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Even thinking about the word “yawn” can be enough to set some folks into fits of pandiculation. Vsauce ( explains why.
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Funny. Watching #Grimm - "Leave it to Beavers".
Yeah. Sorry -only half a thought. The rabbit, its teeth. Buck tooth, Beaver. etc, etc,.
The first image of the bunny: do a barrel roll!
chissà perchè è così contagioso!!!!??!!!!!!
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Interesting. I'll look forward to explaining to the next person who catches me yawning while they tell me something "fascinating" that I am simply cooling my brain so I can better concentrate on their impartation.
waht fun than this :)
I yawned multiple times while watching this, lol. Totally fascinating.
Yawned 2 times and now I'm tired. Damn.
Now I'm tired too lol falls asleep lol
Am sure read somewhere that it's the most automatically copied human action - yawn in a a room and almost a guarantee that at least 1 person will also yawn within 60 seconds - try it !
Yawning isn't a sign of alertness, but of getting sleepy. When I am yawning driving a car, I have to pause.
and you are very responsible to yourself and your family.Never drive when you are tired +Marco Roepers
because breathing in carbon dioxide of others is very dangerous for our health
I'm so disappointed! I didn't yawn through this video. I must be apathetic or autistic.
Tonya V
I always thought we yawned to get more air... interesting video.
dont be silly your likely won yawn when you watch this
well i guess i will watch the video n then comment
i havent watched the video i already hve in my head tht this video is stupid n thts y i dnt wanna watch it
Tez ja Wam moge robic wpisy!Podoba mi sie,ze Wam sie podoba,to co ja Wam wynajduje ! Pozdrawiam Danuta.
VERY catchy! I yawned 11 times and counting... YAWN. in your face Micheal!
thta is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its going to eat us alive every body run for ur lives!!!!!!!!! lol jk
If you do it, fold your hands and take a nap.
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