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Viral Video of the Week: Many are calling “Hot Problems” the worst song of all time, which means the hits and comments have been blowing up since its release. But is this the real deal or should we maybe do a “Double Take”?
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And we move one step closer to the movie "idiocracy"
Why, youtube. Why do you validate these things by featuring them. WHYYYYYY
Ala D
and the purpose of this video is?
i think its too planned, they knew that they were making a "bad" video on purpose
Andrew Y
Somewhere, Rebecca Black is smiling, quietly singing 'Friday' to herself.
The fact that this is the viral video of the week says a lot about a humanity. I don't like what its saying at all.
1.8m hits?! someone is making good money there.
No way, +YouTube. The last time I watched the "Worst Video of All Time" I couldn't get Rebecca Black out of my head for a week.
Are they related to Rebecca Black? Or maybe same producer lol
I can't decide, but it feels a little contrived. I laughed when I heard the chorus, and I really can't see it being entirely in earnest.

Either they are pulling a fast one, or they were victims of a horrible prank. Either way, it does seem like someone knew what they were doing here...

Also - the Rebecca Black one rose to fame after some time. This was posted a week ago.
And In other news, Sales in rebecca Black's "Friday" have gone soaring up. Customers say that "They'll buy a billion more of these tracks if they abolish "hot Problems
I thought this was a comedy skit. Are trying to actually sing?
i didnt know that people could be so sad :/ especially making a video about themselves claiming to be hot ........ so sad :( xx
I can remember a few years back, when I accidentally burned myself pretty badly with heated nylon. It hurt for days, and some of the nylon actually fused to my skin for awhile. Somehow, that seems less painful than watching this video.
would be better with autotune
by problems do they mean that fact that they're tone deaf??
They are just getting what they want; attention. :)
Are they saying that they're perfect now, or that they will be once they get nose jobs and take care of those ridiculous foreheads? My speakers aren't that great on my laptop. Sorry if this question was addressed in the song's lyrics.
not even 30 seconds in and... nope
Oh sweet lord, that is awful!
this video really changed my mind on some things. they really ARE just like us... except they're hot
OK I had to stop this and ask WTH was that and WHY?
S. B.K
i've seen worse
aren't they supposed to be hot? 2-3 points max!
Obvious attempt at duplicating Rebecca Black ... trying to be talked about for being bad and use the publicity to pull a recording deal.

Only thing is, this is too under-produced and self-aware to be taken seriously, so it's more like a really bad comedy troupe at community college.
claps WOW thats the BEST SONG FOR OPPISITE DAY! oh its not oppisite day.....well ok then u guys suk :\
these chic's are even WORSE the rebecca black!
Let's put this into an equation.. R = Rebecca Black. D = My Disgust. T = This video. R = D * 1,000³ . Therefore, T = (D * 1,000³) * 2.
Ditto: what she said. Hot hot hot Not
Must be a joke song MUST BE! But to be fair they are hot and now they do have problems
still better than any of justin bieber's songs
WHAT after listening 10 F$@^in times my ears are bleeding like hell
This can't be real... No way...
OK, I didn't like it. That doesn't mean it has no merit. I am a lot older, and don't "get" the lyrics and beat of newer songs.
I beleive these are two high freaks... they can't (It sounds like they're talking while drunk)sing, and how can it be funny (probably because it's a failure) and they're two drunks that became viral!?
Natan C
"Hot Problems" - isn't there a porn movie somewhere with the same name?
i know some things actualy need atuotune
Artex X
The one with the lighter colored hair is really fucking ugly. Like a pug dog or a persian cat......maybe it technically isn't fat and generally looks good for what it is....either way both are still visually sickening.
this girls make Rebecca Black sound like an Angel xD
hey i think i know what thier problems are
Don't waste your time. What's wrong with you YouTube???? 
It's like Youtube is making a competition of "Who is the Shittest Singer/Singers?" Seriously, Stop making Monotone modified by Autotune, twats sing!
m lil
what is this? kkkkkkkkk fuck you
WHY?! .... No seriously WHY?!?!
This is even worse than Rebecca Black. WAY worse..
I just killed myself after watching that clip
This is a Great argument for contraception.
pretty sure this is just a parody
Kassy G
what the... uh.... WHAT?????? i have no words but THIS SUCKS!!
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. at 00:25. (they started singing).
A lot of heart for putting this out.i feel sorry for them but hope they get slammed for some bullshit like this.F'em
They're not even singing.....
the truth if They Have a problem
Oh for all that is holy! My ears are bleeding!

I started listening to Friday by Rebecca Black to make it stop.
my ears hurt :( an did they just admit they lie? like im surprised lol
They're Rebecca's friends in that video.
Li Zhu
i want kill myself, so bad
Horrid...hope it's a joke
It was supposed to be a joke amongst a few friends. I suppose it might have been funny for them.
superr sweet tenage...^^
Lmfao....Just two teens who think way too much of themselves ... All for having self esteem BUT for the love of all things good I hope this is the LAST one they make! Lol
.......fantastic and made my saturday Plus Weekend ROFLMAO
+YouTube In respect of 2 young girls getting together to sing this is fine - even fun. In respect of decent, impressive music videos this doesn't make the cut. We have come to expect better from music videos on YouTube. The song "Friday" was honestly better than this.
wow,, ok ...what the hell did I just watched?????? -___-
sounds like someone's dying ._.
What just Happened??? You may think your hot, but I think your young and dumb. Hey thats your new stage name.Don't quick the Cheerleading squad.
Be prepared, this is the direction that music in general is headed.
They sure got what they this was terrible!!
Haven't watched it yet but I am preparing for the worst

Update: Wow. Just wow. I could never have prepared myself for that. No wonder the uploader has put 'we produced this video as a favour'.

I wouldn't want to take any credit for it either.
My ears and eyes are bleeding...KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!!
dont play this video ... everyone
This isn't bad. What is bad is a City that is suppose to be a strong Christian city allowing beer a wine sales in it. I'm talking about Lubbock Texas.
I will kill any person who likes this song.
I'm pretty sure this was meant as a joke...but if they had two girls that could actually sing it wouldn't be that bad a song.
They suck at dancing.......and what in the world is the statue for? And they lie, so they said they are hot.......they are a bunch of failures
ive got a few #hotproblems on my hands :/
Kassy G
this is the WORST FREAKING SONG EVER!!!!! god it SUCKS
I was wrong, Rebbecca Black wasnt the worst singer of all time
sentence they forgot to say at the end: were just like you but were snotty and mean!
Guys, give them a break. Good job to them for having the guts to do something like this.
ฟังไม่ออกหรอกนะ แต่น่ารักดี ♥
This reminds me of William Hung. How sometimes being so bad can make you famous. or in their cases Infamous! 
the car wasn't even moving...and i am currently crying in the bathroom corner
Fuck you YouTube for this horrible update on the comments.
Terrible song and performance but great job on having the guts to put themselves our there like this. 
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