kylie C
How dare you call the POTUS a lie. He could do more good if people like you could learn to work with him and look past
Yes young and dumb plus just as blind to reality. Just like other post over whelmed by aliens not born and raised here. Come to america, obama big give away. More damageing of economy by obamas policy. Nah blame bush again.
Mr. President, you inherited a country that was in the throes of decay. Dealing with so many difficult issues that all demanded quick attention, you got down to business and things are now turning around. Thank You, Mr. President! 
Hopefully the republicans can look past the differences and work together woth the Pres. for a common goal.
That is a stupid comment. Not everyone that disagrees with you is a rep. You are just a spoer loser.
Jeremy, your post is possibly the most ignorant one on here, and that's saying a lot.  I am one of those "leeches"; I am a 56 year old grandmother, raising three grandsons.  I could have let them go to foster care, which would have cost taxpayers about 5 times as much as I get from the state.  I get $500 in food stamps and just under $500 in cash.  As soon as the two year old is old enough for preschool I will go back to work.  I have worked since I was 16 years old, putting a roof over my own head and feeding myself.  I was a single parent for 20 years and never had to ask for help from anyone, except for an occasional loan from my parents.  Would you like to try raising 3 children on $12,000 a year?  Get real.  You quibble over the nickels and dimes spent on helping the needy, while corporate greed and social irresponsibility cost this country billions of dollars.  And I guarantee you, Mitt Romney never did a damn thing to help me.  Every dime he makes comes back to him.  Your ignorance is palpable.
DL vacations aren't difficult issues, govenerment is broken period. Yes SM he should make the effort more his plan, but as it stands my way or high way no working.
You are great president, Obama, but, unfortunately, I'm not american, I'm Italian.
Gas shoots up the day after and your 401k just took a hit... You've been duped. By the way... Clinton was controlled by the Republican Congress. Obama had two years with Democratic Congress... And Barney Frank was in charge of Fannie Mae... The worst offender in the financial crisis. 
Must. not. feed. the. trolls. \o/
Keep your powder dry and be ready folks its coming!
Very sad day...I guess half the country is pro baby killing, anti-family and anti-God. God help us for what's coming.
I went to TV 2 no, and website (Norway TV station), the US election is a huge news in Norway, for example, some people in Norway stay up late night to watch the US election. My question is, why is US election is so big in Norway? Here in USA, we don't hear much about Norway news, and why is that? 
All You people are blind and dumb as fuck..  the Presidency is just a puppet show..
That's right +Justin Bruce we care more about a hundred dead and millions displaced then we do about 4 government personnel killed in the most dangerous part of the world. Benghazi has always been a talking point. Nothing more.
I have relatives in... Norway, and Lapland ...
So, is it safe to assume half of Americans who voted for Romney still believes in trickle down economy?
Erika likes Pres. Obama good luck and God bless you and your family.
+Lautaro Maiarú Give one example of what they control the media in many countries. I am trying to figure out why is US election is so big in Norway, because people in Norway can't vote.
Add Libya and the investigations of those lies!! Nobody died in Watergate or Clinton's sexton lies. But people are dying because of fast and furious and Islamabad Lybia. 100s of American communication systems intelligent officers watched in REAL time and KNOW that Their president denied help! 4 years of Obama being the defendant in an investigation. Nobody died in Watergate or in Clinton's sexton lies! People are dead in Obama 's lies.
I don't care about skin color! But I CARE about the content of character, especially in our National leaders!! All people matter! Americans should NOT be lied to by our President!!
+Brian Choi many of those of us who voted for Romney didn't do it for the economy, but to protect life, defend the family (which is the nucleus of society) and fight for religious freedom. FYI I'm not white, old or rich.
+Niels Hansen +Lautaro Maiarú USA election is covered world wide because this country has a heavy impact on international affairs. That is not to say we are most important. The US news covers international politics as well, but may not give it a big spot on TV or in print. Wherever there is an election or unrest abroad, I see it on local and national news but don't,perhaps, get the detail that you would expect. However we do have access to other news sources. I for one, usually get my news from TV Azteca and Al Jazeera
Everybody prepare for 4 more years of unemployment and dept through the roof
Lock yourselves in as the dollar takes a nose dive
+PietroeGaby Meli So different priority and you sound like you didn't believe in Romney's economic plan either?  Well, economy was the highest concern for voters.  The result should've been expected.
Obama is going down as the worse pres ever
Congratulations on your victory I had no doubt you would win. Respect due
+PietroeGaby Meli Funny, I voted for Obama for religious freedom too. The freedom to allow people to follow a religion that's not mine and not be limited because what they would choose to do is against what I believe. I am free to make decisions in my life, but who am I to decide for someone else? Voting for Obama doesn't mean you vote for abortions or force you to marry gay, it allows for a choice for those that find themselves in those circumstances.
Four more years time to be stop talking and do. .lets go panama
My thoughts exactly.  But I'm sure it will be another 4 years of a floundering economy.  Maybe he should check with Romney B4
he tries any further hair brained ideas that call for more borrowing
and spending based, on purely social issues?  B4 you know everything will be madatory, with the IRS running the whole show. 
We need to Fix what is broken, Not what isn't!
Jeremy, now I know you are lying.  You can't spend food stamps at any restaurant, not even the prepared food at a convenience store.  Keep making crap up that justifies your vile, self-serving deliberate ignorance. And by the way, Obama wanted to go another way with health care reform, that would have been better for us, but the Republicans wouldn't let him, so he did what he could.  Now he can pull a Bill Clinton and tweak it to make it better.  It's called "politics" and you're one of those people who would rather call it evil, than try to understand how it works.  Enjoy your stupidity.
+André Gardner Jiménez  Okay, I get your part, but I went to Norway national TV station website, however, they show all days of US election. Some people in Norway stay up late night to watch the 2012 US election, and Norway TV crew go outside interview people in Oslo say about Obama . My question is, why the US election so big new in Norway? Other hand, we might hear the new Norway PM election, but very little news in USA. I am just talking only Norway, however, I do understand that US election is worldwide. 
Regardless of the speech, seriously, what the hell is that woman on the right putting in her hair?!.. Too much enthusiasm!! -__-
I have lived in the US for half my life, Now in the UK i see it from both sides, Obama has done great work and set seeds that are about to sprout, This is gonna grow and make USA a better country internally and globally, i am glad he was voted back to finsh his job, Good on you America, your Freedom of Choice and Freedom to Vote is going to make you a winner,
İşte lider bakışı, herkezin kendinden bir parça bulabileceği bir konuşma.
Barrys victory speech in common engrish. I won now to screw you for another 4 years.
By religious freedom I mean not forcing people of faith to pay for contraceptives and abortions for their employees, to not be forced to do things that go against our conscience...but I know, everyone wants to make their own rules and change religion to what they want it to be according to what each thinks it's gonna make them happy. I feel bad for my children who will be persecuted for their Christian beliefs and staying true to their faith and God. 
I equate this to a used car salesman saying everything you want to hear, then the transmission falls out two weeks later. The only thing that was missing last night was the rick roll.
You Obama voters deserve whats coming the rest of us do not. part of Obama's education reform, do you think it would be a good idea to take everyone who will be earning a bachelors degree, and give them an associates degree instead, so that we could give someone that has not gone to college an associates degree also? That would make it equal...until people stop going to college.
I think the same could be said financially.
It's funny what you say about foreigners +jeremy roberts but it was the nazi scientists who took the U.S. to the moon, it was the foreigners who first founded america; the irish, germans, spaniards, italians, U name them.
I don't believe that Obama can himself change the US, and honestly I disagree with some of his policies e.g.  the government shouldn't maintain lazy people, however, if you don't care about the poor who is going to care about them?
Problem with Mitt Romney, is that as an entrepreneur, he doesn't care about the people, he just cares about money and that my friend, comes and goes. The real power from a country comes from their own people, they create stuff, they create money, they can truly change not only a nation but the whole world.
I hope at the end, republicans and democrats can come together and forget their differences so this country can be as powerful as it was, and if they maybe don't abuse third world countries in the process, that would be nice.
yo Shavon, I dont think you know what the F youre talking about.
I think its stupid that people voted based on race not on political and economic value.
Hey watch your language! Hey guys go to youtube and type in Emmanuel Bracero and like and comment it...
+Brice Bragg Umm... no.  I will correct your analogy for you.  Do you think the government should give financial aid to every single one of master's degree?  And what's left over will be used by bachelor's degree.  And then if there's still anything left at all, will make their way to associate's degree?

