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Tile-matching puzzle addicts, your nightmares are coming true. The Tetrocalypse is nigh!
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I can't imagine what could be the history in the movie... xD
Un clásico que nunca pasa de moda. Recuerdo que cuando salió no existía Mario Bross o Super Mario Bross.
The video feels so scary and cool. Both are combined together.
cool seems awesome
You think that these guys have no life then screw you this is their life... And i bet you wish you had 1% of their awesome life because yours probably sucks.
No really you think they have free time but they dont. They spend all there time making awesome stuff like this. If your just going to post negative on youtube's posts then don't post at all.
I wouldn't be shocked if Hollywood said this is our next big summer hit.
A Tetris invasion. Don't worry I used to be good at Tetris so I will destroy them all.
це вдогонку морському бою))
I dunno about this one. Looks kinda silly
janganlah membohong orang lain dengan ekting belaka
Sang Pi
hey???look good
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