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Welcome to Little Laos, a magical land where human life becomes a toy box daydream.
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Anna Za
Ooohh really...great!!
Modelrailroaders were thrilled to see this very realistic modelrailroad of the Gothard. But it peered out it was the other way around, reality as a modelrailroad:
The wonders of tilt / shift videography combined with timelapse. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the concept is about to go full circle - it's being used as the inspiration for the 'look' of EA Games' Simcity (2013).

Oh, and the music is the Sarabande from Handel's Keyboard Suite in D Minor (HWV437).
makes it look so unreal, like tiny toys. never heard this song on a harpsichord,  sounds delightful.
A Dream is to take a clipping out of a magazine, and work the dream until it happens. Everything that I have dreamed of in the past has come true, all because of a shoe box, I placed clipping of dreams in, before you know it, everytime a dream came true, I take the clipping out of the shoebox, and place a new dream on the bottom; before you know it all your dreams become true.
Amazing! What's this filming technique called?
I liked the part where everything looked tiny.
Awesome, Awesome.
this is one of the best things i have ever seen omg it is great
I love tilt shift video/photo. It put a real magical perspective on things........Thank-you
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