Obama is not proposing to turn poor into rich or rich into middle class.  Which is what your analogy is suggesting.  No, it's about level of government financial support between each class.
Michael JD, Your a jerk so up yours!!! 
yeah i wish he was in Australia too.
Would have preferred a concession speech..... 
Your analogy doesn't work, if you're applying it to the tax situation.  You'd have to take everyone who got an advanced degree and ask them to tutor in a high school.  And yes, I'd go for that.  More people would go to college.  Just because you imply there is a parallel does not make it so.
Awesome four more years six more trillion in debt gas $6 a gallon great job. Hopefully they create jobs this time not save mystery jobs
I know what this is all about now! Racist Black mother fuckers. If that's the way you want it to be then by this afternoon I will fire 18 Black employees that work for me. Because karma's a bitch when you vote for someone of their colour and not intelligence plus black people have a small brain.
Tom Spark, It's called freedom of speech little cocksucker so go suck your mama's tit! :0)
That awesome let me work my ass off better my self just to give money back to someone who would rather sit. There is those who sure and complain about being less fortunate and those who goo out and better themselves
The GOP is still able to block any progress in their attempt to blame the Democrats later on again.
I am form papua new guinea I wish o'bama visit my country..
obama stands for  One Big xxx Mistake America
That should've been Romney up there. =(
Great job. American 
I am very happy to president obama exetended 4 yeas I like him very much..
Where's Romney's page?? Oh their isn't one. LOL! It's a done deal.
i really dont think the two of you know what your even talking about, its kind of annoying.obama has stabalized the u.s economy has taken over pirates in the ocean and the taliban wherever they may reside. even your own gaurded mansion. we got osama!
why would i want this shit on my google plus page.   who puts this stuff up anyways?
Obama... History in the making. Part deux
H Song
Great speech!!
Obama.history in the making part deux
Congrats Mr president,we in the tiny island nation of fiji never once thought of you losing,may the god lord guide you in all your plans for the next 4 years,Amen. 
Will K
pretty good speach
America got what it deserve, four more years of the same.
noooooooo!! i wanted romney to win!! waaaa :(
I do not live in the US but I'm glad Obama won. He just has a more human vision of the world.
Obama you have done so much for us lmfao yea right

