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(Reposting with additional photo) YouTube looks awesome on tablets, so today we’ve updated our YouTube app for Android tablets, as well as our mobile website for tablets (

In the Android app on a tablet, you’ll see a refreshed YouTube experience including a Guide that provides easy access to your favorite channels and ways to discover new ones.

While we’ve recently launched the YouTube app for iPad, we know many of you enjoy using the mobile website ( Today, that site is refreshed for the tablet experience too, featuring the same Guide with your subscriptions and easier controls for sending videos from your tablet to your TV.

- Waldemar Baraldi and Dan Delima, software engineers
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There's a bug with this update on ASUS Transformer tablets. When the tablet is docked with the keyboard, the full screen control isn't displayed.
Paul PZ
Most impressive
No Share on Facebook button? You're getting smarter google. 
Now, it's time to change back the desktop interface. 
The UI elements are too big. Looks like smartphone version on my Nexus 10. I don't like the update.
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