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Achievement Unlocked: The YouTube app on Xbox is now up to 5X faster, and includes channels with official music videos. For Xbox LIVE Gold members, the app will update automatically when you login, or you can download it from the Xbox Live Marketplace.
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Max Voß
too bad you need Xbox Live Gold to use the app...
Boo hoo to having XBL Gold. Its not that expensive to get and gives you ton of usage. Honestly if you have the time to complain about not having it your doing yourself an injustice and missing out on half the experience.
Well, I have a PS3 and there don't need to pay extra to play online and stuff... The 360 is my second console to get the few games that are exclusive...
<Shrugs> those are the breaks its like 20-30 bucks if you sign up at the right time its the cost of a half of a game. Idk i just had it since it came out years ago since it just it works and gives you a ton of bang for buck on alot of stuff
Can we watch Google Play movies now?????
But I don't see the point why I need to pay to use things like Youtube which are for free everywhere else...
And in Germany the things you get with Gold are a lot less than in the US...
Fast is nice but I can't watch content all of the content available. Even when you turn off content filtering, a lot of content is blocked. It's especially bad that we're paying for an Xbox Gold Subscription only to get an app of restricted use. I can't watch many of anime from many legit channels. YouTube videos need to play regardless of what device I view it on. Until that happens? The YouTube for Xbox app is partially useless until we have 100% of the content that we can see from a PC. 
Well that's more because of digital rights management and what they can allow to be watched on the Xbox. I honestly can't blame Youtube for that that's rightsholders as always that make it so you can't watch content on select devices. Or  explain why Hulu Plus sucks so on all apps but the PC. Honestly if you gave me a CrunchyRoll App on XBL id be happy and live with the mehness of Youtube if that's the case 
Paying Microsoft a monthly fee to access free services is beyond a joke.
stop complaining about Xbox membership fees to youtube.
+YouTube does need to start working with its paid content providers to make their content available on other devices.

Its hard to justify buying a movie from Play or Youtube, when I can only watch it on my pc, or from a flash enabled browser. I cant watch it on my Vizio web enabled TV and I cant watch it on my xbox.

In other words I cant watch the movies on my TV

Maybe its necessary to create a new classification of devices to appease the studios and distinguish between 'mobile' devices and 'home media players'.
+Paul Kelly Why? It's not unreasonable that Google might be able to do something about it. For example, in the UK, there are various internet catch-up tv services for the major channels. itv, channel 4 and channelk 5's services require Xbox Live Gold sub.
The BBC's iPlayer service does not, presumably because the BBC forbid Microsoft for charging users access to it.

Potentially, Youtube could do the same thing, and prohibit Xbox access unless it was free.
yeah that would never happen. but one can dream. 
+Philip Veale +Paul Kelly I can only assume the issue is about licensing that is more of a headache than we can imagine. I am sure the time will come.. just not as fast as you guys would like.
+Philip Veale +Paul Kelly  More than likely it's because the BBC already collects a license fee from people who want access to their live content.
Stop whining. I live in Finland and i pay 60€ per year for gold, and we don't get a proper browser or YouTube or anything. Just online gameplay. Beat that...
+Sami Sirniö They have internet in Finland? J/K yeah that's unfortunate that you have limited services too, the Xbox apps are growing quickly. I am actually surprised you don't have Youtube though.
my cousin lives in finland and has bad internet but when i went to visit was the summer and it was perfect it's probably the season
Good, now can you speed up the newly released YouTube ps3 app?
I hate only one features of YouTube app for Xbox live, the search "keyboard"
+Allen Dewberry, Jr. - i hated it at first, it kept me from buying a 360 for awhile. Now like you said - I just pay it once a year and forget about it - its the way she goes.
you can get an xbox live gold membership on amazon for $39. that's for a year subscription. it's really not that expensive. the 360 servers seem to offer up content and downloads at a much faster rate than on the ps3. it's all anecdotal experience to me. i have both a 360 and a ps3, and the online experiences are so much better on the 360 (and i don't mean the juvenile/racist insults that can be found on both). downloads and updates and match making take forever on the ps3. #mytwocents  
Awesome that it's supposed to be faster, but PLEASE...

* The keyboard for search is terrible beyond belief.
* I know that Metro (or whatever the new name for the Win8 layout is going to be) theme is being forced but the horizontal layout for listing videos is counter-intuitive, titles are consistently clipped.
* The big one for me is the Subscriptions functionality.  I subscribe to about 55 channels and when I look at my subscriptions they're in an almost random order.  How about you put them in alphabetical order or, hey, even better, show me a subscriptions feed page that shows the latest videos uploaded by my subscribed channels just like the YouTube homepage already does?

As it stands, right now I need to pull up the YouTube page on my phone (technically, the RSS feed in Google Reader) and see which videos are newly available, then search for them in the YouTube app so that I can comfortably lean back in my living room to watch the vids.  Just a few small changes to the UI and this app would be the primary function my XBox serves.
Will this work with the Android Youtube remote?
it worked for me - at least before this update, havent tried now. (from what Ive noticed - youtube remote sends the link to whatever your controlling so the license permissions are determined by the end device, not your controller)
Smart glass integration ASAP ;)
Also viewing history is absent from the app
I know this for Xbox but this is true for all lean back YouTube apps, when can we only see new uploads from our subscriptions? I'm tired of seeing who liked or made a comment on a video that I don't care
Went from a stable usable app where I had no complaints  to an app that crashes every 5 videos, is displayed in the local language while my Xbox language is set to English.
Also, subscriptions now show the thumbnail of the channel and not the latest video so to check if there is new content you have to check them one by one.

Ihave xbox and its so faster
Too bad you can't watch movies you bought through +YouTube or +Google Play on the Xbox app. That would be the icing on the cake. It's possible to do it through the amazon app 
if you stream a video on the YT xbox app.. where is it streamed/stored to?.. i dont want my HDD getting full of temporary video streams/files after a while :P so if its stored on the HDD is there a way to delete it ?
PLEASE upgrade the app to support text entry from a keyboard with SmartGlass App! I'm begging you!
What? no I'm angry because I can't watch vids though my tv anymore and it looks like crap!
Nm Pl
Good News.
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