You are NOT my president , You WILL NEVER BE ACKNOWLEDGED BY ME and by those who are proud , and the brave ... YOU cheated this time too , there is NO VICTORY ! YOU DIDN'T WIN ! ... YOU ARE Illegal , you know and so do I ! YOU are a Fraud YOU KNOW IT and so do I ! YOU ARE a member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD , YOU KNOW IT AND SO DO I !!! WE the PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR YOU and for ALL THE TRAITORS IN CONGRESS , THE MEDIA AND ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORTED YOU ! WE WILL and YOU can count on it !!!
as in something cliche is mitt romney...get it???
Really? Isn't getting sick last night enough?! Infidel! 
Jay A
they don't like Obama coz of the color of his skin. had he been a white man, they wouldn't hate him that much!
Very well Dane mr president I'm proud what you Dane and I hope the next term will be nice again 
Congratulations. Mr.President
I'm so sick of reading such ignorant comments. If you have nothing positive to say... Shut the hell up. Some of you act as if this man is the cause of all your problems. The economy was a mess b4 Obama got into office. To think he was going to wave a wand and fix things is irrational. He has laid the groundwork to try and rebuild what Republicans like Romney tore down. Its not a race issue, its a relation issue. All of you complaining about Romney not getting in office don't make the money he makes. Romney doesn't give a shit about the middle class. He is all about big money. I guarantee you don't have his type of money. Stop hating and try to be united. Support your fellow American because you can't stop this train. Four more years Mr. President. Congrats.
Obama's wife really needs a head transplant because she looks like something off planet of the Apes!!! (0c: K
that was a good speech obama did
우리나라 대통령은 아니지만 멋지네요
We are going to better than the opposition.
Me and my dad had a bet on who was going to win, 100 bucks

the best president america had so far...i cant see romney making aspeech like the president obama...who did nominate romney for what..he never looked leader even on your dreams...  
Congrates obama..All the way from the Fiji Islands...
Don't blame me. I voted for big bird. 
president i told you @ marcatthur hightschool florida you re the winer
I would not have chosen him if i could vote because 6 trillion $ to 14 trillion $ is more than the country can handle
Fah q, people thought Hitler was great too.
Obama is better than romney i think... less war.. more on deplomacy.. the problems hitting americans now is inhirated from bush administratio.. and the full swing effects is under obama administration.. its not easy to fix right away those bubles problem.. it can achieve slowly by cooperation of politicians both republican n democrats.. just remember that behind thick clouds the sun still shinning.. 
¡Si su victoria fue gracias al voto latino, debería de agradecer en español mínimo!
Right up front I'll say, I did not vote for Obama or Romney. But so much hate being spewed by the previous posters (especially James Bond, sheesh!), will get us nowhere. It's time to move on, try to work together & fix the problems this country has. Doesn't matter whose fault the mess we're in is, if Senate & the House & the prez can't work together, we'll all be screwed. We can work it out together & make this nation a great one again!
Actually only 1/3 of the people voted and the fools who sit on their hands are the ones who by default elected a mediocre at best man for President and because too few people believe that their vote actually counts we get the foolishness of these elections and wonder why we have an ever growing government with ever growing debt and inflation....

Please l
Let me. Use this. Website now thanks
He sounds just Like Hitler. The crowd sounds just like Nazi Germany the only differance is the salute
President Barack Obama is a cool man with cool head.. so we will help and cooperate him to fullfil his promise to american people n to the whole world.. invisioning
What a very purposeful and truthful speech, a very genuine president which I wish more countries had! A people's president a people's person and one of the greatest leaders in the western world, many could learn from such an individual ( you do not go into politics to make friends but you do go into politics to make changes) those changes that you make will forever be written in history, you are your own legacy, to listen, to feel and to respond is a great trait and the American public should be proud of there leader 
Adam K
Failure. Those who voted for him are ignorant and naive. They don't know where their benefits come from. Nor do they know that they are receiving, or will be soon, IOU's; the Dollar River dried up (the Treasury) because of 88 year long Spending Sprees (FDR's New Deal) and increased indulgencing that began 48 years ago.

Luckily there are those, who did not cast their vote to his name, prepared, or finishing up preparing, for Armageddon. They may have some compassion to help out those who unfortunately had no eyesight to the perils of reality.

I am willing to help but handouts will not be given; rather, with the grace of the Lord, it will be teaching of basic skills necessary for survival or staying afloat.
It's not the end of the world that he got elected but it is going to suck.
Disfruta tu mandato y los que te elijieron disfruten su presidente mi mejor deceo que logren tolerarse
Congratulations, Mr. President!
I am so disappointed.  I thought all the hyperbolic blather would stop after the election.  I guess there's no penalty; no one will remember who it was that forecast dire consequences, so folks can spew invective to their heart's content.  I guess I was hoping their own consciences would prevent them from doing so.  It was an election.  Two good men, both men of faith and patriots, vied for the office of the president.  One had to win and one had to lose.  Now we get on with the business of trying to fix the many things that are wrong, regardless of who's fault it is.  All this pointing fingers and saying nasty stuff back and forth is pointless.  I'm gonna go fix supper; we're having chili.  Everyone have a good evening.
This is the first election since social media has been in such heavy use. So the blather will be longer and more intense.

Now I wonder about 2016...
I am proud of our president! May God bless him and his family: and they will be in my prayer, s always in god we trust because he is a way maker!! I am proof! God is a good God! Praise him for he is more than worthy to be praised!!!!
Hi obama,the world community demand nutral & justified rule in the palestine issue. But you fail as new president of usa shamlessly. Actually you prove not as a peace lover but as a tregic hero. Please try to be a good human being as well as good diplomat.
YaH Axtiduwjhdjyfjcyfk eff y gd k eff y 'rekke
A very smart and beautiful family. 
Obama has done so much for this country. I'm so sick of the people that are treating him like crap.
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